Sunday, November 9, 2014


I will soon celebrate my 5th year on a Zero Carb diet and this made me sit down and begin thinking about this “adventure” in today’s “wild world of nutrition”.

Honestly, I think there is no way I could go back to eating a “regular diet”, even eating any other kind of diet… Zero Carb is now a way of life for me, a “lifestyle” if I may say, and it has brought in so much good things, I cannot not see any reason do go on another way of eating.

Clearly, avoiding eating any plant material for so long did not kill me even if I hadmany friends asking me with years: “Where will you take your vitamins?”. This is probably the best example of pure ignorance about “nutrient sources” and “nutrient absorption and metabolism”…

I do not suffer from any vitamin deficiencies, certainly no protein deficiencies, nor mineral, and my regular health check-ups are always coming back normal, including an “Heart Coronaries CT SCAN” that came back entirely normal last year. This all while I am eating an 80-85 % fat diet… mostly saturated… along with good quality proteins… and not even the “shade of a green vegetables”…!!!

I used to be overweight and a pre-diabetic. This is a now things of the past that I do not worry about. My mental skills still seem in good shape, I never got depressed while doing this diet just as I never felt deprived.
A one point, my weight went down probably too low, so low that I looked sick, but having regain some of it, I will not complain about my actual weight situation.

Of course, along the way, I had to do some minor adjustments to this Zero Carb diet because I also suffer from the “Restless Leg Syndrome” and the “Night Eating Syndrome”. I was always convinced these two last problems could get under control with a certain food regiment so I never stopped looking making the necessary changes to achieve 100% cure. And all this happened while doing a Zero Carb diet…

Of course, socially, I felt some pressure from time to time because of this particular way of eating but probably the “health gain” I got was so huge, it helped to overcome any form of distress. For example, this morning again, in a small but charming dinner where I like to go because I can have simply prepared eggs and butter, a new young and overweight waitress looked at me like if I was the brother of “ET” and could not resist asking: “And you are not having anything else with this?”.

I was reading yesterday a study showing 80 % of “long-term vegetarians” develop a vitamin B 12 deficiency. This is serious matter; very serious.  I have nothing against vegetarians and I do serve them “vegetarian dishes” when they are a guest in my house… as much as I avoid discussing nutrition with them. Too much stress for nothing and, in my experience, a pure lost of time…

We have now enough science to back up a Zero Carb diet and enough experience to recommend it. Animal products are the best source of balanced nutrients for the human being as it contains everything we need for perfect health; adding plant material in our diet is just a way to diminish the absorption of the said nutrient , just as it is a way to get our body to leach out a bunch of it.

Some folks are ready to make changes in there life and I guess I was ready for Zero Carb when I first began.  Of course, as many of you, I did not come to Zero Carb straight from a “regular diet”. We all when through a LC diet, then probably a VLCD, to discover this was not enough for us. Carbohydrate metabolism, even in small quantities, can be an obstacle to regain health as we all have different capacities to metabolize them; just as we all have different levels of addiction to them.

I think choosing the Zero Carb path to good health is just a question of personal choice. Just like deciding to stop smoking or drinking… Up to now, there is no law that prescribe one or another thing so, at least, we can enjoy a little bit of freedom of choice… for what is left of freedom in today’s world.

Anyway, my goal is not to live old: this should be a personal objective according to every individual vision of life. My goal is to feel great NOW and not to make a choice that MAYBE will make me feel great when I will get older… even if it seems this is what is happening to me!!!


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