Thursday, January 16, 2014

1/16/2014 UPDATE: New Year, New Horizions

Greetings friends and family. My Spirits are High and my Health is good.

Wow, once again I have been away too long. I have a few updates to report. First of all I want to give an update on our friend Connor. He emailed me stating that he did not want to do a regular post until he is confident that he is on a road of weight loss, which was the original intent of his posting. He wanted to journal his weight loss journey through Zero Carb. I have removed him as a guest author, but of course he is still part of our small community and may comment at his desire.
What can I say about our Great Friend Denis he has taken the reins of this little blog and has continued to provide us with valued information as well as his personal experience and insight with all things Zero Carb. He has just completed a very interesting experiment that I am very much tempted to try. I can honestly say that without his never ending support this blog would be in hiatus until another time.  I applaud him and deeply thank him once again for his endeavor.

I briefly wrote to Denis late last year about going “” and changing the name and theme of this blog. What I mean about theme is not our main subject “ZERO CARB” what I mean I want to move away from this blog being centered on my personal experience with Zero Carb. For the most part with the help of Denis we have move a good bit away from me. I want to change the name of the blog that is more…. How should I say this…… user friendly??? I guess??? Anyhow lets see what comes about in the next few months. A new beginning would be nice and fresh. So for now we will be thinking about a new name and a new approach to Zero Carb. We definitely need to include a Recipe section and a section of Tips and Tricks to maintain a healthy Zero Carb lifestyle. As we all know the atmosphere out there is not for the most part Zero Carb friendly. 

Have a healthy day my friends and family. Fight the Good Fight and Always Battle On!!!

(ZC)er A Whole New World




  1. denis has been doing a great job. i hope one day connor will give us a report of his weight loss. i can't wait to see what changes are coming.


  2. I still check here everyday. Have to keep an eye you guys. Ya know

  3. That's good news Dave. I think you will get a flood of viewers if you went with a regular website combined with Facebook and twitter. A new name is good, but I can't imagine what it would be.




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