Sunday, November 17, 2013

Day 7 Zero Carb Diet 2nd-Try

Hello everyone,

Another good day. It rained a little so I did not do any yard work. I did get out of the house for awhile when it cleared up. I did a little shopping and had a cup of coffee at a small outdoor cafe and people watched for awhile.  I made a beef brisket last week, but I did not like the way it came out. The flavor was OK, but not great. It did not have enough fat. So I came up with an idea today. First I used an indoor grill and grilled 2 boneless chicken thighs with the skin on, two pork chops and a nice size boneless rib eye steak. This indoor grill has a bottom that catches all the drippings from the meats, so I put these drippings with the brisket. What I forgot to say is that before that I chopped up the rest of the brisket into tiny cubes and paced it in a large bowl. I put all the drippings and bits into the bowl with the brisket, but it still looked like it need more fat. So I got 1 lb of thick cut bacon and cooked it on that same grill. It rendered a lot of fat. I purred the fat into the bowl. I then chopped up the bacon into tiny bits and added it to the brisket. I then stirred it up and made several 8 oz packages out of it and froze the packets for later use. By the time I finished added the extra fat the meat had a nice oily sheen to it. 

This morning I started off with a nice plain black cup of coffee and then I almost did a repeat of yesterday morning with the chorizo and bacon, but I changed my mind. I decided to eat the other 4 rasher of bacon with 4 eggs and added butter to the puddle of bacon grease. Then as stated above I decided to cook a mix grill and cooked 2 pork chops, 2 chicken thighs and a rib eye steak. I ate most of it. I had about a third of the steak and half of one thigh left. I also had a mid day snack of pork skins. Things are coming along much better now. That's it for now.

Day 1   - 242.0 lbs (start weight)
Day 2   - 241.0 lbs
Day 3   - 240.5 lbs
Day 4   - 240.0 lbs 

Day 5   - 240.0 lbs

Day 6   -241.0 lbs

Day 7   -241.0 lbs (1 lbs loss)

Fluids - water, seltzer, plain black coffee
1st meal  - 4 rashers of thick cut bacon and 4 large eggs with butter

Snack - pork skins
2nd meal - 2-8 oz hamburger patties with two slices of cheddar cheese and two rashers of thick bacon



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