Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Have you heard about this SUPER-FIT man (THE BBQ GUY) that drunk 10 cans of COCA-COLA per DAY for 10 months?

He was consuming 900 extra calories per with a total of 250 g sugar per day. Not surprising he put on 23 pounds of BODY WEIGHT over 30 days AND most of it was BODY FAT (65% increase!!!).

Interestingly 900 extra calories per day gives at the end of the month 27,000 extra calories. But if you consider 1 pound represents 3,600 calories, he should have put on only 7.5 pounds but, no, he did put on 3 TIMES MORE…

Which means he had excessively high blood insulin level which causing him to store every calories he was eating, from sugar to fat. So good for the “calorie in-calorie-out” theory…

His blood pressure went up which fits beautifully with a Metabolic Syndrome THAT HE PROBABLY CREATED with his experiment. 

Because science tells us if someone eats 50 g fructose per day (he was having 125 g per day…) after one month, he will develop, want it or not, a Metabolic Syndrome WHICH IS A PERMANENT DAMAGE TO HIS METABOLISM. I don’t know if he was aware of this but I wish him good luck…

Anyway, I am telling you all this because now, to loose all the extra weight he gained, he is dieting. And he is not doing any diet: a Zero Carb diet!!!!!!!!

And as he says so well: “It seems to be working”.

What surprises me he has a book to sell: “THE BBQ DIET”… and, very interestingly, it is a LC diet but certainly not the Zero Carb diet he is actually doing to loose the weight he did put on with is COCA-COLA experiment…

I don’t get the logic here…


Thursday, December 11, 2014


If you are reading this, there are many chances you are convinced cutting on carbohydrates in your diet have positive outcomes on your health and overhaul life. 

Maybe you are just doing a VLCD and preferably, we hope, a Zero Carb diet, but the end point is your are sure, by your own experience and results, limiting carbohydrates is the perfect way to feel well in your body.

But at the same time, you are also probably reading a lot of stuff on different websites and you have observed, just like me, that it seems our dearest Zero Carb diet to work perfectly may, in fact, need to be much MORE then just cutting back on carbohydrate…

Let me explain.

First, let’s consider the LC approach. As you may have noticed, many of the great “LC gurus” are now changing the appellation of their LC approaches to a LCHF (low carb high fat). Personally, I think it is a smart move and do agree pretty much with this.

Experiences have shown us that the good results we get on Zero Carb is primarily because we stop burning glucose for energy and replace it by fat. Many studies have documented so well that our body, by doing so, produces ketones bodies that have exceptional and positive effects on our overhaul metabolism, not talking about an outstanding protective impact, especially for our neurologic system, preventing us from developing diseases such as Alzheimer and other neuro-degenerative diseases. We also see excellent results in treating certain type of cancers just as preventing them.

But it seems that Zero Carb, aside avoiding us from being exposed to “toxic glucose”, NEEDS to provide ENOUGH FATS to get such results. In other word, it seems that if someone does only a Zero Carb approach AND is not increasing his total fat intake, he will not get into metabolic ketosis with its positive health impact.

But this is not all.

The said fats also need to be “good fats”.

The definition of what are “good fats” seems to be a serious debate. For myself, I think it can be summarize quite easily: most of the fats we eat get incorporated in the cell membranes of the billions cells of our body. The said cells require some “resistance” to general stress but also, at the same time, some flexibility.

To do so, nature has created a “mix” of different fats for our cells: 50 % of our cell’s membranes are made up of SATURATED fat and the rest is 30% MONOUNSATURATED and 20% POLYUNSATURATED.

And how do you get the specific combination? By eating animal products that contains, most of the time, exactly this combination…

Interestingly, with the increase of consumption of cheap polyunsaturated vegetable fats in the general population (corn, soy, sunflower oils for example), we can notice nowadays, serious consequences on general population. For example, many years ago, the risk of bleeding after a head trauma was usually observed only in elderly adults. Today, many kids (yes, kids!!!) are presenting the same bleeding after a head injury, the reason being there tissues are offering POOR RESISTANCE to stress because their cell membranes contain too much POLYUNSATURATED fats, not respecting “nature’s prefect ratio of fat”. No wonder nowadays we recommend kids to where helmets even during light activities…

Another important point about fats is if they are from ANIMAL ORIGIN, you have changes they are NOT processed. This will avoid you from being exposed to harmful trans-fats. As you probably know, trans-fat do create a lot of inflammation, the same inflammation caused by the excess amount of omega-6 contained in POLYUNSATURATED fats of vegetable sources.

In the same line of thought, eating fresh animal product on Zero Carb means you are also eating real and minimally processed food items. A serious plus.

Finally, TO WORKS ITS WONDERS, Zero Carbsneeds, aside providing adequate quantity of good fats and minimally processed food items, an ULTIMATE thing to work properly: NOT OVERDOING PROTEINS.

I know “daily protein” allowance is always a debate in the LC world.  But now, science have teach us we must be careful because any excess protein intake to our needs will be transformed into glucose, which is certainly not something we want.

Of course, we also know if someone is very active physically, he will burn this excess glucose (which may be from excess protein…) and there will be no impact on his health. But if this someone does only “light activity” on a daily basis, the consequences of any excess protein can be significant. Never forget that near 50% of the protein we eat can easily be transformed into glucose and then be stored…

By the end, I do not think we have to change the name of Zero Carb simply because this is the MAJOR point that makes us “different” from other LC approach. The reason being our experience have shown WE DO NOT NEED to eat any source of carbohydrates, especially from plant source, to be healthy.

In fact, we should call Zero Carb: ZCHGFAPUAPD… (Zero Carb High Good Fat Adequate Protein Unprocessed Animal Products Diet).

But as I like to keep things simple… let’s not go there!!!



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