Monday, August 18, 2014

8/18/2014 -Weekly Update - Experiment in Progress

Greetings Family and Friends,

First of all I want to say that I am anticipating the new subjects that Denis will be reporting on in the near future. I always enjoy the information he puts out and appreciate it very much.

Alrighty about my so called experiment? It's all good in the hood!!! I Tell You What: Ground Chuck or any ground Meat is oh so easy to play with, OK I don't mean really to play with what I mean is to work with as far as cooking is concerned. Almost like eggs.

So, yes I am in Burger Bliss as I predicted and yes you can say that you heard it here and be popular with your friends and be the talk of the town at the water cooler. Was that cool or what? What's in those burgers Dave? Who said that??? 

I want to make a variety of things like Grilled Burgers, Meatloaf, Meatballs, Seasoned Crumbled Ground Chuck and well I don't what else at the moment, but this is a good if not GREAT start. Currently I am eating Pan Fried Burgers. Hold about Burgers on a Stick??? It would be great at the fairs.....right.......well you can say that you heard hear first and you to can be.......... not that again???

OK, I will behave.............or will I??? Yes, yes I will. I promise. OK back to the post thank you very much. Look-it: Being on this all Burger Diet has it benefits. Yes, benefits. How so? How INDEED!!!

One big benefit is that I can get a reasonably priced meal if I end up staying out of the house longer than anticipated. I don't know where y'all (you guys) live, but around here I can get a cook Ground Beef Patty 24 hours a day 7 days a week. It may not be the best in the world, but it will do in a pinch. I like to add a little mayo because most of those Burgers are a little dry. So there you go: I am in Burger Bliss!!!

Have a Healthy Day my Family and Friends. Keep the Faith and Always Battle On!!!

(ZC)er my next DIET



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