Sunday, January 5, 2014


I am actually doing an experiment on myself. Of course, it would be nice to do a well-designed clinical study but since I have zero resource to do so, I have to be the guinea pig…

One thing I have noticed after so much time on Zero Carb, aside having no cravings for carbs and much less hunger in general, is I can easily eat much more then I really need. And as our food items are “energy-dense”, I may see my weight go up in a short period of time as it did recently.

I thought that having my LEPTIN measured would bring me an explanation for the weight gain and/or increase appetite, such as a leptin-resistance which would explain the phenomena, but as you know my blood LEPTIN level came back normal. So I am in a quest of another explanation.

I have been observing, in the last few months, that after eating a lot of heavy cream, all sings of hunger disappear and this, for many, many hours. Heavy cream seems to answer all the aspects I need to reach a level of no hunger and feel satisfied of my meal. I like the fattiness of cream, the smooth texture, and cold cream is a real pleasure for me. Interestingly, fatty meat, even with extra butter, never seems to satisfy me totally… As I was intrigued, I decided to do an experiment.

So after considering the nutrition profile of heavy cream, I decided to go on a “heavy cream diet”. Of course, as I need to get enough protein, the best choice to go with the said cream was eggs. So here I am eating a diet of heavy cream and eggs. Nothing more, nothing less.

I am drinking since 2 days an homemade eggnog, two times a day, made up of 1 cup heavy cream + 3 small whole eggs. The end results covers my protein, fat and calorie needs with, of course, a few carbohydrates but so few, I do not think it may impact my metabolism in any way. On my calculations, 2 cups of heavy cream and 6 eggs per day bring in a total of 12 g of carbohydrates, more toward a Zero Carb diet then a VLCD and certainly much less then a any LC diet…

My total daily intake is 1,992 calories, which should create a theoretical slow weight loss, as my daily needs are probably around 2,300 calories per day.

My daily protein intake is 40 g proteins, which is probably the minimum I could go, even on a keto diet, and should spare my muscle mass.

My fat intake is around 200 g per day and brings in 90% of my energy needs. With this, I am sure to be a “fat burner” and be well into nutritional ketosis. As I have a blood ketone-measuring device at home, I look forward to do some readings in the coming days.

To summaries, my Carb/Protein/Fat ratio is 2:8:90, which is a ratio often recommended in many cases of uncontrolled epilepsy when patients decided to give a try to a ketogenic diet.  So, really and honestly, I have not invented anything new here.

Since I am only having cream and eggs, I decided to treat myself with organic grass-fed cream and organic cage-free eggs. Anyway, this diet is so cheap money-wise compare to meat and fish (or seafood…) that I thought I would give myself all the chances for success.

I have been doing this since 2 full days now and I feel quite find. I do not feel deprive in any way and I can be easily 8 hours without feeling any signs of hunger. I did measure my weight before beginning and again this morning and it has already gone down. So I will try to post my weight in the coming days if everything seems to go find AND if I can sustain this regiment.

My objective is double: loose the extra few pounds I have put on recently (8 pounds…) and maybe find a regiment I could do 1-2 days per week (or maybe 3-4 days per 2 weeks???) to keep myself at a normal weight.

I cannot wait to see what the next days will bring…!!!


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