Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Have you heard about this SUPER-FIT man (THE BBQ GUY) that drunk 10 cans of COCA-COLA per DAY for 10 months?

He was consuming 900 extra calories per with a total of 250 g sugar per day. Not surprising he put on 23 pounds of BODY WEIGHT over 30 days AND most of it was BODY FAT (65% increase!!!).

Interestingly 900 extra calories per day gives at the end of the month 27,000 extra calories. But if you consider 1 pound represents 3,600 calories, he should have put on only 7.5 pounds but, no, he did put on 3 TIMES MORE…

Which means he had excessively high blood insulin level which causing him to store every calories he was eating, from sugar to fat. So good for the “calorie in-calorie-out” theory…

His blood pressure went up which fits beautifully with a Metabolic Syndrome THAT HE PROBABLY CREATED with his experiment. 

Because science tells us if someone eats 50 g fructose per day (he was having 125 g per day…) after one month, he will develop, want it or not, a Metabolic Syndrome WHICH IS A PERMANENT DAMAGE TO HIS METABOLISM. I don’t know if he was aware of this but I wish him good luck…

Anyway, I am telling you all this because now, to loose all the extra weight he gained, he is dieting. And he is not doing any diet: a Zero Carb diet!!!!!!!!

And as he says so well: “It seems to be working”.

What surprises me he has a book to sell: “THE BBQ DIET”… and, very interestingly, it is a LC diet but certainly not the Zero Carb diet he is actually doing to loose the weight he did put on with is COCA-COLA experiment…

I don’t get the logic here…


Thursday, December 11, 2014


If you are reading this, there are many chances you are convinced cutting on carbohydrates in your diet have positive outcomes on your health and overhaul life. 

Maybe you are just doing a VLCD and preferably, we hope, a Zero Carb diet, but the end point is your are sure, by your own experience and results, limiting carbohydrates is the perfect way to feel well in your body.

But at the same time, you are also probably reading a lot of stuff on different websites and you have observed, just like me, that it seems our dearest Zero Carb diet to work perfectly may, in fact, need to be much MORE then just cutting back on carbohydrate…

Let me explain.

First, let’s consider the LC approach. As you may have noticed, many of the great “LC gurus” are now changing the appellation of their LC approaches to a LCHF (low carb high fat). Personally, I think it is a smart move and do agree pretty much with this.

Experiences have shown us that the good results we get on Zero Carb is primarily because we stop burning glucose for energy and replace it by fat. Many studies have documented so well that our body, by doing so, produces ketones bodies that have exceptional and positive effects on our overhaul metabolism, not talking about an outstanding protective impact, especially for our neurologic system, preventing us from developing diseases such as Alzheimer and other neuro-degenerative diseases. We also see excellent results in treating certain type of cancers just as preventing them.

But it seems that Zero Carb, aside avoiding us from being exposed to “toxic glucose”, NEEDS to provide ENOUGH FATS to get such results. In other word, it seems that if someone does only a Zero Carb approach AND is not increasing his total fat intake, he will not get into metabolic ketosis with its positive health impact.

But this is not all.

The said fats also need to be “good fats”.

The definition of what are “good fats” seems to be a serious debate. For myself, I think it can be summarize quite easily: most of the fats we eat get incorporated in the cell membranes of the billions cells of our body. The said cells require some “resistance” to general stress but also, at the same time, some flexibility.

To do so, nature has created a “mix” of different fats for our cells: 50 % of our cell’s membranes are made up of SATURATED fat and the rest is 30% MONOUNSATURATED and 20% POLYUNSATURATED.

And how do you get the specific combination? By eating animal products that contains, most of the time, exactly this combination…

Interestingly, with the increase of consumption of cheap polyunsaturated vegetable fats in the general population (corn, soy, sunflower oils for example), we can notice nowadays, serious consequences on general population. For example, many years ago, the risk of bleeding after a head trauma was usually observed only in elderly adults. Today, many kids (yes, kids!!!) are presenting the same bleeding after a head injury, the reason being there tissues are offering POOR RESISTANCE to stress because their cell membranes contain too much POLYUNSATURATED fats, not respecting “nature’s prefect ratio of fat”. No wonder nowadays we recommend kids to where helmets even during light activities…

Another important point about fats is if they are from ANIMAL ORIGIN, you have changes they are NOT processed. This will avoid you from being exposed to harmful trans-fats. As you probably know, trans-fat do create a lot of inflammation, the same inflammation caused by the excess amount of omega-6 contained in POLYUNSATURATED fats of vegetable sources.

In the same line of thought, eating fresh animal product on Zero Carb means you are also eating real and minimally processed food items. A serious plus.

Finally, TO WORKS ITS WONDERS, Zero Carbsneeds, aside providing adequate quantity of good fats and minimally processed food items, an ULTIMATE thing to work properly: NOT OVERDOING PROTEINS.

I know “daily protein” allowance is always a debate in the LC world.  But now, science have teach us we must be careful because any excess protein intake to our needs will be transformed into glucose, which is certainly not something we want.

Of course, we also know if someone is very active physically, he will burn this excess glucose (which may be from excess protein…) and there will be no impact on his health. But if this someone does only “light activity” on a daily basis, the consequences of any excess protein can be significant. Never forget that near 50% of the protein we eat can easily be transformed into glucose and then be stored…

By the end, I do not think we have to change the name of Zero Carb simply because this is the MAJOR point that makes us “different” from other LC approach. The reason being our experience have shown WE DO NOT NEED to eat any source of carbohydrates, especially from plant source, to be healthy.

In fact, we should call Zero Carb: ZCHGFAPUAPD… (Zero Carb High Good Fat Adequate Protein Unprocessed Animal Products Diet).

But as I like to keep things simple… let’s not go there!!!



Monday, November 17, 2014


If there is one things folks on the Zero Carb diet have not to worry about is to get enough iron in their diet.

As we known, animal products are an optimal source of iron, especially the HEME type of iron, which is readily absorbed, compared to the NON-HEME type from plants sources. And since we are only absorbing between 15 to 35 % of the iron in our diet, a good source is essential.

