Friday, January 31, 2014


Finally, we get an interesting experiment comparing a LOW-FAT diet to a ZERO CARB diet...!!!

Yes friends, these courageous doctors did the experiment and did not loose time on LC, VLCD or any modified carb diet but went directly to compare a low-fat-high carb diet to a zero carb diet... 

And, I do also, will not loose time to explain what the results are...

So if you have one hour free, give a look to this video about 2 twin brothers, both doctors, that did the experiment of what can happen when you go one month on 2 opposite diets:

Of course, some comments are largely discutable...

Anyway, it is a nice expose for Zero Carb folks!!!!!!!


Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Today, I want to share with you all my recent experience with eggs. It seems that, in general agreements on most of modified-carb diets, that eggs are an astonishing food item, as much as economically wise, as handy wise, as nutritionally wise.

Eggs are very flexible: they are available everywhere, they keep well for long periods, they can be prepared many ways, in a few words, they are perfect for folks on a Zero carb diet!!!

But recently, I have been changing a little bit the way I eat my eggs. I always enjoyed them slightly cook (sunny side up) as I do strongly believe overcooking of the yolk creates oxidized fats and cholesterol. And oxidized particles of any kinds are the last things you want circulating around in your body, as they are the types of particles that create inflammation and accumulate easily in your arteries. By the way, there is a new blood test measuring “oxidized LDL-cholesterol” and it is beginning to be used as a marker for cardiac risk. I never had it done myself but I certainly will try to get the test done one day. So I hope you got the message here: the less you cook your eggs, the best it is for your health on a long run…

But let’s go back to the subject of this posting.

As you probably all know, egg yolk and egg white have very different macronutrient composition. But while nearly 99% of the fat + cholesterol (and the calories…) are in the yolk, this do not mean all the proteins are in the white. Interestingly, one normal egg yolk contains 2.7 g protein while the white contains 3.6 g protein. As for the carbs, the yolk has 0.6 g while the white have 0.2 g.

To summarize all this, whites are far from having an ideal nutritious profile while the golden yellow part of the egg seems to be the best gift nature could have given us. I do remember, as a kid, spoonful of egg yolks were given by mothers to their babies as a potent nutrient for the development of their brains. And the babies use to adore it. Of course, when the fat-phobia began in the ‘80s, this practice pratically disappeared…

Recently, I decided to go with “only or mostly yolks” when I have some eggs and the results are interesting. My incentive to do this was I observed when I was eating 2-3 eggs at one sitting, I was feeling hungry fast afterward. But now, when I eat 4 egg yolks, I have a very different reaction: I feel full for a long period.

The other nice things about egg yolks is they have much more flavor then the whites and the color, after cooking, is much more appealing. This is especially noticeable when you mix them with heavy cream or even coconut milk.

The other good thing about having only the yolks is, as we tend to eat a lot of proteins on Zero Carb, discarding the whites is an easy solution to get a better fat to protein ratio.

Finally, AND NOT THE LEAST, as this is THE important thing that differentiates egg yolk form egg whites: all the nutritious content of egg is… in the yolk!!!

Egg white, aside a little bit of magnesium, contains ZERO vitamin. Yolk, on the contrary, has ALL and a lot of Vitamin A, B6, B12 and D, aside being an excellent source of iron and calcium. No wonder after 40 years of eating “egg white omelets”, we have a population with vitamin deficiencies…

As for the content of cholesterol, nowadays, even nutritionists admit it was a mistake to avoid egg yolk as studies have shown it has no effect on blood cholesterol levels. Anyway, only 50% of diet cholesterol is absorbed…

To finish, I would like to mention a report, made a few years ago, about this articulate well-educated 88 years old man that was eating 25 eggs per day and this, for many years in a row. Doctors were so surprise, they decided to test him and were under shock when they got the results: this man had normal cholesterol levels, no sign of heart disease and was FREE from any arteriosclerosis lesions. They also discovered he only absorbed 18% of his diet cholesterol and his liver cholesterol synthesis was significantly diminish, probably as an adaptive process.

So next time you cook some eggs, try to discard some of the whites and push the golden stuff. I now often do “1 whole egg and 3 yolks” as, I must admit to you all, when you cook this ration in a pan, the white do help to keep the yolks together and it is less messy when you move everything into your plate…


Thursday, January 16, 2014

1/16/2014 UPDATE: New Year, New Horizions

Greetings friends and family. My Spirits are High and my Health is good.

Wow, once again I have been away too long. I have a few updates to report. First of all I want to give an update on our friend Connor. He emailed me stating that he did not want to do a regular post until he is confident that he is on a road of weight loss, which was the original intent of his posting. He wanted to journal his weight loss journey through Zero Carb. I have removed him as a guest author, but of course he is still part of our small community and may comment at his desire.
What can I say about our Great Friend Denis he has taken the reins of this little blog and has continued to provide us with valued information as well as his personal experience and insight with all things Zero Carb. He has just completed a very interesting experiment that I am very much tempted to try. I can honestly say that without his never ending support this blog would be in hiatus until another time.  I applaud him and deeply thank him once again for his endeavor.

