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If you are a fervent reader on LC websites, you probably already have heard of this Swedish guy, Tommy Runesson, who has lost 200 lbs in only 2 years doing a LowCarbHighFat (LCHF) diet.

As a well-trained chef, he describes his new way of eating as “going back to real food in the old traditional style”. Adding that the TRICK with a LCHF diet is that fat keeps you satiated, especially saturated fats. He does recommend not going overboard with proteins, which brought the acronym of “LCHF” which is, by the way, a 100% Swedish invention.
Everyday, he publishes pictures of his dinner plate with the macronutrients analysis. Sometimes I am under shock when I see the hugeness of his meat portions he has as a meal, especially when I see them floating in a creamy sauce made of over 1 cup of heavy cream. As a Zero Carbers since so many years, I shouln't be impress but, still, I am...
To make it brief, his story is fascinating and he is the living proof a low carb diet is more then recommendable. So recommendable, he has become a trained diet counselor and gives lectures.
All his health markers, including his lipid profile just keep improving and are exemplary. His blood sugar is more the stable, “flat” as he describes it, and his diabetes nurse is astonished each time she reviews his results. 
So, as Zero Carbers, I will certainly not loose time arguing with this man as his results do talk for themselves.
But if you visit his website, you will find some details about his vision of this LCHF diet, details that I really enjoyed reading.
One question that comes up is how much carbs should one eats on this diet, per day. According to him, the level depends on the numbers of grams that will enable your body to loose weight and/or get health benefits. The goal he recommends is to go below 20g per day for weight loss, and maybe a little more when doing this diet only for health purpose.
But when he coaches people on LCHF diet, he ALWAYS START THEM as low as possible, which is a level that can be set at 5 g of carbs per day. I do not like to argue for nothing but this is the average carbs one gets on a Zero Carb diet per day if it includes a few eggs and maybe some cheese + cream…
He recommends this low content of carbs because, in his experience, if his allows 10g or 15g per day, folks can easily go off track and get to high even at levels above 50g a day.
Anyway, in the first months of his own journey, he admit having an average of 2-5g of carbs per day and most of the days, close to ZERO…!!!
I do really appreciate the way he describe this low level of carbs: “It’s kind of CLEANER to go really low”. Which means, logically, that eating more carbs is “going DIRTIER”...
Finally one man is using the good words…
Interestingly, he allows some very low carb vegetables but when you go through the “photos of his dinner plates”, very often the vegetables are missing… So, and it was not a surprise for me, when he gives a recipe, very often, when his meat is cooked and served on the plate, he adds “vegetable as a decoration”. Which gives you an idea of the quantity of the said vegetables…
All this being said, he never mention the existence of a Zero Carb diet as an option. But, still, he talks about a “no carb approach”.
So let’s not play with word and be honest, the success of this guy is based on the fact he is doing a Zero Carb diet, because te 3g-4g of carbs that decorate his plate certainly keep his insulin levels as low as anyone doing a Zero Carb approach. And, of course, with all the same health benefits…
Anyway, and I largely agree with him, the vegetables, as any other carb sources like bread, pasta or rice, are only in people plates to “cheapen” their meals…
Finally, and I have to be honest here, this guy also did more then a HCLF diet to explain his success: many times per week, he only eats one meal at around 6:00 pm which is made of 300-400 g meat, chicken or fish, with a nice 100 g of butter or mayonnaise which brings in around 1,800-2,000 calories. Of course, this is also an INTERMITTENT FASTING approach which will, on the long run, bring his insulin level even lower then with any other approach.
At the end, what he did is recreated they way human being used to feed themselves for thousands of years: having big meals because when an animal was caught, it had to be eaten as quick as possible, so the flesh do not spoil due to the lack of refrigeration, and favor the fatty parts, because this is what brought energy in and cutter down hunger until the next hunt…
Congratulations Tommy Runesson, you have made my day!!!


  1. THANK YOU FOR SHARING...I had not heard of Tommy.
    Such an inspiration!


  2. You are so right, this guy is an inspiration. I like his way of keeping things simple, his honesty and his generosity in taking some time to detail everything he does. Also, and strangely I also enjoy this, he is not always trying to explain the "why, and how and who" of why this LCHF do work… Refreshing.


  3. Another GREAT bit of information from our good Friend Denis. It never ceases to amaze me the information that he provides to us. Thank you my good Friend!!!





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