Thursday, December 31, 2015

12/31/2015 - Blast from the Past - DAY 10

Greetings all,

Again it looks like to posts in one day. The first actually looks like a response to someone that posted on my Journal. I want to think it was Nikki. I might be spelling it wrong. I do remember someone by that name that started the same time as me. My next installment of “Blast from the Past”:

Original Stardate: 7/10/2010
I started ZC one week before I requested to become a member. It looks like we have the same registration date (6/29/10). I have extensive experience with LC and VLC so it was not a bad transition for me to ZC. While on VLC I occasionally only ate chicken.

“Keep strong and live long”. Just continue to plug away. You have made it this far. By the time you know it one month will pass by and then six. I focus day by day. I don’t care what my friends, family or coworkers think of my WOE. I am doing this for ME. I make sure that I have the right food at home for ME. My DW can eat whatever she wants. I’ll even cook it for her.

As far as the craving is concerned: I was reading online and all of a sudden I started to think about steak. I really wanted to eat steak (strange). I only can describe this as a craving. At that moment I pictured a steak in my mind and my mouth watered. I almost did not eat, because a few hours earlier I ate a juicy Rib eye and I had no hunger pangs. I remembered reading in this forum that in the beginning we should just eat (ZC) and not worry about amounts or calories. I know we are supposed to eat when we are hungry and to satiety. I have no idea if anyone here has experience this, but I did (maybe it was psychological).

I wish the best for you and I hope you can get through this stage of change without complications. There is a lot of good support here.

Original Stardate: 7/10/2010
I'm a little tired today. I didn't sleep well. My spirits are up and I still feel very positive about (ZC). I have had a consistent decrease of weight so far (10.6 pounds). I would not be discouraged if the scale fluctuated up and down or if I went into a stall. I would just adjust my choice of (ZC) foods and or amounts and see what happens.

Overall health (1-10):7
Energy level (1-10):5
Cravings: None
Today's Menu: Steak, H2O

Like I noted earlier the first post seems to respond to someone that posted on my Journal. It seems that the subject of cravings for Beef is mentioned. It looks like I was trying to give her some support: Rookie to Rookie. Now I am trying to over analyze the craving situation. More advice was giving about just eat (ZC) and not to worry about calories. I do remember that being said. I believe it was to get your body adjusted to this (WOE) and the effects of losing weight, as in my case, would naturally happen. On the second shorter post a give a good positive overview of how things are with me concerning (ZC) and some weight loss. OK, I think I can give some Rookie points for giving support to another Rookie and for being positive about the outlook of my new (WOE).

Have a Healthy Day my Family and Friends. We all need some support in some shape or form. Even if sometimes we don’t know it. I remember a member a here by the name of Christiana. I thought of her as my “little sister” I loved the quote in her profile signature. So I leave you with those words: “Be kinder than necessary for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of Battle”.

(ZC)er Happy New YEAR



12/31/2015 - Happy New Years to ALL

Greetings my Zero Carb Family and Friends,

Yet another Glorious (ZC) year has almost past and another Glorious (ZC) year will begin. I am so EXCITED!!!

Why??? Why not!!! 

I dunno, I just feel ........ well ......... good if not GREAT!!! I must be all the energy I got from the dozen glazed doughnuts I ate this morning....................NOT!!!

Once again a weak attempt at making a funny........... jeez!!!

So, anyhow I will be joining my Dear Wife today for lunch at a local Mexican restaurant  that has an oh so friendly Zero Carb selection .......... well it is not exactly geared for Zero Carb, it just so happens to have a nice size grilled section which we all know is Zero Carb friendly. 

Look-It: If I said it once, I have said it a million times or was it a billion times??? Zero Carb has saved my LIFE!!! How? I just knew someone would ask that question. I was once Fat, Dumb and Happy (?). Like the picture on the left bottom side of this post. Yes, I was drowning in my own BLUBBER. I was physically sick. I was on MEDS and thinking this is just the way it is going to be for the rest of my life. 

Then ............ yes then, Zero Carb (ZC) came into my life and it was a major Game Changer. I mean it was a MAJOR GAME CHANGER!!! 

