Wednesday, November 27, 2013


I finally got my blood test results. After getting a ZERO calcium scoring two weeks ago on a Heart CT SCAN, I was anxious to give an eye on the blood analysis. As I already said, I got wild and did “out of the box” testing including insulin and leptin dosage.


It is the first time I get my blood insulin measured even if I am doing a LC diet since 15 years. The level came back at 6.7 ulU/ml., on the lower side of the normal range of 2.6-24.9 ulU/ml.

So I have LOW blood insulin level, which is good, meaning the Zero Carb diet is certainly not creating any hyper-insulinism and surely, NO insulin resistance. This is all good as insulin is very bad for ones health, especially for arteries.

So far, so good.


This test gives an idea what was my blood sugar level, on the average, in the last 2-3 months. It is measured by evaluating the “glycation – sugar oxidation” of the HEME part of the red blood cells.

The result came out VERY LOW, at a level of 4.4 %, as the normal range is 4.8 – 5.6 %. Meaning my average blood sugar was in the very normal range of 75-80 md/dl, 24 hours per day/7 days a week, for the last 2 to 3 months. For a pre-diabetic such as me, this is an outstanding result.


The purpose of this test is to evaluate the level of body inflammation. It is an excellent predictor of having hearth problems.

The result came back LOW with a level of .21 mg/L, while the average normal range is between 0.00 – 3.00 mg/L.

Which again demonstrate how a Zero Carb diet does put down the body inflammation, dreadful inflammation, which is the basic cause of many pathologies such as atherosclerosis, cancer, dementia, degenerative diseases, name them.


This was the test I was really waiting for. Leptin is this hormone that signal your brain you have eaten enough; it is the “hormone of satiety”. I always had this tendency to feel much hungrier then I feel I should be. Of course, it is much less on Zero Carb but, still, I tend to overeat easily as I think I have lost the real sensation of satiety.

The test came back at 1.4 ng/ml while the upper normal limit is 1.5 ng/ml. So my level of leptin is normal; but still, it is near the upper limit.

What does this mean? Well, maybe, I am at the limit of being Leptin-resistant after so many years on a high carbohydrate diet. Some studies show this can often be a permanent damage to Leptin receptors. Anyway, even if it was the case, I am still in the normal range, which is certainly an incentive to continue Zero Carb


This is the BIG test and I was anxious to see the results after the zero coronary arteries calcium scoring. I got a VAP cholesterol test done, and this is probably the most detailed blood lipids profile available nowadays.

According to my readings, folks on ZC often get normal or elevated cholesterol, BUT they always have high HDL and low triglycerides.

My total cholesterol was on the high side with a level of 262 mg/dl (normal < 200). But when you look at the sub classes, the good HDL was high at 57 mg/dl (normal >40 mg/dl) and the sub-classes of HDL-2 was also HIGH at 17 mg/dl. So I guess that for the HDL, everything is more then optimal.

The LDL came back HIGH at 182 mg/dl (normal <130 mg/dl) BUT sub-classes showed a pattern A of non-atherogenic fluffy LDL. Excellent.

Nowadays, many researchers are saying using only you total cholesterol number to evaluate your lipid profile is criminal, and not knowing the sub-classes of HDL and LDL is even more criminal.

Clearly, many doctors would want me to take statins with this HIGH total cholesterol and this HIGH LDL even if I have very low triglyceride at 86 mg/dl (normal range < 150 mg/dl), good HDL and NORMAL subclasses for both HDL and LDL.

So with the good subclasses of LDL running in my blood and the ZERO Calcium Scoring I got for my age, I will certainly not expose myself to this medication. Anyway, having my arteries clean of any atherosclerosis, I tend more to believe that theory saying cholesterol comes more to repair damaged blood vessels by any means, then being the initial cause of the blockage. We must not forget we need cholesterol and LDL is the delivery system to our cells, bringing along vitamins and antioxidants.

Interestingly, the American Heart Association has recently published new “rules” for prescribing statins as we now suspect statins work NOT essentially by cutting cholesterol production, but also by lowering body inflammation, artery cells hypertrophy and thinning the blood. Which means that, according to the “new rules on statin prescription” someone who is a man, especially and Afro-American, and suffers high blood pressure or diabetes or is a smoker, will be prescribe statin EVEN if his cholesterol numbers are NORMAL…

You must know most PATENTS on statin are ending by the end of December (except CRESTOR…) so pharmaceutical folks had to find a way to get more people to take them…

So I guess this will be enough testing for me for some times. With all these good results I got, the Zero Carb way of living has proven to be a positive choice for me and, anyway, I honestly cannot see myself living another way….


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  1. Great results Denis. I have not taken tests in a long time. I am eager to do the same 6 months or so down the line.




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