Saturday, November 9, 2013

Zero Carb Diet-2nd Try

Hello everyone,

First I want to thank Dave and Denis for allowing me a second chance to use this blog to journal my zero carb journey. Dave has already explained my misfortune in trying to burn the candle on two ends, fooling myself thinking that I could have the best of two worlds. Yet the ugly truth raised it's head and I fell on my face. I really regret not asking Dave or Denis for help. I just faded away.

I know that I have gained weight, because I had several episodes of uncontrollable eating of carbs. I just could not stop. It's hard to explain. It may be like others have describe as an addiction. I got a high from the carbs and just did not care. I have been weening myself off of carbs by going Low Carb for the past week. I feel strong enough now to attempt to go Zero Carb again. I still feel very bloated right now. I yearn for that feeling I had while eating a carb free.

Today I am preparing food to have on hand for my second attempt. I am going to use some good advice from Dave and cook a beef brisket in the oven today. I also bought some real fatty chicken thighs and packaged two large thighs in individual packages for easy defrost and cooking. I will start posting tomorrow on a daily basis unless circumstances do not allow me to do so. I will not go a week without posting. I will reach out to Dave, Denis or anyone willing to help if I start to falter. For now I feel a surge of determination to succeed. I used to love the way Dave used a Rocky theme to describe his feelings about his journey. While I do not want to be a copycat, I do want to borrow something from that if he does not mind. I too am a big fan of the Rocky series and the character. I really love the Eye of the Tiger song by Survivor. So that will be my theme song to my self. I know Dave really likes that song too as well as many others. It's hard to explain, but I want to strive to rise the the challenge.

I will use mostly the same format as before unless anyone has some suggestions. Thank you all for your past and future support. I really feel now I can appreciate Zero Carb for what it is. You never appreciate what you have until until you lose it. I lost it and miss it very much and I know that I do not want to lose it again. I will have the Eye of the Tiger this time.




  1. Connor don't forget if you need help just ask. Eye of the tiger is a great song by Survivor. It gives me some get up and go! HA!!! No really it does. Battle On!!



  2. And when we say "ask for help", we mean it. But I do understand falling off the wagon brings you in a "dark zone" where you may feel hopeless. But, be aware that we also "went there" and have found ways to rapidly come back on the wagon. Anyway, never forget that, as for alcoholism, eat time you relapse, you get near permanent and durable recovery!!!


    1. Thanks Denis, I know I am in good company with you and Dave.




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