Thursday, August 28, 2014


If there is one subject interesting me on a Zero Carb eating plan is the effect on our body of the FAT to PROTEIN ratio of a meal.

I say “effect” as, with my own experience, some meals seems to be more or less satisfying, the only difference I can see being if I added more or less fat to the said meal…

Of course, many on Zero Carb would immediately react and say “Just eat your fatty meat and do not worry”. I would like to agree except… except that if a meal do not seem to satisfy me, meaning I am hungry mid-day or in the evening, I think I am justify to look into the causes.

A simple answer would be to add as much fat as needed to satisfy my appetite but each time I did this, I saw my weight slowly go up on a steady base…

So here I am asking if I should have some rules about an “adequate fat/protein ratio” that I could stick to so my appetite is under control between meals and my weight is stable.

The best example offering a lot of variation in appetite and weight control is with eggs. I adore eggs and have them everyday. But most of the time, if I eat them with no added fat, I soon find myself hungrier then before. I tried many combinations: I tried to cut down on the number of eggs eaten in a meal and added more fat but the results were my weight went up very fast. I tried eating more eggs at one seating with no added fat but I felt nauseated and sort of hungry. Then I tried to eat a normal portion of egg with a small portion of butter and this seems to help. But the results are not always the same…

So let’s look at percentage.

I remember trying to go 90% fat / 10 % protein. Sincerely, this is sort of unsustainable. The reason being the portion “with protein” gets so small because most of my daily energy intake came from the fat, that I felt “hungry between meal” and sort of a “general body malaise”.

I then tried to go 80% fat / 20 % protein. This was absolutely sustainable and satisfying but not very efficient to loose extra pounds.

Finally, I went 70 % fat / 30 % protein and then got some results. But it was not that easy. I was still sort of hungry between meals but I could tolerate this kind of hunger. Sometimes, a simple glass of water would fix this; at other moment, a little extra butter to top up a meal was also a good solution. But this required a lot of attention and focus from myself.

The answer to all this?

Well if you do Zero Carb and really want to loose weight fast, the 70/30 is probably a good choice until you are happy with your weight. Then, to maintain the said weight, the 80/20 ratio is certainly the way to go. Finally, I think that anything over 80% fat may become at risk. Of course, this is, obviously, very personal because it depends on your metabolism and energy expenditure.

My next experiment will probably to go an a “all egg” diet for a few days (including some amount of added butter).


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

WHY NEVER HAVE AN "OGTT" (oral glucose tolerance test) DONE WHILE ON ZERO CARB

We already know doing Zero Carb may be sometimes socially difficult, why add more problems?

What I will talk about is not well known by ‘common medical doctors” but any practitioner with common sense and some knowledge of nutrition will be able to understand the principle behind the point I want to make here.

I would say that in the last 5 years, I have read many times on different website supported by renowned LC doctors, that there is 2 lab reports that may come up with abnormal readings and create great confusion for anyone doing a reduced carb diet. Luckily, we know any LC eating plan will improve seriously a lot of blood tests including lowering triglycerides, normalizing cholesterol profile, getting glycated hemoglobin in normal range, not forgetting good (low) blood insulin level, low leptin levels and, of course, good blood sugar readings.


Except that we have seen some folks on LC getting light abnormality on their morning fasting blood sugar results and also bad results on an OGTT (oral glucose tolerance test) test.

The OGTT is usually done to identify a possible “carbohydrate metabolism defect” or, as doctors call it, any sign of ‘insulin resistance”. I do not like the words “insulin resistance” because so many think this leads to diabetes type 2-B. But, as you will see, “insulin resistance” is not always a bad thing; it is often a “switch” to move from burning glucose to burning fat and should be called “physiologic insulin resistance”

The OGTT test is often ordered when someone has a “little increase” of his fasting blood, not enough to diagnose a full-bloomed diabetes, but to identify those in the pre-diabetes phase. I will not give “normal numbers” because different countries have different “measuring systems” and very different “references”. And as we have a very international audience on this blog, I do not want to create confusion. But just to say, numbers to be “considered diabetic” in the USA are absolutely not the same as in Europe…

So when a doctor order an OGTT test, the patient will get an appointment in the morning while fasting and be given an oral dose of liquid glucose. Then, usually, blood samples will be done every 30 minutes for 3 hours to see how the body of the said patient will react to a fix dose of glucose. Sometimes, some lab will go up to 5 hours of testing.