Nowadays, iron deficiency has reached serious levels on the planet: more then 50% of humans are lacking iron. No surprise as so many have decided to stop consuming meat based on “pseudo-scientific” reasons. I could always accept their decision is derived from “religious believes”, but when we realize most of today’s nutrition knowledge is manipulated by the agro-business, it is quite difficult to accept the idea 50% of the world population is sick because of thEM…

We traditionally know the inhibitory effects of iron absorption from plant sources is attributed by the presence of phytates, lectins, fibers and calcium associated with this food sources. Yes, you have read: calcium. And what a fuss folks are making NOWADAYS about getting enough calcium in their diet… just to get them to absorb less iron. While it could be so easy to eat a decent source of vitamin D from animal-based sources…

But a study, well buried in the past (1996 more exactly), showed that a “significant intake of carbohydrates”, such as starches, is also inhibitory for iron absorption; and especially starches from corn... Take note that when the study says “significant sources of carbohydrates” this correspond exactly the 55 % daily carbohydrate intake recommended by our “health authorities”…

As you may understand, this is highly significant for human nutrition and has serious impact. Iron is not only essential for oxygen transport but for many other purpose in our body, from keeping the immune system working properly, numerous chemicals reactions not forgetting proper functioning of mitochondria’s, our cell’s energy production units.

And even if we have the capacities of making reserves of iron in our body, we do leach a lot everyday, from skin and bowel cell’s desquamation, perspiration, bile excretion ect. So you may understand we have no choice then replenishing these reserves.

No wonder why, by law, cereals and flours are all enriched with huge amount of iron to compensate the lack of animal source of iron and the inhibitory effect of carbohydrates on its absorption.  In fact, they add so much iron to these food items, that one breakfast portion of most morning cereals contain 115% of the daily recommendations…

I like to make things simple to understand. And to understand that nowadays we have to enriched most of the food sources in our “authority’s recommended diet” because it is "deficient when not enriched", non one needs a PhD to understand there is a serious problem here…


Sunday, November 9, 2014


I will soon celebrate my 5th year on a Zero Carb diet and this made me sit down and begin thinking about this “adventure” in today’s “wild world of nutrition”.

Honestly, I think there is no way I could go back to eating a “regular diet”, even eating any other kind of diet… Zero Carb is now a way of life for me, a “lifestyle” if I may say, and it has brought in so much good things, I cannot not see any reason do go on another way of eating.

Clearly, avoiding eating any plant material for so long did not kill me even if I hadmany friends asking me with years: “Where will you take your vitamins?”. This is probably the best example of pure ignorance about “nutrient sources” and “nutrient absorption and metabolism”…

I do not suffer from any vitamin deficiencies, certainly no protein deficiencies, nor mineral, and my regular health check-ups are always coming back normal, including an “Heart Coronaries CT SCAN” that came back entirely normal last year. This all while I am eating an 80-85 % fat diet… mostly saturated… along with good quality proteins… and not even the “shade of a green vegetables”…!!!

I used to be overweight and a pre-diabetic. This is a now things of the past that I do not worry about. My mental skills still seem in good shape, I never got depressed while doing this diet just as I never felt deprived.
A one point, my weight went down probably too low, so low that I looked sick, but having regain some of it, I will not complain about my actual weight situation.

Of course, along the way, I had to do some minor adjustments to this Zero Carb diet because I also suffer from the “Restless Leg Syndrome” and the “Night Eating Syndrome”. I was always convinced these two last problems could get under control with a certain food regiment so I never stopped looking making the necessary changes to achieve 100% cure. And all this happened while doing a Zero Carb diet…

Of course, socially, I felt some pressure from time to time because of this particular way of eating but probably the “health gain” I got was so huge, it helped to overcome any form of distress. For example, this morning again, in a small but charming dinner where I like to go because I can have simply prepared eggs and butter, a new young and overweight waitress looked at me like if I was the brother of “ET” and could not resist asking: “And you are not having anything else with this?”.

I was reading yesterday a study showing 80 % of “long-term vegetarians” develop a vitamin B 12 deficiency. This is serious matter; very serious.  I have nothing against vegetarians and I do serve them “vegetarian dishes” when they are a guest in my house… as much as I avoid discussing nutrition with them. Too much stress for nothing and, in my experience, a pure lost of time…

We have now enough science to back up a Zero Carb diet and enough experience to recommend it. Animal products are the best source of balanced nutrients for the human being as it contains everything we need for perfect health; adding plant material in our diet is just a way to diminish the absorption of the said nutrient , just as it is a way to get our body to leach out a bunch of it.

Some folks are ready to make changes in there life and I guess I was ready for Zero Carb when I first began.  Of course, as many of you, I did not come to Zero Carb straight from a “regular diet”. We all when through a LC diet, then probably a VLCD, to discover this was not enough for us. Carbohydrate metabolism, even in small quantities, can be an obstacle to regain health as we all have different capacities to metabolize them; just as we all have different levels of addiction to them.

I think choosing the Zero Carb path to good health is just a question of personal choice. Just like deciding to stop smoking or drinking… Up to now, there is no law that prescribe one or another thing so, at least, we can enjoy a little bit of freedom of choice… for what is left of freedom in today’s world.

Anyway, my goal is not to live old: this should be a personal objective according to every individual vision of life. My goal is to feel great NOW and not to make a choice that MAYBE will make me feel great when I will get older… even if it seems this is what is happening to me!!!


Monday, October 20, 2014


Today will be a short one.

I recently had a discussion with someone about the best sources of iron in our diet. In fact, it all began when this person told me that “cereals” could provide all the necessary iron in one’s diet. Of course, it can, but only if you eat “iron reinforced cereals”…

I was sort of sad to realize that since our governments suggested (AND OFTEN INSISTED...) cereal companies add “iron supplements” in their products, knowledge in the general population was that cereals is a “natural” source of iron… So, it is not surprising that, nowadays, most nutritionists recommend cereals as part of a balanced diet to reach the daily requirement recommendation of this mineral.

Of course, I could not resist saying that spinach IS ALSO NOT a serious source of iron contrarily to EVERYONE’S belief, as this wrong belief came from a typing mistake made about 50 years ago by a secretary… and it was never corrected by anyone as so many health professionals wanted to believe “plant food sources” have to be better then animal sources. So much for Popeye…

Anyway, let’s make it simple and clear: plant-based iron sources, contain “non heme” iron, which the body absorbs MUCH LESS easily then “heme” iron from animal-based iron sources such as beef, liver, oysters, fish and egg yolks.

