Thursday, December 12, 2013

Day 31 Zero Carb Diet-2nd Try

Hello everyone,

I had a really bad day and a good day in a sense. From the start everything was OK. I got back into my routine of fasting during the day and eating my first meal. Then I  thought I would drop by the grocery store to buy a few things. This is where things started to fall apart. First of all I am a bargain hunter. I have to keep in a budget. I can not afford to eat rib eyes everyday. If I could I would. You probably notice for the most part I eat cheaper sources of protein available to me. I good with it. I needed some things besides meat, so I was using my phone app to search the store for specials and e-coupons. I usually make out pretty good, but it takes time. I ended up spending way too much time in the store and began to feel hungry. I tried to hurry up, but did not manage to do so. The bad thing was that ideas start to race through my mind of a quick meal. Don't ask me why, but the thought of buying a frozen pizza came to the forefront. I must be going out of my mind. The carb cravings kicked in full speed and I started once again justifying a quick carb loaded meal or snack. As I started to the meat department I noticed a sign for flat iron steak at $1.99 lb. This steak is usally around $6.99 to $8.99 a pound. That did the trick. I grabbed the last 2 steaks and asked the counter person for more. He told the price was reduced to get rid of them and I got the last 2. Then my mind raced on how I was going to cook and eat one of the steaks. When I got home I started to put some things up in the freezer and discovered I had a couple of pork chops hidden away. So I ended up defrosting them in the micro and ate them with some eggs. It is disturbing to me that this happened. I thought I was pretty much on the road of kicking the carb cravings, but now I have to keep my guard up. I avoided disaster and have to keep in mind that I have to take this day by day. That's it for now.

Fluids - water, seltzer, plain black coffee

1st meal   -12 oz beef brisket

2nd meal   -2 pork chops and 3 eggs over easy




  1. We have to understand, and this is supported by science, exposure to carbs, including "looking at carbs" triggers a release of pleasure hormone DOPAMINE in our brain. From there, it only takes 20 minutes to up regulate our addiction genes to carb and anyone, even with max willpower, is expose to fall off the wagon and give in cravings...

    Your "supermarket trip" is an excellent example of the risky world in which Zero carbs folks live in...


  2. I totally agree Denis, next time I will go home and eat first then shop. I don't want that experience again.




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