Things are so different now. You just don't know my good people. You just don't know. I feel like I have started a whole new life. Hey, I can only speak for myself, but I gotta tell ya I am no longer:


I am just:


I will post my regular "Blast from the Past" series later tonight. I just wanted to post a little some some. Hahaha!!!!

Have a wonderful Zero Carb day. Live Long, Stay Strong and Always Battle On!!!




Tuesday, December 29, 2015

12/29/2015 - Blast from the Past - DAY 9

Greetings all,

Two posts again. I am not sure which one goes first so I will continue to follow to post the one that has the STATS last. Start your engines, get ready, and GO!!! Go where Dave? OK stop that, whoever you are. OK, comedy time over.  The next installment of “Blast from the past:

Original Stardate: 7/9/2010
Wow, my H2O consumption has hit its all-time high at work. I started by taking 1 liter of water about 2 1/2 weeks ago (when I started to ZC) and today I just cracked open my FOURTH bottle! I still have about 2 hours until I head to the house. I ate my first meal (6 oz steak) at around 8:00 AM. I have been taking either two (2) GB patties or Steak or a combination. If I have some Oopsie rolls, I'll take two and make a dry sandwich with one of the meats. I probably shouldn't get too excited about the water, but it's a milestone for me.

People at work think I’m crazy being on ZC. I mess with them saying “I am on that all Bacon Diet”. If only you could see the expressions on their face. There is one that asked me for help losing weight and I referred her to ZIOH. I told her what I know of ZC and that in a nutshell Animal Kingdom “GOOD” Plant Kingdom “EVIL" This was about a week ago. Today I asked her (as I was munching on my Steak) how are you doing with your eating? She said “I’m eating meat” I said “how did you do on your extended weekend” and she replied “I cheated a little” So I threw her a bone.

My DW thinks that I’m eating an unbalanced diet. She works in the Health Profession. She recommended that I eat less and add veggies (Yuk). She offered me a piece of that pizza (Veggies only) that I posted about earlier because she felt sorry for me. Her heart is in the right place, but she just does not understand the concept (she is old school). It does not help that her Aunt is a Doctor. Hopefully the results will do all the talking for me.

Original Stardate: 7/9/2010 (second post same day)
Last night I had my first craving (oh no!!). Was it for cake (no) was it for pie (no) was it for a big steaming bowl of Wolf Brand Chili (not quite). It was for BEEF. I thought to myself "INCREDIBLE". I never thought that I would have a craving for that since I was not a big beef eater before this WOE. So, I went to the freezer grabbed one of my frozen precooked steaks (about 4oz) nuked it and ate it. Just like that, craving gone. I continue spending time in the FAQ “On Charles” to learn more about this WOE. I went to the Support Forum and did some reading there. As I stated before, it's a wealth of knowledge. I encourage folks (just visiting this site) that are considering this WOE to read the FAQ and On Charles areas.

I experienced a little tummy trouble this morning, nothing major. I'm real enthusiastic about ZC and I will continue on this Journey.

Overall health (1-10):8
Energy level (1-10):7
Cravings: Yes, for beef.
Today's Menu: Steak, H2O

There we go again with the H20. Ha! OK being hydrated is oh so important, but at this point somehow I thought that drinking all he water possible was a good thing (drink when thirsty). Jeez I even call it a milestone….how embarrassing. I still use the line: “All Bacon Diet” today. People just roll their eyes. I also use the “Animal vs Plant Kingdom” deal all the time. Look-it: I don’t believe in “Cheat Days” I think it is a co-pout. All you are doing is CHEATING yourself. OK look at it this way. “I only eat poison once a week or once a month”. Really?? For those that want to lose weight Cheat days can be a Giant Killer. It may lead to other things that you might not recover from and may even spark a being. Of course this is just my little opinion. I wrote that I craved Beef and I remember someone at the forum question it and did not believe anyone could crave Beef. I have to say it was a downer for someone riding on a (ZC) high. In retrospect maybe that person was right. Maybe I was craving the Fat not the Beef itself. I dunno??? At this point I was still experiencing tummy troubles, but still enthusiastic about all things (ZC).