This is why the daily requirement of iron for vegetarians has to be nearly 3 times what it is for meat-eaters. Of course, the result being they have to eat everyday an insane amount of carbohydrate and calories, with all the consequences it can create, to reach the recommendated numbers. This is why, in the Zero Carb world, we consider plant material as containing “anti-nutrients”…

Interestingly, if someone wants to improve his plant source absorption of “non heme” iron, the best trick is to consume at the same time animal-based proteins…

Sadly, the statistics are showing more and more people in the general population are walking around with blood anemia simply because they choose to avoid eating meat for “health reasons”. This is what I call “pure ignorance”. But lack of iron do not only causes anemia; iron is also part of many enzymes used in a lot of cell functions, it is necessary for the immune system and so, it keeps the skin, hair and nails healthy.

Just for fun: do you know that you may extract the added iron in “reinforced cereal” so you may really see it is in it? It is easy and often done in school for kids with crushed cereals and a simple magnet...

So continue having your meat and smile.


Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Sorry folks for not posting recently but since I have been travelling, I was missing time to keep up with our friendly blog.

New postings to come:




Hope you are all doing well !!!


Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Nowadays, most searchers agree cancer is due to many factors, and not just one alone: from chemical to radiation exposure, decrease of the immune system by chronic stress, infections from viruses and bacteria, they all have been demonstrated as situations that can initiate the growth of a cancer. But one main factor, which is not often mentioned, is related to a lack of specific nutrients.

I am not talking here about the “antioxidant theory” which is based on observations (thus keeping it at the stage of a theory…) but about the lack of 3 very important vitamins: B3, B9 (folate) and B12.

In fact, these 3 nutrients have an important effect on the human body: they turn OFF any cancer promoting genes we may have in our chromosomes by a process called “methylation”. This means they provide to these bad genes with “methyl” and this stop them from “expressing themselves”; in this case, initiating a cancer.

What is VERY interesting for us on Zero Carb is by doing an animal-based diet, we got plenty of these 3 vitamins. Meat, from white to red, fish (especially the fatty ones) and eggs, these food items are the MOST important sources of vitamin B3, B9 and B12. And as if this was not enough, the ONLY source of precious vitamin B12 is from animal flesh. Yes, I know, this is sad for folks gorging thmesleves on fruits and vegetables thinking this will prevent them from developping any cancer...

So let’s say it loudly and proudly, and again and again: meat is good for human beings. In fact, meat, aside being an incredible source of nutrients containing all the essential amino acids we need, minerals, anti-oxidants (even if it is only a theory…) and numerous vitamins, it also contains POWERFULL anti-cancerous properties.

Of course, eating an only-meat diet will not give a 100% warranty you will never get cancer. But if you take care about the other causes, it is certainly not a bad choice to go for “prevention-minded” folks.


Saturday, September 6, 2014


“Dopamine” is a very hot subject nowadays; so hot we can read newspaper articles making reference about this important brain neurotransmitter on a regular basis; so hot, it is like everyone knows about dopamine…

Anyway, I will still take it from the bottom and talk about dopamine in relation with a it’s impact on the success of a Zero Carb diet.

To make it simple, dopamine has 3 important functions in our body. First, and very important, it is responsible for the nerve pathways that lead to movement. For example, a lack of dopamine in specific brain centers will lead to dysfunction in muscle coordination, eg. Parkinson disease. Then, and not the least, dopamine is also responsible for creating a sensation of pleasure in any exciting situation we may experience, from sex to drug, but also from enjoying a nice meal or good company, not forgetting the trill of gambling or “excess shopping”. Finally, dopamine acts on the mood and, as serotonin, has an “anti-depressive” effect.

There is an individual level of dopamine release for every person and this will depend on many factors. Some may be born with less dopamine receptors then others (or will develop less receptor during their infancy) and so, will need to release more dopamine to get to a specific level of satisfaction. This is the fundamental basis of the “theory of addiction” which may have multiples causes. Also, and it is very important, any individual will release dopamine according to his past life’s “exciting experiences” AND is actual “pleasure lifestyle”…

Interestingly, substances stimulating a “dopamine pleasure rush” in the brain can lead to different level of addiction. For example, smoking has a risk of 18 % of getting addicted while drinking alcohol has one of 27 %. And while heroin as a 92 % risk, sex has 4 % and sugar has 11% risk…

Which signify that in 11% of the population, consuming sugar will create an addiction behavior; meaning that when stopping eating sugar, there will be withdrawal symptoms AND to manage getting a “sugar rush” will mean, with time, consuming larger quantities of the said sugar.

But let’s go back to Zero Carb.

It is known protein has not a significant risk for addiction, contrarily to sugar. As for fat, it is not clear; anyway, did you ever tried to binge on fat alone? For myself, there is a limit at what I can eat if I only eat butter… But one thing is sure, the combination sugar + fat is extremely addictive.

But what about the “protein and fat combination” risk of addiction?

After some research, it seems there is not a lot of knowledge available on the subject. But if I rely on my own experience, I can do interesting observations.

For me, if I eat a lean piece of meat with no added fat, I certainly not have a big “dopamine rush”. A piece of boiled skinless chicken breast for example, with no salt or spices, is absolutely “pleasure less”. I do not crave it and my brain, wanting me to create a dopamine release will not push me toward this kind of food item.

On the other hand, if I add some butter, if I grill the chicken, if I leave the skin on, if I add salt and spices, I will certainly look to choose this kind of food.

But do not forget: in reality, I am not looking to eat tasty chicken; I want to get my “dopamine rush”.

So does this mean I should eat tasteless food items? Yes and no.

Because studies and experiences have documented that, on the long run, not experiencing pleasure with food will lead to depression, likely caused by the lack of release of dopamine. This was described many times in human history in folks that had only lean meat to eat, of course with no "fun carbohydrates"…

Interestingly, we know drug addicts are often not interested in food that much… except when they lack drugs… Just as when drinkers become sober, they tend to eat more sugar to get their “fix”. As they say, "leave one addictive substance, and you will look for another one"…

Personally, I strongly believe eating should bring pleasure. Some have tried in the past to create “boring food diets” thinking this would help to loose weight but they had no success with it.

This is why Low Carb is working so well compare to low-fat or low-calories ways of eating. “Low Carb”, as long as it is “High Fat”, should bring a constant release of dopamine, which is excellent for your brain health.