I briefly wrote to Denis late last year about going “” and changing the name and theme of this blog. What I mean about theme is not our main subject “ZERO CARB” what I mean I want to move away from this blog being centered on my personal experience with Zero Carb. For the most part with the help of Denis we have move a good bit away from me. I want to change the name of the blog that is more…. How should I say this…… user friendly??? I guess??? Anyhow lets see what comes about in the next few months. A new beginning would be nice and fresh. So for now we will be thinking about a new name and a new approach to Zero Carb. We definitely need to include a Recipe section and a section of Tips and Tricks to maintain a healthy Zero Carb lifestyle. As we all know the atmosphere out there is not for the most part Zero Carb friendly. 

Have a healthy day my friends and family. Fight the Good Fight and Always Battle On!!!

(ZC)er A Whole New World



Saturday, January 11, 2014

DAY 7 (and last day) ON 90% FAT - ZERO CARB DIET

My blood sugar came back absolutely normal this morning and I was into the nutritional ketosis zone. So I guess 90 % fat is doing it's job...

My total loss for the week was 3.2 lbs even if, for reasons I cannot explain, it has slowed down with the week... Anyway, I am happy with the results...

I will go back to my regular diet tomorrow as I feel I need to eat meat. I miss meat, even if heavy cream was a delight...

But I will certainly go back to cream + egg if the weight go back up again. Maybe 2 days in the week... it would be easy to do, enjoyable and certainly sustainable...

Here are my results weight wise:

DAY 1:     ---------
DAY 2:     -1.5 lbs     total loss of 1.5 lbs
DAY 3:     -0.7 lbs     total loss of 2.2 lbs
DAY 4:     -0.4 lbs     total loss of 2.6 lbs
DAY 5:     -0.2 lbs     total loss of 2.8 lbs
DAY 6:     -0.3 lbs     total loss of 3.1 lbs
DAY 7:     -0.1 lbs     total loss of 3.2 lbs

I could, of course, do a 90% fat with a meat diet but the quantity of meat protein allowed is so low to get to this ration, it gives the impression I would only eat a few pieces of meat floating in a pool of fat... Anyway.


Friday, January 10, 2014


I did a small change in my "cream + egg" diet: I mixed together 2/3 cup of heavy cream (instead of 1 cup) with 4 egg yolks (instead of 3 whole eggs), and drank this twice yesterday. The mixture was yellowish with an incredible and super taste. I guess the fat I lost from cutting on the heavy cream is compensated by the fat in the yolks with a little less proteins... and probably less calories in total...

I had my first "drink" at noon and was not hungry before 8:00 pm... exactly what I wanted!!!

The weight is slowly and steadily going down. Good.

Still, I think I will finish a full week tomorrow and go back to meat for a few days and see how I feel. Maybe I will reintroduce this "cream + egg" diet 2-3 days per week if needed.

Here are my results weight wise:

DAY 1:     ---------
DAY 2:     -1.5 lbs     total loss of 1.5 lbs
DAY 3:     -0.7 lbs     total loss of 2.2 lbs
DAY 4:     -0.4 lbs     total loss of 2.6 lbs
DAY 5:     -0.2 lbs     total loss of 2.8 lbs
DAY 6:     -0.3 lbs     total loss of 3.1 lbs

I will control again tomorrow blood sugar + ketones and report.


Thursday, January 9, 2014


I did some blood testing this morning.

Blood sugar came up at 99 mg/dl, normal but at the upper limit.

Blood ketones came up at .5 mm/l, in the nutritioanl ketosis zone, but at the lower limit.

So this is all good but I would have prefered other numbers...

I will try to discard ALL egg whites and add more egg yolks. I did it once, and it was more satisfying. Maybe this will bring blood sugar at a lower level and ketones more into ketosis???

What I like form this diet is how joyful it is... heavy cream is still a delight.

Of course, these is no way I can go out to the restaurant with this kind of food item diet... but as I do not intend to eat like this for the rest of my life, meaning ONLY heavy cream + eggs, I can live with this at the moment...

Here are my results weight wise:

DAY 1:     ---------
DAY 2:     -1.5 lbs     total loss of 1.5 lbs
DAY 3:     -0.7 lbs     total loss of 2.2 lbs
DAY 4:     -0.4 lbs     total loss of 2.6 lbs
DAY 5:     -0.2 lbs     total loss of 2.8 lbs

Weight loss is slowing down but, still, I am loosing. Of course, with around 1,900 calories per day, I cannot expect drastic changes...

I also miss salt, so I am eating some coarse sea salt while drinking water. Not that much but enough to satisfy me... I should try to add salt to my cream + egg mixture... I do insist on salt because I tend to have very low blood pressure and adding salt to my diet was always a must in my life. Of course, this is probably not a recommendation for all but certainly for me...

