Sunday, November 24, 2013

11/24/2013 Dave's Weekly Update: Living Clean

Greetings Friends, Family and anyone else that I have missed. My Spirits are HIGH and my Health is good if not GREAT!!!

What a glorious day y'all. I am..........well, I am..... what are the right words??? What are the right words indeed! How does one describe a zeal for life that is beyond description. This way of living has brought me so much happiness that it should be shared by all. The best thing is that it is for free for the most part.

What is the source you may ask? What is the source indeed! Well, the only thing or should I say one of the "things" I can contribute to this is living CLEAN. Clean you say??? What the heck!!!! OK now let me explain........ Oh boy he is going to explain......... Wow, no need to be rude and all. Hahaha!!!! OK, once again another attempt to make a funny that has gone wrong....jeeeeeezzzzzzzz!!!!

Look-it: I am no Nutty Professor, but I do know how I feel. No one in the world can describe that better than me and of course that goes for everyone else out there in cyber-land. So I was describing "Living Clean", and no I don't mean with a bar of soap. Ha! I guess what I really mean is that all this time without out all the TOXINS of eating Processed High Carbohydrate Foods (PHCF) did I just invented an new acronym? Maybe I am a nutty professor after all??? OK maybe just NUTTY. Hahaha...........

OK back on track: After years and years of abuse from eating ton after ton of processed foods that mostly contain high carbs I really feel that living free from them has increased my quality of life big time y'all. You have to admit even folks that don't believe in Zero Carb preach to stay away, for the most part, from all forms of processed foods.

Anyway I am listening to Johnny Cash "Solitary Man" right now. I discovered that YouTube has a site that repeats music videos and I am just in a mood to hear that song. I wrote a blog post back on 5/7/2012 called "Solitary Man" and I have to say that even though I wrote it myself, I really enjoyed rereading it. Go figure! The main part I enjoyed was the descriptions of how I have experimented with all types of diets that led me to eventually try Zero Carb among other things such as Bullet Proof Coffee.

So for now I will continue march to beat of my own drum. I don't need acceptance from others around me. I have my little Blog and I am still a member of ZIOH. Yes, we have had a few small differences in the past, but they are family. Hey we all know about those types of situations.

OK then: I will whole hardheartedly begin to write a weekly update on Sundays. If something important comes up between then I will write my oh so famous "Supplemental"...... OK don't laugh so loud.....I can hear you from hear. Denis continues to feed us with lots of good if not GREAT info on the Zero Carb Front among some of his personal experiences that we all benefit from. Lisa is a special friend of mine and can pitch in anytime she wants. Connor may continue to use this blog as his personal journal describing his journey through Zero Carb, but may not give advice because of his lack of experience other than what he personally does to combat cravings or new recipes and such. I monitor his posts closely and will pull any misinformation he may put out by accident.

Have a Healthy Day my Friends and Family. I will follow the path in front of me and reap the rewards of the Zero Carb Lifestyle. Fight the Good Fight and Always Battle On!!!

(ZC)er  just in REACH



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  1. Good to see you posting Dave. I always enjoy your sense of humor and encouragement. I look forward to your next post. I also really liked that post among many others.




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