But what if someone consumes too much fat on a “Low Card High Fat” diet? Well, maybe this is a trap if this someone has an “addiction tendency”. The “trap” meaning the pad of butter will lead to a few tablespoons of butter to get a good dopamine rush… with the consequences you can imagine on weight…

I would like to conclude, “just eat your fatty meat”… and I think this time, this is probably the best idea!!! As I already told in a recent post, anything between 75-80% of total daily calories from fat is probably the way to go.

Personally, I like to dose any added fat for a meal, meaning I put a fixed quantity over any meat portion when serving my plate… so I avoid leaving the butter on the table to prevent any “all-I-can-add-butter” risk!!!


Thursday, August 28, 2014


If there is one subject interesting me on a Zero Carb eating plan is the effect on our body of the FAT to PROTEIN ratio of a meal.

I say “effect” as, with my own experience, some meals seems to be more or less satisfying, the only difference I can see being if I added more or less fat to the said meal…

Of course, many on Zero Carb would immediately react and say “Just eat your fatty meat and do not worry”. I would like to agree except… except that if a meal do not seem to satisfy me, meaning I am hungry mid-day or in the evening, I think I am justify to look into the causes.

A simple answer would be to add as much fat as needed to satisfy my appetite but each time I did this, I saw my weight slowly go up on a steady base…

So here I am asking if I should have some rules about an “adequate fat/protein ratio” that I could stick to so my appetite is under control between meals and my weight is stable.

The best example offering a lot of variation in appetite and weight control is with eggs. I adore eggs and have them everyday. But most of the time, if I eat them with no added fat, I soon find myself hungrier then before. I tried many combinations: I tried to cut down on the number of eggs eaten in a meal and added more fat but the results were my weight went up very fast. I tried eating more eggs at one seating with no added fat but I felt nauseated and sort of hungry. Then I tried to eat a normal portion of egg with a small portion of butter and this seems to help. But the results are not always the same…

So let’s look at percentage.

I remember trying to go 90% fat / 10 % protein. Sincerely, this is sort of unsustainable. The reason being the portion “with protein” gets so small because most of my daily energy intake came from the fat, that I felt “hungry between meal” and sort of a “general body malaise”.

I then tried to go 80% fat / 20 % protein. This was absolutely sustainable and satisfying but not very efficient to loose extra pounds.

Finally, I went 70 % fat / 30 % protein and then got some results. But it was not that easy. I was still sort of hungry between meals but I could tolerate this kind of hunger. Sometimes, a simple glass of water would fix this; at other moment, a little extra butter to top up a meal was also a good solution. But this required a lot of attention and focus from myself.

The answer to all this?

Well if you do Zero Carb and really want to loose weight fast, the 70/30 is probably a good choice until you are happy with your weight. Then, to maintain the said weight, the 80/20 ratio is certainly the way to go. Finally, I think that anything over 80% fat may become at risk. Of course, this is, obviously, very personal because it depends on your metabolism and energy expenditure.

My next experiment will probably to go an a “all egg” diet for a few days (including some amount of added butter).


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

WHY NEVER HAVE AN "OGTT" (oral glucose tolerance test) DONE WHILE ON ZERO CARB

We already know doing Zero Carb may be sometimes socially difficult, why add more problems?

What I will talk about is not well known by ‘common medical doctors” but any practitioner with common sense and some knowledge of nutrition will be able to understand the principle behind the point I want to make here.

I would say that in the last 5 years, I have read many times on different website supported by renowned LC doctors, that there is 2 lab reports that may come up with abnormal readings and create great confusion for anyone doing a reduced carb diet. Luckily, we know any LC eating plan will improve seriously a lot of blood tests including lowering triglycerides, normalizing cholesterol profile, getting glycated hemoglobin in normal range, not forgetting good (low) blood insulin level, low leptin levels and, of course, good blood sugar readings.


Except that we have seen some folks on LC getting light abnormality on their morning fasting blood sugar results and also bad results on an OGTT (oral glucose tolerance test) test.

The OGTT is usually done to identify a possible “carbohydrate metabolism defect” or, as doctors call it, any sign of ‘insulin resistance”. I do not like the words “insulin resistance” because so many think this leads to diabetes type 2-B. But, as you will see, “insulin resistance” is not always a bad thing; it is often a “switch” to move from burning glucose to burning fat and should be called “physiologic insulin resistance”

The OGTT test is often ordered when someone has a “little increase” of his fasting blood, not enough to diagnose a full-bloomed diabetes, but to identify those in the pre-diabetes phase. I will not give “normal numbers” because different countries have different “measuring systems” and very different “references”. And as we have a very international audience on this blog, I do not want to create confusion. But just to say, numbers to be “considered diabetic” in the USA are absolutely not the same as in Europe…

So when a doctor order an OGTT test, the patient will get an appointment in the morning while fasting and be given an oral dose of liquid glucose. Then, usually, blood samples will be done every 30 minutes for 3 hours to see how the body of the said patient will react to a fix dose of glucose. Sometimes, some lab will go up to 5 hours of testing.

Someone having problems metabolizing carbohydrate should have high numbers, as the pancreas will not produce enough insulin to clear up the blood of excess glucose by “moving it” into all the cells of the body with insulin receptors.

Sometimes, some folks will show a sign of hypoglycemia while doing the test, which means they are in the phase of “hyperinsulinism”, the basic pathology that will lead eventually to “pathologic insulin resistance” and diabetes 2B.

So what will happen to anyone doing a LC, an especially a Zero Carb diet, while doing an OGTT test?

Well two things may happen but to understand them, one must first get some specific knowledge.

When doing a LC diet, which normally means doing a high fat diet, the body will adapt to burning fat for energy. As there will be minimal circulating glucose, the body will do everything possible to preserve it for the few cells that only work on glucose (red blood cells) and it will do this by “closing up” the cells receptors to insulin, which should, as I already said, called “physiologic insulin resistance”.

This is why, on a LC diet, when fasting during the night, gluconeogenesis becomes an important process to provide the said glucose AND it is not rare to see SLIGHTY elevated FASTING blood glucose in the morning for folks on such diets.

All this being said, the “slightly elevated fasting glucose” is absolutely normal on LC diet and should never be considered as significant.

So what can you do if “trapped” in doing a OGTT?

First, after doing everything you can to explain you cannot do the test because you are on a “high fat low carb diet”, the way out is to “reactivate” the insulin receptors on your body cells. To do this, you must, sadly, get back into eating carbohydrates for at least 3 days, nothing less.