Have a Healthy Day my Family and Friends. Don’t Cheat (Days) yourself. (ZC) is the way we are built to eat. Those other things only give us a cheap high and then we come crashing down. Keep the Faith and Always Battle On!!!

(ZC)er Guaranteed Genuine 



Monday, December 28, 2015

12/28/2015 - Born to be ALIVE

Greetings Family and Friends,

Once again I am here to serve you my dear folks. Serve what you may say..........or not! Serve you a great big dose of .... of..... of....

OK, so I don't know what I am serving today, but it is promised to be oh so good. Yes, good indeed!!!

I have decided to post the "Blast from the Past" series every other day in order to free up a day in between in case Denis or I want to post something else like: "Why did the Chicken cross the road?" or something to that matter. Right? 

I would say the Chicken crossed the road to make it into a pot in order for me to make some oh so good Chicken Salad ....... YUMMMMMM!!!!!!

So, what new tidbit can I pass on today besides don't eat yellow snow? I know how about I tell you a little bit about myself. BORING!!!!! 

OK, how about I sing you a song? ................................. jeeeezzzz all I heard was a bunch of nothing.

OK, how about I give a little advice? Yes? OK, you twisted my arm. Now for some advice........well........hmmm...... oh yeah don't I already said that.............ummm....

This time I am for real. No more joking around. I have to say that I really feel that this Lifestyle can be as easy or as hard as we make it. Speaking from experience I can honestly say that if I did not take time to prepare my meals and whatnot I would fail. Yes, I said fail. I am a Zero Carber (ZC)er living in a SAD world. Nothing is geared out there to make me succeed. Everything out there is geared for me to fail. It takes real effort and some ingenuity to make it out there. 

Look It: I am speaking to the newbies out there and maybe some veterans ......... you must have a plan when at home or going out when it comes to eating. You can not always pack away food with you, not always. Especially if you are diverted from your regular routine without notice. We all know that can happen from time to time. So what do you do? WHATEVER IT TAKES!!!

There is never ever an excuse to fall off the wagon. At least not in my book. That one day or event can ruin everything. It can take you to the point of no return. It sure can and for some poor souls it already has and coming back can be next to impossible. So why go there to start with? I rather be hungry before I turn to the dark side. Ohhh I think that last line had a little too much drama for me. Hahaha!!!! No really I do mean that it is best to be prepared for the events that may be out of your hand. What I mean is to have a fallback plan. That's all. I understand that for some of us making decisions about eating out can be hard. I never go to Italian restaurants because I know that for the most part I will be in trouble. Hey that's my little two cents. Take it, leave it or whatever!!!

OK off the soapbox and back to reality. The magic word for today: Prepare!

Have a wonderful day my Family and Friends. Battles are won everyday, yet the War still rages on. Keep the Faith and Always Battle On!!!

(ZC)er No Surrender, No Retreat



Sunday, December 27, 2015

12/27/2015 - Blast from the Past - DAY 8

Greetings all,

Well with this post I find out that I did indeed forget to post that Monday. I have not look at this post until a bit ago and thought “OK Dave hasn’t lost all of his marbles yet”. A great relief to me and my invisible friend ……. you know like the one you have ……... right? All right now, not everyone speak at the same time…….Ahh the sound of silence …….. you gotta love it. I believe that the two posts are in the wrong order, but since the second one has the stats I posted them in that order on purpose. My next installment of “Blast from the past”: 

Original Stardate: 7/8/2010
A funny thing happened on Monday that I forgot to post. While I was shopping at the grocery store I happened to be near the pharmacy and overheard the pharmacist and her assistant talking. One said "I heard that she is cutting carbs to lose weight" the other said "yeah I tried that and didn't last two days without getting light-headed, so I gave it up" the first one said "yeah and it's bad for your kidneys right?" I wanted to say "OMG are you fricking kidding me", so I just shook my head and continued shopping.

Today we were swamped at work. I had customers out the rear end. I was shorthanded so I helped out my staff for several hours. After playing pizza delivery boy (for DW), I crashed on my bed and fell asleep for about three hours just to recharge my batteries. I noticed that as long as I don't have a lot of activities I'm "ok" but as soon as I have some extra activity "boom" I'm down for the count. Charles said that my energy levels should change upward with time and I agree 100%.