Someone having problems metabolizing carbohydrate should have high numbers, as the pancreas will not produce enough insulin to clear up the blood of excess glucose by “moving it” into all the cells of the body with insulin receptors.

Sometimes, some folks will show a sign of hypoglycemia while doing the test, which means they are in the phase of “hyperinsulinism”, the basic pathology that will lead eventually to “pathologic insulin resistance” and diabetes 2B.

So what will happen to anyone doing a LC, an especially a Zero Carb diet, while doing an OGTT test?

Well two things may happen but to understand them, one must first get some specific knowledge.

When doing a LC diet, which normally means doing a high fat diet, the body will adapt to burning fat for energy. As there will be minimal circulating glucose, the body will do everything possible to preserve it for the few cells that only work on glucose (red blood cells) and it will do this by “closing up” the cells receptors to insulin, which should, as I already said, called “physiologic insulin resistance”.

This is why, on a LC diet, when fasting during the night, gluconeogenesis becomes an important process to provide the said glucose AND it is not rare to see SLIGHTY elevated FASTING blood glucose in the morning for folks on such diets.

All this being said, the “slightly elevated fasting glucose” is absolutely normal on LC diet and should never be considered as significant.

So what can you do if “trapped” in doing a OGTT?

First, after doing everything you can to explain you cannot do the test because you are on a “high fat low carb diet”, the way out is to “reactivate” the insulin receptors on your body cells. To do this, you must, sadly, get back into eating carbohydrates for at least 3 days, nothing less.

And why do I am passing this information? Because, and I repeat it, it may happen that folks on any modified carb diet get a “slightly elevated” fasting blood glucose and doctors will automatically think “pre-diabetes”….

Of course, instead of a OGTT, you can also ask your doctor to do a “glycated hemoglobin” which will show that your overall blood sugar was absolutely normal in the last 2 months (which is usually the outcome on LC diet).

Another reliable test is to simply measure your blood sugar 1 or 2 hours after any LC meals (if you follow a serious LC diet since at least 3 months). This will prove your body can metabolize any carbohydrate or excess protein that may be turned into glucose.

Of course, I cannot finish without talking about the effect of “excess protein” on blood sugar. Studies have documented between 50 to 60% of proteins can be turned into glucose after a meal, “IF NEEDED” or “IF PROTEIN ARE EATEN IN EXCESS”. So this is why, on Zero Carb, we should look into eating an adequate quantity of protein AND PROBABLY A LITTLE MORE, as we will transform some of it into glucose to answer our needs.

But the problem here is to decide what is an “adequate” quantity. There are some rules such as “1 g per kilo weight per day” but this is good for a “carby” diet and if you are a moderately or a very active person, you will need much more because you will burn very fast any glucose your body will make up from protein.

The best way to know is still to measure your blood sugar after meals and see how your body deals with any excess meat protein. But, and I repeat myself again, do not rely on morning fasting glucose measurements because “gluconeogenis after a meal” is controlled by a totally different process from “gluconeogenesis after a night of fasting”.


Monday, August 18, 2014

8/18/2014 -Weekly Update - Experiment in Progress

Greetings Family and Friends,

First of all I want to say that I am anticipating the new subjects that Denis will be reporting on in the near future. I always enjoy the information he puts out and appreciate it very much.

Alrighty about my so called experiment? It's all good in the hood!!! I Tell You What: Ground Chuck or any ground Meat is oh so easy to play with, OK I don't mean really to play with what I mean is to work with as far as cooking is concerned. Almost like eggs.

So, yes I am in Burger Bliss as I predicted and yes you can say that you heard it here and be popular with your friends and be the talk of the town at the water cooler. Was that cool or what? What's in those burgers Dave? Who said that??? 

