Wednesday, August 6, 2014

8/6/2014 - Weekly Update - The Egg and I

Greetings Family and Friends!

I am sorry for the late posting on my weekly update. OK, so I am sure you noticed the title of this posting. "The Egg and I" Wow, is that a new Broadway hit? Is it the name of a new Best selling novel? Is it...OK I give up. What the heck is it??? Alrighty then, remember in my last post I said I was experimenting? I take it from the silence that it means YES. All those who don't agree shout out "NAY"........ Well no peeps so we all can agree. Hey I can get used to this. HA! Wait a darn minuet....... I am getting a vision. Yes, I see a couple of guys wearing white jackets and pants chasing me with a giant butterfly net...........YIKES!!! That's not a vision, it's a nightmare!!!!

Sorry for being silly, but what can I say?  Alright then, back to the "Experiment" for the past four weeks I have been eating primarily eggs, eggs and did I mention eggs??? I prepared them many many ways, but the majority of the time I ate them in the form of an Omelet or boiled.  So you may be thinking "Omelets have all kinds of fillings". Yes they do....... in my case I only used I slice of cheese. OK sometimes two slices of cheese and that was it. I would boil a dozen eggs at a time and they came in oh so handy. I used them for a quick meal "ass is" or I mashed them up and mixed in some mayo and dill weed for a tasty meal. I even got a little creative and made deviled eggs once in awhile.

I Tell You What: going long term on EGGS was not a bad deal. I believe that it is a well balanced food sourced that is very (ZC) friendly. I am off of them as a sole source as of the past weekend, but I would have no trouble repeating it again. It was not a burden to me what-so-ever. Now I am more aware to keep a nice stash of boiled Eggs on hand to make sure that I have a quick and easy food source.

I really enjoyed this little experiment and would not hesitate to do it again or with another form of Protein. So don't be shy and try it for yourself. You will be amazed on how easy it is and how creative you can get.

Have a Healthy Day my Family and Friends. Keep the Faith and Always Battle On!!!

(ZC)er The Yolks on US




  1. Dave, being your cyber mom we must share some cyber DNA. I have been doing eggs also. Easy, cheap and tasty. Also as added bonus some weight loss. I've been doing eggs, cream cheese, cheese and butter + bulletproof coffee

    1. Howdy Cyber Mom, cream cheese and egg sound oh so good. Gotta try it. Yes. lets not forget the bulletproof coffee too. I love eggs and they are so easy to make all kind of things. Tell Bob howdy for me. Keep the Faith and Always Battle On!!!

      (ZC)er Obey your Mom





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