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We continue today with our chronicle on "false beliefs" in nutrition that are deeply rooted in today's society and might be not as true as one my think. They are, as you will see, of great interest if you do any type of "modified carb diet"...!!!


I am always fascinated to see how a statement just likes this one, coming from nowhere and based on absolutely no science, becomes suddenly a “golden rule” that nobody dares to discuss.

No study has ever been done to support this saying. In the best conditions, questionnaires has demonstrated folks eating more fruits and vegetables do ALSO have better lifestyle, including no smoking, more exercise, fresher food items and better control of stress with the subsequent positive effects on their health.

Interestingly, some studies have demonstrated fruits and vegetables provide NO protection for diseases, including cancer, hearth or degenerative pathologies.

More interestingly, we know it was created by the marketing industry to push up sales of fruits and vegetables, which are cheap to produce, at least cheaper then the cost of farming meat, and bring in more revenues to the agri-business folks.

I even read recently some doctors had push up the recommendations to “8 portions of fruits and vegetables” per day… Again, just because “they think” it only can be good for patients, not asking themselves the consequences of eating huge amount of carbohydrates (including important quantities of fructose…) and the anti-nutrients they may contain (such as lectins) which are known to prevent absorption of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants…

Sadly, the general population bought the idea quite easily as, with the importance of obesity in today’s society, it seems so logical to eat “low calorie” food items… But this huge amount of fruits and vegetables do not decrease appetite instead, in the contrary, it just increases it. If it was so simple to eat 5-8 portions of these food items per day to solve the problem of obesity, I would not be here writing about this…


Fiber, fiber, fiber… how many things were written about fiber and their importance for good health.

We find on a regular basis recommendations of taking in 25-30 g of fibers per day in our diet, if not 45-50 g per day according to other “nutrition specialists”… And, again, there is no science to back this up. Do you have any idea of what may look a diet including 50 g of fibers per day? Just to give you an idea, one cup of shredded lettuce provides .5 g of fiber, which means someone, would have to eat 100 cups of lettuce per day to get the recommended 50 g per day… Of course, they could argue there are more concentrated sources of fiber such as in apples: one apple contains 2.5 g of fiber which means you would have to take in 20 apples per day with the insane quantity of fructose it would include. Then, of course, they could underline things like “linseeds” or even “chickpeas” do contain a lot of fiber. But did you know these 2 food items do contain a lot of pseudo-estrogens”, just as “soy products” does, with serious health concerns like “hormonal dysregulation” or even “cancer stimulating agents”? And were you aware the FDA do not recommend eating more then 2 tablespoons linseeds per day because of this?

My other big concern here is the effects of such amount of fibers on the lining of our digestive track: with years, it do cause some damages, sort of “scratching” of the bowel walls, which then will develop some “scars” with the consequences of causing diminish nutrient absorption. So many “specialists” do affirm it is normal with aging that nutrients are less absorbed. I do not agree with them as “aging is not a disease”; aging is caused be “exterior stressing elements to the body” and a good example is… fiber!

If nature wanted us to eat these kinds of amount of fiber, it would have provided us with more then one stomach, just like cows. I do agree humans have the possibility to digest “some” fiber when there is nothing else to eat, but this is only for survival purposes…

Personally, I NEVER read someone on a “Zero Carb – Zero Gram fiber” diet ever had a constipation problem. It is the contrary: bowel movement is regular and painless on Zero Carb, just the way it should be.

But I have seen a lot of reported constipation on “low-carb diets” where folks do eat “some” fiber (but probably not enough…), which tends more to constipate them then anything else. As I like to say, probably most of LC diets do recommend some high fiber-low carb vegetables just to be “politically correct”…


Supplements is a “big subject’ for those on any weight loss diet just as it is a “big business” and represent every big return for companies producing them… More exactly, we are talking here about 23 billions dollars profits… only in the US market… last year!

How many times have we heard everyone should take a “good daily multi-vitamin supplements” (whatever “good” means…) because, nowadays, our food items are empty of vital nutrients secondary to intense farming? Adding to this the marketing folks trying to push on us attracting vitamins like bright “Flickstones Vitamins”, not omitting “Disney’s gummies Children’s Multi-vitamins” to “+50 well-balanced Vitamins” to “Women’s vitamins” and “High-end vitamins”, it seems there is no end to what will be spend to convince us we NEED daily supplements.

Sadly, the general population is ALREADY taking supplements without really being fully aware of it: milk and most dairy products contain added vitamin A and D, often calcium. White flour is “enriched” with B vitamins, which are taken out by refining them. Folic acid is added to bread as well as in commercial rice. Cereals are enriched, again with with B vitamins, plus iron. Orange juice, aside containing added calcium, is supplemented with vitamin C because in the processing of the juice, this vitamin is “burn out”. Table salt has added iodine. Tap water contains added fluoride… the list is long… And do take note these added micronutrients are very often synthetic in origin… meaning they are produced artificially in large chemical factories.

What makes me really sad is when nutritionists want to recommend, for example, a good source of iron, they will suggest eating “cereals”… because cereals do contain “added iron”… I think this is insane and criminal. When they would be easily recommending eating red meat, which contains good amount of iron and is easily absorbed, differently from “plant sources” of iron. Vegetarians have iron needs 2-3 times higher then meat eaters because “their iron sources” are less efficiently absorbed…

Finally, and not the less, many recent and well-done studies have demonstrated vitamins supplements are dangerous for human health: it seems there is an increase of risk for cancer after taking vitamins for some time. Some well-known pharmaceutical companies, after observing this effect with some studies, smartly decided to “get out of vitamins” and sold their production units to less fearful individuals…

Supplements may find a place to “rapidly compensate” for a deficiency of one specific nutrient, but that’s it. And this should be only a temporary solution as eating the proper food items is probably the only secure and long-term way to get our required nutrients and assure us the maximum changes of good health.


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