All in all (except for a few minor tummy issues) I feel good about the WOE.

Original Stardate: 7/8/2010 (second post same date)
I feel pretty good today; I got a lot of rest. So far I'm sticking to eating only when I'm hungry. When I was posting last night I started to feel a little green about the gills. It was about 11:30 PM. Then I realized that I had not eaten since about 2:30 PM and at that it was just a GB patty. So I went to the fridge and ate about half a cold Rib eye steak (yes, it was cooked) and drank a large glass of H2O. I almost instantly felt better. I was able to read for a while in the FAQ area. I guess my body was “talking” to me. I have had this feeling in the past and it never occurred to me to eat. I did not have hunger pangs. I still have not had any cravings. In the past I used Splenda all the time. Often I would drink 3-4 cups of regular coffee (12oz cups) with a couple of packs of AFS and HWC at work. I often made recipes from Lindsue’s site: LC pancakes, muffins, cookies breads and so on. Most of the recipes I would make required AFS.

Energy level: good
Overall Health: good
Cravings: None
Today’s Menu: GB, Steak, Oopsie roll (2) & H2O

OK the memory lapse from that Monday was not cause by (ZC). Yes, I was trapped in my vehicle with a steaming hot fresh pizza that engulfed the cab of truck. Yes, I loved the smell and no it never crossed my mind to eat a slice although (DW) keep asking if I wanted some. Did I mention that she did not support my (WOE) and hounded me to death about it daily? I did have some energy problems at the start of (ZC) as mentioned. Maybe not enough fat for energy?? Also I was having tummy troubles at the start of (ZC). I have my gallbladder removed not too long before starting (ZC) and this may have been the cause. I mention artificial sweeteners. Yes I admit at one point in time I was a splenda junkie. Now I am clean and sober. 

Have a Healthy Day my Family and Friends. A system free of artificial junk is the SWEETEST gift you can give your body. Battle On!!!

(ZC)er How Sweet it IS



Monday, December 21, 2015


Vitamin D is a trendy subject nowadays in the wild world of nutrition. Studies are showing, on average, 65% of population is deficient in this essential vitamin; and the big QUESTION that comes up frequently is “Should we supplement ourselves with vitamin D?”

We often read vitamin D, well known for it's importance in calcium absorption, may also protect for cancer, cardiovascular diseases and hypertension, diabetes and metabolic syndrome, autoimmune disorders, name them, the list is long. Except we do not have any proof that SUPPLEMENTATION is effective in providing this protection, compare to other sources of vitamin D…

But let my first give you some information this nutrient.

Just to clarify a point. There are different types of vitamin D; in fact there are 5 different types! The 2 most important ones are D2, which is also called ERGOCALCIFEROL and D3, which is named CHOLECALCIFEROL. And, in reality, as vitamin D is a steroid it should be considered a hormone instead of a vitamin; but this is another subject.

The human body can produce its own vitamin D (especially cholecalciferol-D3) by exposure of the skin to sunshine’s UVB radiation. We would need 20 minutes of exposure per week and we should be OK. Except we simply do not get it… First, we are scare of the sun because of higher risks of skin cancer (and premature skin aging…), we use a lot of sun-tan lotion and, as nowadays we wash ourselves with insane quantity of soap, this eliminates the protective cholesterol-containing substance our skin produce which is transformed in Vitamin D by the sun… Conclusion: spending insane quantity of time inside the house, away from the sun, sitting in front of the TV and computer do have some consequences!

The major role of vitamin D, which we are sure of, is to enhance intestinal absorption of CALCIUM, IRON, MAGNESIUM, PHOSPHATE and ZINC, which are, as you know, very essential nutrients.

The major consequence we often see with vitamin D deficiency is low CALCIUM absorption leading to osteoporosis (lack of calcium in the bones). This problem used to be seen only in older post-menopause women with a bad diet, no exercise and low to no exposure to sun. But, nowadays, it is also a problem seen in younger women and even MEN. In fact, 10 % of new cases of osteoporosis are now diagnose in male subjects!!!