And why do I am passing this information? Because, and I repeat it, it may happen that folks on any modified carb diet get a “slightly elevated” fasting blood glucose and doctors will automatically think “pre-diabetes”….

Of course, instead of a OGTT, you can also ask your doctor to do a “glycated hemoglobin” which will show that your overall blood sugar was absolutely normal in the last 2 months (which is usually the outcome on LC diet).

Another reliable test is to simply measure your blood sugar 1 or 2 hours after any LC meals (if you follow a serious LC diet since at least 3 months). This will prove your body can metabolize any carbohydrate or excess protein that may be turned into glucose.

Of course, I cannot finish without talking about the effect of “excess protein” on blood sugar. Studies have documented between 50 to 60% of proteins can be turned into glucose after a meal, “IF NEEDED” or “IF PROTEIN ARE EATEN IN EXCESS”. So this is why, on Zero Carb, we should look into eating an adequate quantity of protein AND PROBABLY A LITTLE MORE, as we will transform some of it into glucose to answer our needs.

But the problem here is to decide what is an “adequate” quantity. There are some rules such as “1 g per kilo weight per day” but this is good for a “carby” diet and if you are a moderately or a very active person, you will need much more because you will burn very fast any glucose your body will make up from protein.

The best way to know is still to measure your blood sugar after meals and see how your body deals with any excess meat protein. But, and I repeat myself again, do not rely on morning fasting glucose measurements because “gluconeogenis after a meal” is controlled by a totally different process from “gluconeogenesis after a night of fasting”.


Monday, August 18, 2014

8/18/2014 -Weekly Update - Experiment in Progress

Greetings Family and Friends,

First of all I want to say that I am anticipating the new subjects that Denis will be reporting on in the near future. I always enjoy the information he puts out and appreciate it very much.

Alrighty then........how about my so called experiment? It's all good in the hood!!! I Tell You What: Ground Chuck or any ground Meat is oh so easy to play with, OK I don't mean really to play with what I mean is to work with as far as cooking is concerned. Almost like eggs.

So, yes I am in Burger Bliss as I predicted and yes you can say that you heard it here and be popular with your friends and be the talk of the town at the water cooler. Was that cool or what? What's in those burgers Dave? Who said that??? 

I want to make a variety of things like Grilled Burgers, Meatloaf, Meatballs, Seasoned Crumbled Ground Chuck and well I don't what else at the moment, but this is a good if not GREAT start. Currently I am eating Pan Fried Burgers. Hold on.....how about Burgers on a Stick??? It would be great at the fairs.....right.......well you can say that you heard hear first and you to can be.......... not that again???

OK, I will behave.............or will I??? Yes, yes I will. I promise. OK back to the post thank you very much. Look-it: Being on this all Burger Diet has it benefits. Yes, benefits. How so? How INDEED!!!

One big benefit is that I can get a reasonably priced meal if I end up staying out of the house longer than anticipated. I don't know where y'all (you guys) live, but around here I can get a cook Ground Beef Patty 24 hours a day 7 days a week. It may not be the best in the world, but it will do in a pinch. I like to add a little mayo because most of those Burgers are a little dry. So there you go: I am in Burger Bliss!!!

Have a Healthy Day my Family and Friends. Keep the Faith and Always Battle On!!!

(ZC)er my next DIET



Sunday, August 17, 2014


I will soon do some posting on 3 subjects of interest for anyone on Zero Carb:

- Why someone on Zero Carb should never get an OGTT (oral glucose tolerance test) done.

- What dopamine has to do with the success of Zero Carb.

- The perfect ratio of FAT TO PROTEIN on Zero Carb.

Stay Tune!!!


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

8/12/2014 - Weekly Update - My Next Experiment

Greetings all,

What a wonderful time to be a Zero Carber (ZC)er!!! Why you may ask......or not? OK, so no one is asking or are they???

Alrighty then..... Yes, an experiment is on it's way. Stating tomorrow I will eat only Ground Chuck or Ground Beef depending on what kind of deal I can get at the grocery store. I will even grind it up myself if I get a good deal on a Beef Brisket or some kind of Beef Roast.

Why am I doing this? Why not? Don't just love it when someone answers a question with a question? Was that a question too? Oops I did it again. HA! Hey I just want to try, that's it. AAAANNNNDDDD because in my little opinion it is one of the easiest forms of Protein out there. I mean you can get cooked Ground Beef (GB) just about anywhere anytime......just about.

Yes,  I am considering doing an all Rib eye experiment, but funds do not allow it at this time.   So what did Dave score today at his local Kroger???? Well first of all I have noticed that the price of all Beef is going through the roof. Yes even in cattle country (Texas). How sad indeed!!!

OK, back to the saga......I mean story: while at Kroger I noticed that the 5 lb tube (no red slime please) has went up quite a bit since I bought on last. It was going for like....like.....uumm...I forgot the regular price. Jeez!!! OK hold on a second while I drive back to the store and get the price...........yeah right! So, OK I think it was like $16.75 or so for the 5 lb tube thingy. I was a little dismayed........but, I scored a decent (for now-a-days) find. 5 tubes  were marked down. YES, YES, YEAS  and YES. I was in Burger Bliss!!!!!! OK, calm down buddy....everything is going to be alright. Who said that???

Did I get off the subject again........I hate when I do that or do I? Jeez, get on with the story man!!! OK, y'all I promise not to ask: "Who said that?" although I would really like to know. Back to the tale of tales, the mysteries of mysteries the... It was marked down for $11.25 for the 5 lbs. Jeez all that bologna (baloney) for that???

Anyway thank goodness for markdowns. Hey it is a way of life for me. There is always, almost always something marked down that I like. The other day I scored Thick Cut oh so MEATY Bacon that went for normally $10.99 for a 24 ounce package marked down 50%. I wiped out  the entire case of I think 10 or so packages. I tend to scarf up the entire case if I think it's a good deal. Thank God for freezers. Yes indeed!!!

Have a Healthy Day my Family and Friends. Keep the Faith and Always Battle On!!!

(ZC)er The Grind



Wednesday, August 6, 2014

8/6/2014 - Weekly Update - The Egg and I

Greetings Family and Friends!

