Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Day 16 Zero Carb Diet-2nd Try

Hello everyone,

I had another good day. I consider it good because I made it through without cheating. I am not worried about losing weight right now. I need to get over my carb cravings in which I am having more of a hard time than the first time around. I find myself eating more than I want to quell the the urge for carbs. It has only been two weeks and I need to give this chosen lifestyle change as much time as I need to get back to comfortable eating habits on zero carb. I am thinking of not doing a daily weigh-in until I feel that I am on track with my eating. At this point it is not encouraging seeing that I am not losing weight as I did on my first try. Circumstances are different and I am having, at times, a daily struggle with carvings. Some days are better than others, but I have not hit that stride that I thought I would as my first time around. That being said I am dedicated to make this work. I do remember the great feeling I had when I broke free of carbs and I want that back. I know it will come. I have to stand firm and continue. So today will be the last time I post my current weight until I feel that I am in tune with this way of eating. I won't go more than a month without weighing myself and at that point I will decide if I will start a daily or weekly weigh-in. I will of course do a daily post with my daily menu. That's it for now.

Day 1    -242.0 lbs (start weight)
Day 7    -241.0 lbs (1.0 lb loss)  week 1
Day 14  -239.5 lbs (1.5 lbs loss) week 2
Day 15  -240.0 lbs
Day 16  -240.0 lbs

Total weight loss: 2.0 lb

Fluids - water, seltzer, plain black coffee

1st meal  -8 oz special brisket and bacon mix

2nd meal  -4 large smoked chicken thighs



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