I want to make a variety of things like Grilled Burgers, Meatloaf, Meatballs, Seasoned Crumbled Ground Chuck and well I don't what else at the moment, but this is a good if not GREAT start. Currently I am eating Pan Fried Burgers. Hold about Burgers on a Stick??? It would be great at the fairs.....right.......well you can say that you heard hear first and you to can be.......... not that again???

OK, I will behave.............or will I??? Yes, yes I will. I promise. OK back to the post thank you very much. Look-it: Being on this all Burger Diet has it benefits. Yes, benefits. How so? How INDEED!!!

One big benefit is that I can get a reasonably priced meal if I end up staying out of the house longer than anticipated. I don't know where y'all (you guys) live, but around here I can get a cook Ground Beef Patty 24 hours a day 7 days a week. It may not be the best in the world, but it will do in a pinch. I like to add a little mayo because most of those Burgers are a little dry. So there you go: I am in Burger Bliss!!!

Have a Healthy Day my Family and Friends. Keep the Faith and Always Battle On!!!

(ZC)er my next DIET



Sunday, August 17, 2014


I will soon do some posting on 3 subjects of interest for anyone on Zero Carb:

- Why someone on Zero Carb should never get an OGTT (oral glucose tolerance test) done.

- What dopamine has to do with the success of Zero Carb.

- The perfect ratio of FAT TO PROTEIN on Zero Carb.

Stay Tune!!!


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

8/12/2014 - Weekly Update - My Next Experiment

Greetings all,

What a wonderful time to be a Zero Carber (ZC)er!!! Why you may ask......or not? OK, so no one is asking or are they???

Alrighty then..... Yes, an experiment is on it's way. Stating tomorrow I will eat only Ground Chuck or Ground Beef depending on what kind of deal I can get at the grocery store. I will even grind it up myself if I get a good deal on a Beef Brisket or some kind of Beef Roast.

Why am I doing this? Why not? Don't just love it when someone answers a question with a question? Was that a question too? Oops I did it again. HA! Hey I just want to try, that's it. AAAANNNNDDDD because in my little opinion it is one of the easiest forms of Protein out there. I mean you can get cooked Ground Beef (GB) just about anywhere anytime......just about.

Yes,  I am considering doing an all Rib eye experiment, but funds do not allow it at this time.   So what did Dave score today at his local Kroger???? Well first of all I have noticed that the price of all Beef is going through the roof. Yes even in cattle country (Texas). How sad indeed!!!

OK, back to the saga......I mean story: while at Kroger I noticed that the 5 lb tube (no red slime please) has went up quite a bit since I bought on last. It was going for forgot the regular price. Jeez!!! OK hold on a second while I drive back to the store and get the price...........yeah right! So, OK I think it was like $16.75 or so for the 5 lb tube thingy. I was a little dismayed........but, I scored a decent (for now-a-days) find. 5 tubes  were marked down. YES, YES, YEAS  and YES. I was in Burger Bliss!!!!!! OK, calm down buddy....everything is going to be alright. Who said that???

Did I get off the subject again........I hate when I do that or do I? Jeez, get on with the story man!!! OK, y'all I promise not to ask: "Who said that?" although I would really like to know. Back to the tale of tales, the mysteries of mysteries the... It was marked down for $11.25 for the 5 lbs. Jeez all that bologna (baloney) for that???

Anyway thank goodness for markdowns. Hey it is a way of life for me. There is always, almost always something marked down that I like. The other day I scored Thick Cut oh so MEATY Bacon that went for normally $10.99 for a 24 ounce package marked down 50%. I wiped out  the entire case of I think 10 or so packages. I tend to scarf up the entire case if I think it's a good deal. Thank God for freezers. Yes indeed!!!

Have a Healthy Day my Family and Friends. Keep the Faith and Always Battle On!!!

(ZC)er The Grind



Wednesday, August 6, 2014

8/6/2014 - Weekly Update - The Egg and I

Greetings Family and Friends!