I am sorry for the late posting on my weekly update. OK, so I am sure you noticed the title of this posting. "The Egg and I" Wow, is that a new Broadway hit? Is it the name of a new Best selling novel? Is it....is it...OK I give up. What the heck is it??? Alrighty then, remember in my last post I said I was experimenting? I take it from the silence that it means YES. All those who don't agree shout out "NAY"........ Well no peeps so we all can agree. Hey I can get used to this. HA! Wait a darn minuet....... I am getting a vision. Yes, I see a couple of guys wearing white jackets and pants chasing me with a giant butterfly net...........YIKES!!! That's not a vision, it's a nightmare!!!!

Sorry for being silly, but what can I say?  Alright then, back to the "Experiment" for the past four weeks I have been eating primarily eggs, eggs and did I mention eggs??? I prepared them many many ways, but the majority of the time I ate them in the form of an Omelet or boiled.  So you may be thinking "Omelets have all kinds of fillings". Yes they do....... in my case I only used I slice of cheese. OK sometimes two slices of cheese and that was it. I would boil a dozen eggs at a time and they came in oh so handy. I used them for a quick meal "ass is" or I mashed them up and mixed in some mayo and dill weed for a tasty meal. I even got a little creative and made deviled eggs once in awhile.

I Tell You What: going long term on EGGS was not a bad deal. I believe that it is a well balanced food sourced that is very (ZC) friendly. I am off of them as a sole source as of the past weekend, but I would have no trouble repeating it again. It was not a burden to me what-so-ever. Now I am more aware to keep a nice stash of boiled Eggs on hand to make sure that I have a quick and easy food source.

I really enjoyed this little experiment and would not hesitate to do it again or with another form of Protein. So don't be shy and try it for yourself. You will be amazed on how easy it is and how creative you can get.

Have a Healthy Day my Family and Friends. Keep the Faith and Always Battle On!!!

(ZC)er The Yolks on US



Friday, August 1, 2014


It is traditionally well known being overweight may have negative effects on human health, from increasing incidence of diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure and hearth problems, to an increase risk of dementia and cancer.

But interestingly, in the last decade, we have seen reports in medical literature that being overweight may not be as bad as we thought. For example, we already know 20 % of obese folks (more then 20% of their normal weight) enjoy good health contrarily to what we initially thought. More recently, new studies have even suggested that being overweight may actually protect one’s health; which brings in a theory known as the “obesity paradox”.

In the case of one specific study, it was demonstrated being overweight or obese actually does protect against the occurrence of cardiovascular events!!!

Even more interesting, according to a meta-study of 36 studies that looked into the evolution of patients with coronary artery diseases, it was discovered patients with a LOW BMI had an increase risk of hearth attack and cardiovascular mortality, up to 1.8 to 2.7 times the folks with a normal BMI...

But where this review comes in with an amazing discovery is when they observed patients with the LOWEST cardiovascular mortality were those who were OVERWEIGHT: the ones with a BMI between 25-30. But, and read this carefully, patients who were obese (with a BMI of 30-35), had a 27% lower risk of all-cause mortality compare to those with a normal BMI.

One possible explanation is the obese and overweight patient’s population has higher metabolic reserve (more energy reserve…), which might act as protective in the case of hearth problems. Another explanation is, and it is not the least, the “genetic predisposition” for cardiac disease cannot be modified in underweight folks, at least as much as it can in overweight individuals!!!

Another study showed BODY COMPOSITION (fat and lean mass) plays a critical role in the “obesity paradox”. In this case, HIGHER BMI correlated positively with lower mortality. The researchers were especially under shock with these discoveries when they realized they corrolated nicely with ALL epidemiologic data.

So what does a Zero Carb diet has to do with all this?

Well, even if the word “diet” is usually related to “losing weight”, we now have a bunch of evidence showing someone with NO weight problem could decide to follow a modified carbohydrate diet and gain a lot of health benefits… without loosing any weight if he wants…

The big confusion, nowadays, about the Metabolic Syndrome is many people think you have to be obese to suffer from it. Wrong, very wrong. There is a big group of sufferers out there, especially in the “high blood pressure normal-weight” population, which presents a Metabolic Syndrome without knowing it. The problem being they cannot understand why they should diet, especially do a LC diet, even if you explain the said carbs is the basis of their problem. And if they do not have a diabetes problem, it is merely impossible to convince them to stop eating their beloved carbs…

But what comes up interesting for us on Zero Carb about all this, is the following: if being overweight protects from major health problems, what happen if you are on a restricted carb diet AND overweight at the same time?

Well the following evidence may answer this question and comes from a serious and recent publication about VLCD. To make things clear, in this study, they defined a VLCD diet as comprised of 20-50 g carbohydrate/day AND of blood ketones bodies over 0.5 mM, which brings in the new appellation of VLCKD (very low carb ketogenic diet). But because of individual carb tolerance (capacity to metabolize carb), this definition may vary, which, as we know by experience, brought some folks to a Zero Carb diet to get some results. So, obviously here, the conclusions of this study on VLCKD can by used for anyone on a ZC diet.

So after a lot of “blablabla” about modified-carb diets that anyone reading here on a regular basis knows, these scientists showed how there is a direct correlation between carbohydrate intake and diabetes while there is NO CORELATION with fat intake and diabetes.

It is the repeated cycles of fat accumulation in the liver (hepatic steatosis) and IN THE PANCREAS, produced from unmetabolized excess carbohydrates in the diet that is responsible for the development of diabetes. Fat in a diet, and even “excess” fat in a diet (when limiting carb) do not cause diabetes. As they say so well in this case and is demonstarted by their conclusions, “the lack of association is generally considered strong evidence for a lack of causality”.

THEN comes the “big hit” of the study: “BENEFITS OF DIETARY CARBOHYDRATE RESTRICTION DO NOT REQUIRE WEIGHT LOSS.” Even if, in today’s “general and accepted medical knowledge”, it is understood that weight loss (by any means) do improve the symptoms of type 2 diabetes, we must also accept, on the counterpart, the idea “many diabetes are not overweight and many obese do not have diabetes”.

Several and recent lines of investigation supports the idea weight loss IS NOT required for improvement of glycemic control. Well-designed experiments have demonstrated IMPROVEMENTS in glycemic control (and lipid control) where patients were maintained at constant weight. The MOST EFFECTIVE experiment to control blood sugar was done when carbohydrates were limited to 20 g/day AND THESE SCIENTISTS BELIEVE STILL LOWER LIMITATION MUST HAVE BEEN MORE EFFECTIVE.

