Thursday, August 28, 2014


If there is one subject interesting me on a Zero Carb eating plan is the effect on our body of the FAT to PROTEIN ratio of a meal.

I say “effect” as, with my own experience, some meals seems to be more or less satisfying, the only difference I can see being if I added more or less fat to the said meal…

Of course, many on Zero Carb would immediately react and say “Just eat your fatty meat and do not worry”. I would like to agree except… except that if a meal do not seem to satisfy me, meaning I am hungry mid-day or in the evening, I think I am justify to look into the causes.

A simple answer would be to add as much fat as needed to satisfy my appetite but each time I did this, I saw my weight slowly go up on a steady base…

So here I am asking if I should have some rules about an “adequate fat/protein ratio” that I could stick to so my appetite is under control between meals and my weight is stable.

The best example offering a lot of variation in appetite and weight control is with eggs. I adore eggs and have them everyday. But most of the time, if I eat them with no added fat, I soon find myself hungrier then before. I tried many combinations: I tried to cut down on the number of eggs eaten in a meal and added more fat but the results were my weight went up very fast. I tried eating more eggs at one seating with no added fat but I felt nauseated and sort of hungry. Then I tried to eat a normal portion of egg with a small portion of butter and this seems to help. But the results are not always the same…

So let’s look at percentage.

I remember trying to go 90% fat / 10 % protein. Sincerely, this is sort of unsustainable. The reason being the portion “with protein” gets so small because most of my daily energy intake came from the fat, that I felt “hungry between meal” and sort of a “general body malaise”.

I then tried to go 80% fat / 20 % protein. This was absolutely sustainable and satisfying but not very efficient to loose extra pounds.

Finally, I went 70 % fat / 30 % protein and then got some results. But it was not that easy. I was still sort of hungry between meals but I could tolerate this kind of hunger. Sometimes, a simple glass of water would fix this; at other moment, a little extra butter to top up a meal was also a good solution. But this required a lot of attention and focus from myself.

The answer to all this?

Well if you do Zero Carb and really want to loose weight fast, the 70/30 is probably a good choice until you are happy with your weight. Then, to maintain the said weight, the 80/20 ratio is certainly the way to go. Finally, I think that anything over 80% fat may become at risk. Of course, this is, obviously, very personal because it depends on your metabolism and energy expenditure.

My next experiment will probably to go an a “all egg” diet for a few days (including some amount of added butter).



  1. Lots of good if not GREAT information my Friend!!! A 70/30 sounds good to me. I think for a (ZC)er accepting FAT is the key to success. Some folks out there are so caught up in low fat it make me sick. If you have time could you provide some examples of 70/30 ratios way of eating.

    Eggs are the best. I just recently got off of eating eggs as my main source of food and it was GREAT. You should not have any problems with that at all and I expect that your feedback on your result will be good. Keep rocking and rolling my dear Friend!! Fight the Good Fight and Always Battle On!!!



  2. Eggs by themselves leave me hungry also, even eating only raw egg yolks which are 75% fat. I have to eat butter or drink cream with them in order to feel satisfied. Then my calorie intake is more than should be necessary. All in all, I do not find eggs to be an especial good choice for me. I feel much more satisfied eat a ribeye steak with some butter. I suspect that it has something to do with the amino acid profile or some other nutrient present in red meat.



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