I am sorry for the late posting on my weekly update. OK, so I am sure you noticed the title of this posting. "The Egg and I" Wow, is that a new Broadway hit? Is it the name of a new Best selling novel? Is it...OK I give up. What the heck is it??? Alrighty then, remember in my last post I said I was experimenting? I take it from the silence that it means YES. All those who don't agree shout out "NAY"........ Well no peeps so we all can agree. Hey I can get used to this. HA! Wait a darn minuet....... I am getting a vision. Yes, I see a couple of guys wearing white jackets and pants chasing me with a giant butterfly net...........YIKES!!! That's not a vision, it's a nightmare!!!!

Sorry for being silly, but what can I say?  Alright then, back to the "Experiment" for the past four weeks I have been eating primarily eggs, eggs and did I mention eggs??? I prepared them many many ways, but the majority of the time I ate them in the form of an Omelet or boiled.  So you may be thinking "Omelets have all kinds of fillings". Yes they do....... in my case I only used I slice of cheese. OK sometimes two slices of cheese and that was it. I would boil a dozen eggs at a time and they came in oh so handy. I used them for a quick meal "ass is" or I mashed them up and mixed in some mayo and dill weed for a tasty meal. I even got a little creative and made deviled eggs once in awhile.

I Tell You What: going long term on EGGS was not a bad deal. I believe that it is a well balanced food sourced that is very (ZC) friendly. I am off of them as a sole source as of the past weekend, but I would have no trouble repeating it again. It was not a burden to me what-so-ever. Now I am more aware to keep a nice stash of boiled Eggs on hand to make sure that I have a quick and easy food source.

I really enjoyed this little experiment and would not hesitate to do it again or with another form of Protein. So don't be shy and try it for yourself. You will be amazed on how easy it is and how creative you can get.

Have a Healthy Day my Family and Friends. Keep the Faith and Always Battle On!!!

(ZC)er The Yolks on US



Friday, August 1, 2014


It is traditionally well known being overweight may have negative effects on human health, from increasing incidence of diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure and hearth problems, to an increase risk of dementia and cancer.

But interestingly, in the last decade, we have seen reports in medical literature that being overweight may not be as bad as we thought. For example, we already know 20 % of obese folks (more then 20% of their normal weight) enjoy good health contrarily to what we initially thought. More recently, new studies have even suggested that being overweight may actually protect one’s health; which brings in a theory known as the “obesity paradox”.

In the case of one specific study, it was demonstrated being overweight or obese actually does protect against the occurrence of cardiovascular events!!!

Even more interesting, according to a meta-study of 36 studies that looked into the evolution of patients with coronary artery diseases, it was discovered patients with a LOW BMI had an increase risk of hearth attack and cardiovascular mortality, up to 1.8 to 2.7 times the folks with a normal BMI...

But where this review comes in with an amazing discovery is when they observed patients with the LOWEST cardiovascular mortality were those who were OVERWEIGHT: the ones with a BMI between 25-30. But, and read this carefully, patients who were obese (with a BMI of 30-35), had a 27% lower risk of all-cause mortality compare to those with a normal BMI.

One possible explanation is the obese and overweight patient’s population has higher metabolic reserve (more energy reserve…), which might act as protective in the case of hearth problems. Another explanation is, and it is not the least, the “genetic predisposition” for cardiac disease cannot be modified in underweight folks, at least as much as it can in overweight individuals!!!

Another study showed BODY COMPOSITION (fat and lean mass) plays a critical role in the “obesity paradox”. In this case, HIGHER BMI correlated positively with lower mortality. The researchers were especially under shock with these discoveries when they realized they corrolated nicely with ALL epidemiologic data.

So what does a Zero Carb diet has to do with all this?

Well, even if the word “diet” is usually related to “losing weight”, we now have a bunch of evidence showing someone with NO weight problem could decide to follow a modified carbohydrate diet and gain a lot of health benefits… without loosing any weight if he wants…

The big confusion, nowadays, about the Metabolic Syndrome is many people think you have to be obese to suffer from it. Wrong, very wrong. There is a big group of sufferers out there, especially in the “high blood pressure normal-weight” population, which presents a Metabolic Syndrome without knowing it. The problem being they cannot understand why they should diet, especially do a LC diet, even if you explain the said carbs is the basis of their problem. And if they do not have a diabetes problem, it is merely impossible to convince them to stop eating their beloved carbs…

But what comes up interesting for us on Zero Carb about all this, is the following: if being overweight protects from major health problems, what happen if you are on a restricted carb diet AND overweight at the same time?

