Tuesday, August 12, 2014

8/12/2014 - Weekly Update - My Next Experiment

Greetings all,

What a wonderful time to be a Zero Carber (ZC)er!!! Why you may ask......or not? OK, so no one is asking or are they???

Alrighty then..... Yes, an experiment is on it's way. Stating tomorrow I will eat only Ground Chuck or Ground Beef depending on what kind of deal I can get at the grocery store. I will even grind it up myself if I get a good deal on a Beef Brisket or some kind of Beef Roast.

Why am I doing this? Why not? Don't just love it when someone answers a question with a question? Was that a question too? Oops I did it again. HA! Hey I just want to try, that's it. AAAANNNNDDDD because in my little opinion it is one of the easiest forms of Protein out there. I mean you can get cooked Ground Beef (GB) just about anywhere anytime......just about.

Yes,  I am considering doing an all Rib eye experiment, but funds do not allow it at this time.   So what did Dave score today at his local Kroger???? Well first of all I have noticed that the price of all Beef is going through the roof. Yes even in cattle country (Texas). How sad indeed!!!

OK, back to the saga......I mean story: while at Kroger I noticed that the 5 lb tube (no red slime please) has went up quite a bit since I bought on last. It was going for like....like.....uumm...I forgot the regular price. Jeez!!! OK hold on a second while I drive back to the store and get the price...........yeah right! So, OK I think it was like $16.75 or so for the 5 lb tube thingy. I was a little dismayed........but, I scored a decent (for now-a-days) find. 5 tubes  were marked down. YES, YES, YEAS  and YES. I was in Burger Bliss!!!!!! OK, calm down buddy....everything is going to be alright. Who said that???

Did I get off the subject again........I hate when I do that or do I? Jeez, get on with the story man!!! OK, y'all I promise not to ask: "Who said that?" although I would really like to know. Back to the tale of tales, the mysteries of mysteries the... It was marked down for $11.25 for the 5 lbs. Jeez all that bologna (baloney) for that???

Anyway thank goodness for markdowns. Hey it is a way of life for me. There is always, almost always something marked down that I like. The other day I scored Thick Cut oh so MEATY Bacon that went for normally $10.99 for a 24 ounce package marked down 50%. I wiped out  the entire case of I think 10 or so packages. I tend to scarf up the entire case if I think it's a good deal. Thank God for freezers. Yes indeed!!!

Have a Healthy Day my Family and Friends. Keep the Faith and Always Battle On!!!

(ZC)er The Grind



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