Interestingly, dark-skinned people, living in TEMPERATE climates, lack vitamin D because they are less efficient at making the nutrient, the reason being the presence of higher levels of MELANIN in their skin. Historically, because of important sun exposure of Africans, they adapted to produce less vitamin D compare to  Caucasians, which, on the other hand, have lower levels of MELANIN and, so, are more efficient in producing vitamin D.

Daily intake recommendations may vary from country to country, but also from age to age, and also if you are a man or a woman. In average it is about 600 IU per day.

Please take note as vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin like vitamin A, E and K, it accumulates itself in the body, differently from water-soluble vitamins like vitamin C. The consequences being if you are taking too much supplement, you are at risk of intoxication.

So what are the diet’s good sources of vitamin D?

Well, let’s celebrate, the best sources are: ANIMAL PRODUCTS!!!

According to official nutrition references, FISH LIVER oil (especially COD LIVER oil), and BEEF LIVER, are the best sources. Fatty fish species such as SALMON, MACKEREL, TUNA and SARDINES come second. Then, you should not be surprise, EGGS provide also good quantities.

Interestingly, vegetarian diet is nearly voided of vitamin D. Nowadays, these adepts rely on IRRADIATED dry mushrooms or algae, which is certainly not the most natural food item. On the other side, as many vegetarians do eat dairy product, they meet their needs with fortified milk, along with enriched cereals or orange juice. BUT THESE FOOD ITEMS ARE NOT SOURCES OF VITAMIN D IN THEIR ORIGINAL FORMS, THEY ARE ALL SUPPLEMENTED WITH ARTIFICIAL VITAMIN D!!!

When you Google “food sources of vitamin D”, after liver and fish come up, you get the impression meat do not contain enough to meet daily needs. THIS IS WRONG, DEAD WRONG. THE REASON BEING THE RECOMMENDATIONS ONLY CONSIDER “LEAN MEAT”.

The rule is easy to remember: THE FATTER THE MEAT IS, THE HIGHEST LEVEL OF VITAMIN D IT CONTAINS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

According to a study, PORK with a lot of lard contains 8-10 times more vitamin D then lean parts.

BUTTER, CHEESE and GREEK YOGURT contains astronomical quantities of vitamin D.

Of course, one have to search deeper into medical studies to find these informations but the knowledge is there.

So here we are and this explains so well why folks on a Zero Carb diet never reported to my knowledge any vitamin D deficiency!

ALL THIS BEING SAID, WE MAY CONCLUDE: on a Zero Carb diet full of fatty cuts of meat, individual needs for vitamin D are largely met and so, THERE IS NO NEEDS TO SUPPLEMENT!!!


Sunday, December 20, 2015

12/20/2015 - Blast from the Past - DAY 7

Greetings all,
Here is my next installment of “Blast from the Past” or The Way We Were. OK, now that sounded so-fis-te-cated……..right?? Jeez does he ever give up? No, no he does not give up! Sorry folks it looks like I am arguing with myself and actually winning this time! Did that make sense? OK, here it goes:

Original Stardate: 7/6/2010
Today is the start of my third week of ZC WOE!!! I will start to post information on my weight, energy levels, overall health, food consumption, and any changes that I make as far as exercise or adding or eliminating certain foods. If anyone could suggest what kind of info I should keep stats on to help me narrow down what works for me would be appreciated. I had to buy a new scale recently; my old one was not reliable. It would go up and down the scale within seconds of weighing in. My best estimate is that I started out at 260 three weeks ago, so I will us that as my starting point. I will weigh myself in the morning in order to get some kind of consistency. I stopped drinking green tea in the mornings (which I was substituting for my coffee) and began to drink more H2O. I set my first goal weight of 185. It looks like I have lost about 8 pounds in two weeks. I kind of know that water weight (correct me if I’m wrong) plays a role in the beginning of carb elimination. I have to give my body time to adjust to this WOE. I also quit eating breakfast in the morning as a routine. I take extra GB (to work) and eat it when I’m hungry. 

Thanks everyone for all the kind notes of encouragement.