I hope you understand we are dealing here with SEARCHES stating that going lower then 20 g carb/day is even MORE EFFECTIVE. If this cannot relate to a Zero Carb diet, I don’t know what will…

Interestingly, they also underlined there is NO better glycemic control with a LC diet + NO weight loss, THEN with a LC diet AND weight loss. As they say: “Given the difficulties that most people have losing weight, this factor alone provides an obvious advantage to low-carbohydrate diets!!!

Amusingly, they also state that if weight loss is not required for benefits, no dietary intervention is better than carbohydrate restriction for weight loss, as they usually have the clear benefit of no need for restricting food intake, as on low-fat diet. Anyway, adherence to LC diets is significantly better then on any other diet and, as you all know by experience, SUSTAINABILITY on any diet is the key to success.

So it seems one can be on a Zero Carb diet, have excess weight, and still enjoy excellent control of risk factors for many diseases. This is supported by studies showing it is the control of the blood sugar and lipid profile (especially triglycerides and less cholesterol...) that correlates with lower vascular damage.

Finally, we know that trying to control blood glucose by adding insulin has the side effect of weigh gain (as insulin is anabolic) and, when compared to the effect of restricting carbohydrates, it is also LESS effective.

How can someone accept the daily hassle of injecting himself insulin while he can simply limit his carbohydrate intake??? Especially when he knows that insulin will cause weight gain while LC will help him normalize his weight… Anyway, insulin and pills to control diabetes have side effects and health risks while limiting carb is simple, natural, cheap and… healthy!

So if someone of you on Zero Carb cannot reach his “desired weight”, don’t be sad about it. 

Maybe you are in better health then anyone on Zero Carb at a desirable weight???!!!


Sunday, July 27, 2014

7/27/20014 - Weekly Update - Back in the Saddle Again

Greetings Family and Friends, my Spirits are high and my Health is GREAT!!!

Sunday, Sunday how good it feels. Ahhh......just another GREAT DAY in the life of a Zero Carber...... or should I say in a Zero Carb Practitioner? Hahahaha!!!!

OK, just one of many "failed" attempts of trying to make a funny. So, what do ya know? So, why should you care? So......So.......OK, I lost my train of thought....or did I??? Hold on according to the Urban Dictionary I could use "lost my waffle" instead of " lost my train of thought"........hold on there Dave, is this not a Zero Carb based blog? Right....I.....just was trying to use a more hip way of saying........... OK, I give up!!! Yes, "Waffle" should not be used here I do agree. Wait a minuet are those little voices creeping up on me or what? OOOORRRR could that be my oh so ever watchful Cyber Mom coming to my rescue once again?

Yes, folks you can say that you heard it here first that, that.....Oh no not another waffle.....Oops I did not say that. What can I say? I am just a little rusty y'all. That's OK because I have yet only began to waf...... ah ha I caught that one.....see I am back in action!!! What did that whole thing mean? Not much apparently or did it???

Now on to bigger and better things. Anyway I just want to say Howdy to y'all out there and thanks for stopping by and getting a dose of my little corner in cyber space where I have decided to share my journey through Zero Carb. Also you can get a good clear explanation on the scientific side of the house from my dear friend and comrade in arms "Denis".

Today it has come more apparent to me that while some people consider this way of eating to be associated with the "Atkins" diet, it isn't or in Texas terms it ain't.  For example when I visit the doctors office and reveal my way of eating to them, yes I switch doctors all the time because of my crappy health insurance, they always refer to the way I eat as "Atkins". No matter how I try to explain the difference they go into "I'm not hearing you mode" and I just go into "whatever mode". Wow, great communication! Jeeezzz!!! All you have to do is Google Atkins Diet and you will get a ton of info that isn't anything remotely to the Zero Carb way of eating. We try to eliminate all Carbs. Sure when you get to the nitty gritty there will be trace amounts of Carbs in just about anything. BUT we do not actively try to eat Carbs. Our Mantra is to eat Meat and Fat and drink H2O aka water. Yes, I do eat some dairy and drink coffee. For the purpose of ingesting Carbs? Hell to the double no. I don't feel that intentional ingesting of Carbs are necessary for good if not GREAT Health. Denis is much more the expert in this field. I feel that we get enough Trace Carbs to satisfy what the body needs. Nature works miracles when we get out of its way. Wow, imagine that??? I feel that when we go against nature things fall apart. Case closed.

OK, I have been experimenting..........no not again!!! Yes, I will reveal all in my next post. Sounds familiar? You know I was not going to make it easy............or was I?

Yes, Dave will attempt a Weekly Update. I will fill your day with exciting yet tasteful........OK, I am sound a little too...well ya know what I mean.

Have a Healthy Day my Family and Friends. Make your choice, whatever it is. Stick to it and move on. I have made mines and reap it's rewards everyday of my life. Fight the Good Fight and Always Battle On!!!

(ZC)er A Veggie Free Zone



Monday, July 21, 2014


In the last few years, we are getting in more and more studies showing a low-carbohydrate diet (AND ESPECIALLY VERY-LOW CARB DIETS) can “CURES” many common diseases. Please note I do not say it “BRINGS UNDER CONTROL DISEASES"; I am talking here about getting rid totally of pathologies.

Of course, these studies are done with low carb diet but most of them limit carbohydrate intake to fewer than 20 g per day (VLCD). And most of these 20 g are from low-carb vegetable, which are, at the end of a meal, a few leaves of lettuce and perhaps a small branch of broccoli or cauliflower. Personally, I do not consider this as a significant source of nutrients but only a way to be more “politically correct” and make folks believe if a diet contains some vegetables, it must be a good diet…

So let’s give a look to these common diseases where a LC/VLCD/ZC approach brings in a definitive treatment:


Many repeated and well-done studies have documented a low-carb approach is an excellent choice to bring back blood glucose into normal limits, including normalizing glycated hemoglobin. We even have some reports of diabetes type-1 (with a lack of insulin) that had impressive results. Knowing all this, even the American Diabetic Association recommends a LC diet as an alternative choice to treat diabetes type 2. When well executed and followed, any diabetes on medication and insulin will be able to stop all treatment on a LC diet even in advance forms of the disease. I will not say more here about this as if you are reading this blog, you know well the effectiveness of a LC in this case.


