Friday, November 29, 2013

Day 18 & 19 Zero Carb Diet-2nd Try

Hello everyone,

Sorry for not posting yesterday. I ended up going to mom's place and to my surprise there was about 6 other guests. We ended up having Thanksgiving at her place. It was very zero carb friendly as there was three meat selections available to me. My mom is very supportive because she knows that I need to lose weight. We had roasted turkey, baked ham and a pork roast. None of them had any type of sweet sauces or seasonings on them. It was nice to eat plenty and not feel stuffed and bloated. There was plenty of typical carb loaded sides and desserts. I did well and was not tempted to try any. Although my carb cravings have been hit and miss lately I can honestly say that yesterday was a very good day. I ended up coming home late last night and slept in today. I feel well rested right now and tomorrow should be a nice sunny cool day. I just might put up some Christmas decorations. I am feeling much better now that I am not monitoring my weight while I settle into zero carb. I know that I will have a nice drop in weight when that time comes for my weigh-in. I do need to know that this lifestyle is working for me. My past experience with zero carb tells me that will happen. I hope everyone enjoyed Thanksgiving, that is for those who celebrate it. I know this blog has an international audience and not all celebrate this occasion. That's it for now.

Fluids - water, seltzer, plain black coffee

1st meal  -about lb mix of turkey, ham and pork roast

2nd meal  -about lb mix of turkey, ham and pork roast




  1. ..."about lb mix of turkey, ham and pork roast"... for a change, this should make a change from any meal...

    And maybe I will repeat myself but every meal dosen't necessarily need to be saturated of fat... still, never have you protein with no fat but I am sure the above mixture, especially with the ham and pork roast, brings in enough fat... overdoing it with fat can create a problem especially in the phase where you want your weight to go down...

    I used myself to overdo butter at a point where I understood I had replace carbs... with butter!!! Now, if I had butter, I add one spoon and set the butter far away from the table or I know I am at risk to add more...


  2. I agree, the meat mixture should have a nice amount of fat. The turkey was the dark meat. I really don't like the white meat on turkey or chicken unless I make chicken/turkey salad and the mayo takes the place of the fat. I also like to add chopped boiled eggs to those salads. Nowadays I try to used extra fat only to supplement small meals for the extra calories and when I am having carb cravings. It is not that often anymore and if I do it I will report it on my posting. Thanks for the support.




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