Energy level: good
Overall Health: good
Cravings: None
Today’s Menu: GB, Oopsie roll (2) & Water

Yes, the “Green Tea” did not last long. HA! What was I thinking? OK again with the freaking H20. The scale thing was not bad for “ME” because I don’t panic about the numbers. Because….well they are just numbers. I know this is not for the meek. So stay away from scales if they make you panic and rely more on how your clothes fit. I gave up eating breakfast because at the time I was eating just to eat. So I waited until I was hungry (good rookie points). I took extra food just in case (better rookie points). Exercise……well it really did not happen consistently as I planned and as stated before: ya really don’t need it. Observation about losing water weight at the start of (ZC)ing (bonus rookie points).

Have a Heathy Day my Family and Friends. Today is the first day for the rest of my LIFE. I am Powerful, I am Strong and I will Always Battle On!!!

(ZC)er Ain't No Mountain High ENOUGH 




Saturday, December 19, 2015

12/19/2015 - Blast from the Past - DAY 6

Greetings all,

Here’s my next installment of “Blast from the Past” or…….do you have a Pet Rock? OK, be nice I am always looking for new material and I think that I was a little lacking the moment. Never fear! I am sure that I will noodle will come up with………..oops noodle is not a good word on a Zero Carb Forum. Sorry! See, I am struggling here……. (New and improved material on my next post). Drum roll please and the gentleman with the large hooked cane will escort me off the stage……………….

Original Stardate: 7/5/2010 
Today was a lazy day for me. My office was closed for the holiday (observance). I ended up running a few of errands (turning in my tux, shopping at Sam's, inspection sticker for car, and going to the local grocery store where I found some marked down beef). The Highlight of my day was to grill four (4) large Rib eyes and eight (8) smaller flat blade chuck steaks. I was able to spend a couple of hours at the waterway just relaxing with DW.

Wedding reception "temptations":

Garden Salad

Steak,Chicken, Green Beans and Mashed Potatoes


Just the "Balanced" food left

and last but not least "Wedding Cake"

I did not have any cravings for the carbs that were offered to me. I had to turn away six wait staff that kept trying to give me a salad and four wait staff that were trying to give me cake. I took photos of my DW Salad and Cake. All in all I had a real good time, I danced a lot, and drank tons of water.

I hope everyone that celebrates The 4th of July had a great time. I basically stayed home and rested from all the dancing. I think I will put up my lamp shade for a while. I guess when your 46 (like me) and don't cut the rug much, it can wear you down.

I will post some "changes" on Monday the 5th.

First, I must have been really tired not to realize that I was actually posting on the 5th and that the changes would occur on the 6th.  Next there I go again with the “lots of water”. I probably drank a ton of water from being out of breath and sweating to death from all the dancing. Weighing a ton did not help. Again, I have to say that I was proud of myself for being so new to (ZC) and resisting temptation. All free and being shoved in my face. Everyone else was stuffing their face and I just smile and said “No Thank You” over and over and over again. Last but not least look at the picture of me. Jeez………"The Jowls of Death" Ha!!!

Now that was an interesting day. Twice within a few days I was faced with making critical decisions that would shape my future. First at the restaurant a couple of days earlier and then at the wedding. Had I been on any other diet I would have caved in on both occasions. I simply did not want to throw away the progress I was making and the confidence I that I was beginning to feel. Another step in the right direction. How easy it would have been to throw it all away for a cheap sugar rush.

Have a Healthy Day my Family and Friends. What is your Health Worth? Mine is everything to me. We win Battles everyday yet the War still rages on. Battle On!!!

(ZC)er Warriors All



Friday, December 18, 2015

12/18/2015 - Blast from the Past - DAY(S) 4 & 5

Greetings all,

Alright I thought I would combine the next two or is it three posts because they were at odd times. I have a short post before the wedding and reception, then I think I stayed up late and did not post the results of the wedding and reception until a day later than I had planned on. OK, now I am totally confused………..must be that half gallon of Blue Bell Triple Chocolate ice cream I just scarfed down……………….not!!! Yes, I was only attempting to see if you were still awake!!! 

