Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Day 29 Zero Carb Diet-2nd Try

Hello everyone,

I had an unusual day. I start my first meal in the morning before I wen to work and it was an epic failure. I did not lead to eating carbs, but it did not change anything. I still got hungry later at home that day. I was not hungry at all in the morning. I ate thinking it would keep me full for most of the day. I ate my second meal just a little later than I would have eating my first meal at work before I started down this new road. I ended up eating 3 meals instead of two. I guess my morning fast is better suited for me. I won't venture down that road anytime soon. I will continue with my regular pattern of eating for now. I bet Denis already knew this would probably happen. Things seem to be getting better for me as far a carbs are concerned , but I am not out of the woods yet. That's it for now.

Fluids - water, seltzer, plain black coffee

1st meal   -3 egg omelet with 2 slices of american cheese

2nd meal   -2 smoked chicken leg quarters

3rd meal   -8 oz of beef pot roast




  1. I am not surprise of the result you got Connor... In my own experience and the one of many others, breakfast usually does NOTHING in cutting down late food intake during the day...

    Anyway, the first thing our ancestors certainly didn't do in the morning is eating as they had no fridge to keep yesterday food from spoilage... Anyway, I always believe the "breakfast is the most important thing in the day" is anothe invention to get people to eat more and especially to eat cereals...

    Anyway, in the last few years, we saw studies coming out arguing about the importance of breakfast...

    We must also know that in the famous "mediterranean diet" breakfats is usually just a coffee but followed by a big lunch...

    Anyway, with the high density food items of our Zero Carb diet, 2 meals per day is the ideal way not to go overboard with food quantities...


    1. Denis you said it all. I will stick to my cup of Joe in the morning. I am still working on the quantities. Sometimes overeating helps me curb the carb cravings. I hope to soon be rid of those in the near future.




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