We well know any food that stimulate insulin production will also cause a decrease of production of "N.O." (nitrous oxide) which is the main relaxant for blood vessels muscles. Going on a LC diet will cause insulin level to drop and "N.O." to increase, keeping the arteries dilated and blood pressure normal.

Insulin has also an effect on the kidneys and will cause a water retention, which will also increase blood pressure. And, of course, loosing weight is a powerful tool to normalize blood pressure. These effects are well know in human physiology but as says so well Gary Taubes, “for some obscure reasons”, the message just don’t go through…

Folks are told high blood pressure in a genetic defect and they have to take pills. Except that we are observing an impossible increase of 25% EACH YEAR of the number of sufferers in "westenised countries" which clearly indicate that, even if there is a genetic predisposition (hyperinsulinism), something is wrong in the lifestyle, especially the diet.


Many studies have documented the most powerful tool to get high triglycerides back into normal limits is 2 weeks on a LC diet. No need for pills or supplement here. As for cholesterol, it is documented CARBOHYDRATES do cause a DECREASE of HDL and an INCREASE of atherosclerotic LDL, which are the 2 main things nobody wants in his blood lipid profile. Limits carbs and you will conteract these 2 effects.

Of course, if you add to your LC diet an INCREASE in saturated fats on a daily basis, your HDL will sky-rocket and your LDL will become larger and less atherosclerotic. This was supported by many researches but probably that with the “statin lobbying” and the related annual earnings of “3 billions USD”, many have interest not to get the message out.


About 2 years ago, a laboratory technician (with his own money) decided to put some rats affected by SEVERE renal insufficiency on a LC diet. He did this because he suspected, after working on his bosses’s projects in his laboratory, he could have such results. Of course, none of the said bosses were getting subsidies for these kinds of studies because this would not bring in the possibility of producing new medications…

His results were astonishing: not only the rats showed rapid improvement in the renal insufficiency but many were cure COMPLETELY. And as we share many common physiologic pathways with rats (and especially at the kidney level), we can surely expect the same results with human.

Sadly again, we are now seeing impossible numbers of folks with renal insufficiency, especially related to diabetes. Many of them are severely limited in their daily activities especially if under hemodialysis. I get me depress knowing they could go on a ZC diet with plenty of satisfying saturated fats and adequate proteins, and regain their life…!!!


One fascinating study done a few years ago demonstrated with a group of women having had a hearth event, that changing their diet toward a LC and high saturated fat intake, greatly reduce new incidence of heart problems.

Adding this to the effect of a LC diet on diabetes, blood pressure and lipid profile (3 of the common risk factor for hearth disease), we clearly have some scientific proofs here about the positive effect of limiting carbohydrate intake.

Anyway, statistical studies have clearly demonstrated there is a DIRECT correlation between diabetes and heart problems. We cannot say the same about cholesterol…


Want it or not, obesity is a disease and surely a significant symptom of the metabolic syndrome. Of course, we know 20% of obese never develop health problems related to their excess weight but some new studies a beginning to show this might not be so true.

Anyway, and this was corroborated by many studies in the last decades, a LC diet is the best way to loose weight and MAINTAIN the weight loss, if compared to a low-fat or low-calorie diet. Anyone that does not succeed in loosing weight on a LC diet is doing something wrong and this is, sadly, happening more and more often. As one already said: do not think a LC diet is like eating everyday at an all-u-can-eat buffet. Just as this other one said: on a LC diet, “one must not substitute his carbohydrate overloaded diet for an overloaded butter diet…”.


Because carbohydrates are a powerful trigger for inflammation, they also improve a lot of diseases related to the said inflammation when restricted. From common arthritis and severe rheumatoid arthritis to fibromyalgia, some studies have reported improvements AND total remission of these diseases on LC diet. I think results could have been even better if the enrolled folks would have done the diet properly, which is the main reason for failure or/and bad results.


This disease, which is often called “diabetes type 3” have also got improvement on a LC diet. Sadly, studies have concentrated on the improvements of brain functions because of the increase of cholesterol/saturated fats in the diet (our brain contains 25 % of our total body’s cholesterol) and not the limitation of carbs.

Even the well-know pharmaceutical company PFIZER is now producing a “drink” for Alzheimer patients which contains plenty saturated coconut oil because it causes significant improvements in cognitive functions of affected patients.

But we must not forget Alzheimer is directly related to carbohydrates, as the best proof being the incidence is much higher in diabetics then in the general population. Again, here, it is the same basic pathology of “insulin resistance” (because of long period of hyperinsulinism) and so the brain gets less nourish. Do remember the role of insulin is not only to get glucose into the cells BUT ALSO protein and fats. And what do you get with a brain not well nourish? Degenerated brain diseases like Alzheimer (and also like Parkinson, Multiple Sclerosis ect.)


Sadly, this is not often reported but sufferers of eating disorders have been shown to be fully and permanently treated with a LC diet AND ESPECIALLY WITH A ZERO CARB DIET. But as anorexia-bulimia THERAPISTS do not want their patients on any diet, they do not tend to go this way. It is sad because any ZC follower will tell you: our diet is not a restrictive diet and there is no place for limitation on quantities (as it regulates itself naturally) so no need to take control over the food intake, as the “control aspect” seems to be the basic origin of these eating disorders.


Interestingly, we see times to times some reports in the medical literature about improvement of these severe psychiatric disorders when using a LC diets. I think they are not use so often as these patients are not the best subjects to follow such diets, probably because of social reasons. It is sad because the actual treatments based on strong medications are dominating the daily life of these folks. It is one thing for a newcomer to fail on LC diet , but if you suffer from schizophrenia, to get back on the train can be long and hard process.

I am deliberately avoiding other diseases that have been report to get cured with a LC diet, from acne to asthma for example, as I wanted to concentrate on these where I have read studies confirming good results.

Sadly, I think the BIGGEST obstacle to using a LC/VLCD/ZC diet to treat diseases is the fact carbohydrates are so addictive and so anchored in all our different cultural backgrounds, aside being so cheap and thus, extremely profitable for our ecenomy.

Luckily, people that have reached “the bottom of the hell” of many health problems related to carbohydrates are now giving a try to these LC diet and are seeing incredible improvements.

But as many other things in life, just like stopping to smoke, one must do it for himself and NOT only to please others.

Success has some rules and this is one of them.


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