Well the following evidence may answer this question and comes from a serious and recent publication about VLCD. To make things clear, in this study, they defined a VLCD diet as comprised of 20-50 g carbohydrate/day AND of blood ketones bodies over 0.5 mM, which brings in the new appellation of VLCKD (very low carb ketogenic diet). But because of individual carb tolerance (capacity to metabolize carb), this definition may vary, which, as we know by experience, brought some folks to a Zero Carb diet to get some results. So, obviously here, the conclusions of this study on VLCKD can by used for anyone on a ZC diet.

So after a lot of “blablabla” about modified-carb diets that anyone reading here on a regular basis knows, these scientists showed how there is a direct correlation between carbohydrate intake and diabetes while there is NO CORELATION with fat intake and diabetes.

It is the repeated cycles of fat accumulation in the liver (hepatic steatosis) and IN THE PANCREAS, produced from unmetabolized excess carbohydrates in the diet that is responsible for the development of diabetes. Fat in a diet, and even “excess” fat in a diet (when limiting carb) do not cause diabetes. As they say so well in this case and is demonstarted by their conclusions, “the lack of association is generally considered strong evidence for a lack of causality”.

THEN comes the “big hit” of the study: “BENEFITS OF DIETARY CARBOHYDRATE RESTRICTION DO NOT REQUIRE WEIGHT LOSS.” Even if, in today’s “general and accepted medical knowledge”, it is understood that weight loss (by any means) do improve the symptoms of type 2 diabetes, we must also accept, on the counterpart, the idea “many diabetes are not overweight and many obese do not have diabetes”.

Several and recent lines of investigation supports the idea weight loss IS NOT required for improvement of glycemic control. Well-designed experiments have demonstrated IMPROVEMENTS in glycemic control (and lipid control) where patients were maintained at constant weight. The MOST EFFECTIVE experiment to control blood sugar was done when carbohydrates were limited to 20 g/day AND THESE SCIENTISTS BELIEVE STILL LOWER LIMITATION MUST HAVE BEEN MORE EFFECTIVE.

I hope you understand we are dealing here with SEARCHES stating that going lower then 20 g carb/day is even MORE EFFECTIVE. If this cannot relate to a Zero Carb diet, I don’t know what will…

Interestingly, they also underlined there is NO better glycemic control with a LC diet + NO weight loss, THEN with a LC diet AND weight loss. As they say: “Given the difficulties that most people have losing weight, this factor alone provides an obvious advantage to low-carbohydrate diets!!!

Amusingly, they also state that if weight loss is not required for benefits, no dietary intervention is better than carbohydrate restriction for weight loss, as they usually have the clear benefit of no need for restricting food intake, as on low-fat diet. Anyway, adherence to LC diets is significantly better then on any other diet and, as you all know by experience, SUSTAINABILITY on any diet is the key to success.

So it seems one can be on a Zero Carb diet, have excess weight, and still enjoy excellent control of risk factors for many diseases. This is supported by studies showing it is the control of the blood sugar and lipid profile (especially triglycerides and less cholesterol...) that correlates with lower vascular damage.

Finally, we know that trying to control blood glucose by adding insulin has the side effect of weigh gain (as insulin is anabolic) and, when compared to the effect of restricting carbohydrates, it is also LESS effective.

How can someone accept the daily hassle of injecting himself insulin while he can simply limit his carbohydrate intake??? Especially when he knows that insulin will cause weight gain while LC will help him normalize his weight… Anyway, insulin and pills to control diabetes have side effects and health risks while limiting carb is simple, natural, cheap and… healthy!

So if someone of you on Zero Carb cannot reach his “desired weight”, don’t be sad about it. 

Maybe you are in better health then anyone on Zero Carb at a desirable weight???!!!


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