Back to reality. Here is my next installment of “Blast from the Past” or Godzilla ate Pittsburgh. U mm….yeah I really don’t know where I was going with that one, but as it may or not, without further ado:

Original Stardate: 7/2/2010
I got up this morning a little late for work and found myself rushing out the door; I was not hungry so I decided to skip my usual breakfast of three eggs over easy and three strips of bacon. I usually start the day with a big glass of water, but I skipped that along with the breakfast. I have a 45-50 minute commute to work and because of the rain we are getting because of Hurricane Alex I was in a rush. I started to feel uncomfortable in the abdominal areas as I drove. I thought maybe my body is doing some kind of weird adjustments to this WOE. Once I got to my office I settled in and drank a large glass of water and immediately began to feel better. I still feel a little queasy, but a lot better. I'm trying to learn to eat only when I'm hungry convenient or not.

At the time I associated my tummy troubles with skipping a meal. Was I right? Well looking at my post I can see that it may come into question that I might have been dehydrated. Or because I was late and bad weather conditions and so on and so on. To tell you the truth in retrospect I really don’t know. 

Original Stardate: 7/3/2010
At the moment I am getting ready for that wedding I posted about, I will upload some pics on the 4th. I am ready to make some changes that I will post on the 5th, which is my third week of ZC (started before I joined). I hope everyone has a great day!!!

No real observation on the second small post unless you want to know how to put on a tux? Ha! OK I do have a little Wise and Sage advice to pass: Never eat yellow snow. OK, another wake up check. Ha! No really I do have something to say (imagine that why don’t ya) I did not post on the 4th because I was totally burnt out from cutting the rug (dancing for you young folks) at the wedding reception. Next post tomorrow will be a short post for the wedding along with some pics that includes one with me. 

Have a Healthy day my Family and Friends. Day by day make the right Choices and Always Battle On!!!

(ZC)er Baby Steps



Thursday, December 17, 2015

12/17/2015 - Blast from the Past - DAY 3

Greetings all!

OK, here is my next blast of the past. I hope you enjoy it and find something useful. 

Origninal Stardate: 7/1/2010
Yesterday was a big challenge for me. I went out to eat with a good friend. He wanted to go to the Olive Garden. I thought "good lord, that's CARB city USA". I told him "No" because I eat ZC. He was pretty cool about it, so we ended up at a restraint called Fuddruckers that serves mega burgers (I don't know if it's a national chain in the USA) I had a 2/3 bun-less burger with triple cheese and a tall glass of H2O. My friend had the same burger made the regular way with fries and a large coke. He was amazed that I was only eating the meat and kindly asked if I wanted to order another patty. I declined because it was more than enough to satisfy me.

My next big challenge will be July 3 (this Saturday) when I attend a Wedding (the same guy I went to the burger joint with) and reception. He said that they will off two meat selections (Yum, Yum).

I have to say that I was oh so proud of myself that day. Why? Look-it: I was a (ZC)er for a very short time and it would have been easy for me to just think “Oh I can just start again tomorrow”. I am almost certain that most of us have “been there and done that” if not on (ZC) most likely on some other diet. I just saying that for “ME”, “MYSELF” and “I”………….well I was proud that I stood my ground.  Ohhhh I did mention a Wedding and Reception ………….. Jeez I was a bit skeptical………….Oops………that’s a whole other “Blast from the past coming soon to a theater near you. Please check your local listings and look for promotional discount tickets at your local………….Hahaha!!!!  OK I got carried away. No worries, I’m weird like that don’t ya know???

Thank God for burger joints. They have saved me so many times. For me Beef Hamburger patties always hit the spot and you can always add Bacon and Cheese. But stay away from the cheese if you’re trying to lose weight (a word from the wise). Hey I almost forgot your could always add some Mayo. I do sometimes if I feel like I need some extra fat. It’s a personal choice.

Until tomorrow, have a Healthy Day my Family and Friends. Stay True, Stay Strong and Always Battle On!!!

(ZC)er True Through and Through



Wednesday, December 16, 2015

12/16/2015 - Blast from the Past - DAY 2

 OK y’all!!! Let’s get this party started………let’s get this party started………let’s get this party started……. DANCE!!!...DACE!!!...DANCE!!! 