The train is rolling!!!


Wednesday, January 8, 2014


It seems my little experiment is going well.

I feel energetic, I sleep much better which is a huge plus for me, and my mood is excellent.

No cravings, even if I had NONE for carbs since I am on Zero Carb.

But the most impressing thing is to realize how the "extra hunger" I wanted to get rid is a thing of the past.

Anyway, heavy cream and eggs are extremely satisfying and I do not feel I want to eat extra food items to satisfy whatever need. I will probably try to get rid of some of the egg whites and concentrate on egg york. It will give more fat in and the taste of the whites is not the best thing here...

Here are my results weight wise:

DAY 1:     ---------
DAY 2:     -1.5 lbs     total loss of 1.5 lbs
DAY 3:     -0.7 lbs     total loss of 2.2 lbs
DAY 4:     -0.4 lbs     total loss of 2.6 lbs

I guess loosing 2.6 lbs in 4 days on a 90% fat diet is quite good.

So I will continue this regiment and try to report daily!!!


Tuesday, January 7, 2014


It seems my experiment is going quite find.

My new regiment of heavy cream + eggs is still enjoyable and satisfying. All hunger is a thing of the past... no complain.

I am even thinking to reduce the content of heavy cream from 2 cups per day down to 1-1/2 cup per day.

I think the eggs have an important role to play in putting down my appetite. This excellent and nutritious source of protein added to the fat from the cream seems to do the trick.

Here are my results weight wise:

DAY 1:     ---------
DAY 2:     -1.5 lbs     total loss of 1.5 lbs
DAY 3:     -0.7 lbs     total loss of 2.2 lbs

Nothing more to add at the moment.

Will report.


Sunday, January 5, 2014


I am actually doing an experiment on myself. Of course, it would be nice to do a well-designed clinical study but since I have zero resource to do so, I have to be the guinea pig…

One thing I have noticed after so much time on Zero Carb, aside having no cravings for carbs and much less hunger in general, is I can easily eat much more then I really need. And as our food items are “energy-dense”, I may see my weight go up in a short period of time as it did recently.

I thought that having my LEPTIN measured would bring me an explanation for the weight gain and/or increase appetite, such as a leptin-resistance which would explain the phenomena, but as you know my blood LEPTIN level came back normal. So I am in a quest of another explanation.

I have been observing, in the last few months, that after eating a lot of heavy cream, all sings of hunger disappear and this, for many, many hours. Heavy cream seems to answer all the aspects I need to reach a level of no hunger and feel satisfied of my meal. I like the fattiness of cream, the smooth texture, and cold cream is a real pleasure for me. Interestingly, fatty meat, even with extra butter, never seems to satisfy me totally… As I was intrigued, I decided to do an experiment.

So after considering the nutrition profile of heavy cream, I decided to go on a “heavy cream diet”. Of course, as I need to get enough protein, the best choice to go with the said cream was eggs. So here I am eating a diet of heavy cream and eggs. Nothing more, nothing less.

I am drinking since 2 days an homemade eggnog, two times a day, made up of 1 cup heavy cream + 3 small whole eggs. The end results covers my protein, fat and calorie needs with, of course, a few carbohydrates but so few, I do not think it may impact my metabolism in any way. On my calculations, 2 cups of heavy cream and 6 eggs per day bring in a total of 12 g of carbohydrates, more toward a Zero Carb diet then a VLCD and certainly much less then a any LC diet…

My total daily intake is 1,992 calories, which should create a theoretical slow weight loss, as my daily needs are probably around 2,300 calories per day.

My daily protein intake is 40 g proteins, which is probably the minimum I could go, even on a keto diet, and should spare my muscle mass.

My fat intake is around 200 g per day and brings in 90% of my energy needs. With this, I am sure to be a “fat burner” and be well into nutritional ketosis. As I have a blood ketone-measuring device at home, I look forward to do some readings in the coming days.

To summaries, my Carb/Protein/Fat ratio is 2:8:90, which is a ratio often recommended in many cases of uncontrolled epilepsy when patients decided to give a try to a ketogenic diet.  So, really and honestly, I have not invented anything new here.

Since I am only having cream and eggs, I decided to treat myself with organic grass-fed cream and organic cage-free eggs. Anyway, this diet is so cheap money-wise compare to meat and fish (or seafood…) that I thought I would give myself all the chances for success.

I have been doing this since 2 full days now and I feel quite find. I do not feel deprive in any way and I can be easily 8 hours without feeling any signs of hunger. I did measure my weight before beginning and again this morning and it has already gone down. So I will try to post my weight in the coming days if everything seems to go find AND if I can sustain this regiment.

My objective is double: loose the extra few pounds I have put on recently (8 pounds…) and maybe find a regiment I could do 1-2 days per week (or maybe 3-4 days per 2 weeks???) to keep myself at a normal weight.

I cannot wait to see what the next days will bring…!!!


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