Let's Dance, Let's Shout shake your body onto the ground!!!!

Dang it looks like that dude knows a little KUNG FU! HA!!! I wonder if I could challenge him to a ……………… OK, Dave he must be at least 70+ years old by now, Duh!!!

Here is my second posting explaining a little more of my background because I thought I thought my first post was a little weak (or sucked) compared to others on the board. Go figure. I guess I felt a little embarrassed too. So I tried to make it a little more detailed.

Original Stardate: 6/30/2010
I would like to Thank all of you that have welcomed me to this site. I still have a lot to learn, but there is a wealth of info here that will help me accomplish my goals.

My ultimate goal is to eat strictly meat (beef) and water. I feel that when I can get to that stage I will be at the peak of my health and my body would have adjusted to a "right" size. I have noticed that beef satisfies me more that chicken, eggs or pork.

I discovered LC way back when it was a big fad. I’m sure everyone and their mama can remember the hundreds of (suppose able) LC products that hit the shelves at the big chain stores. Well this caught my attention and I decided to investigate it. Being a former Nursing student (all the way to my Senior Year) I had a little science background and found out the science behind lowering your Carbs to lose weight made sense. I look at all the plans out there and decided that Protein Power fit me the best. I lost a lot of weight and kept it off for two years. I gradually levitated towards VLC on my own. The battle I had through the whole ordeal was trying to come up with new and improved recipes and the CRAVINGS. I was a frequent visitor to Lindasue’s site searching for recipes. As soon as the cravings overtook me I gave in. A little here a little there and by the time you know it I was back to my starting point (GROOUND ZERO). Early this year I decided to go VLC again and lost a quick 35 pounds and then the always waiting in the shadows “CRAVINGS” swooped down and started to drag me back to GZ. So before I gained all that I lost I decided to do a preemptive strike and search for a better way. I came upon this site (ZIOH) and read many testimonies of how the cravings for many have ceased once you learned how your body reacts to the food you eat. I thought “Shazam” I have found the “Sacred Challis” of eating. The science behind this WOE makes sense to me. 
So here I am.

I made my first Oopsie Rolls last week with just eggs and cream cheese and they came out just like the pics I've seen posted. They tasted pretty good. I had one today with a 1/3 pound homemade burger and a little cheese. I plan to make another batch sometime next week using ricotta and a little garlic powder or Italian seasoning. I'll post a pic if they come out right. I also use a muffin top pan. They slide right out without any oil or parchment paper.

BTW: most people call me Dave

OK, now that was a much better introduction than that first one or at least it gave more insight of who I was and my background and my beliefs. The Oopsie Rolls were great and I did eat them for a while, but I have to say that if you are wanting to lose weight you should lay off all dairy. That is just my opinion, but dairy can be a game changer for a lot of folks.

OK y’all that is it for now. I can tell you that I get much more detailed on my weight loss as time went by. I start to give some detailed states daily. Now that can be dangerous for those who live and die by the scale. BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!!

Have a Health Day my Family and Friends. No Surrender, No Retreat and Always Battle On!!!

(ZC)er Kick it up a Notch



Tuesday, December 15, 2015

12/15/2015 - Blast from the Past - DAY 1

Greetings all, 

First of all: I want to say that it is good to be HOME! Some of you may remember me others may be thinking WTF or Where’s The Fruit? Hahaha!!! 

Second of all: I have been fortunate enough to have an archived journal of my journey through Zero Carb that I want to share with you that dates back to June of 2010. I promise to only post the good stuff and to leave out things that don’t generate a positive vibe. Without any further ado here is my original introduction on “ZIOH”:

Original Star date: 6/29/2010 

Everyone, I am pleased to join this community. I have been reading Journals, and other discussion topics. I have LC and VLC on and off for the last six years. Along with that I rode the weight loss & gain roller coaster, and the ride has not been fun. I came across the ZIOH from reading LC forums. After reading the information at this site and reading about the experiences of some of the members I decided it made a lot of sense to start this WOE. Today marks one complete week of ZC and I feel very good. I have lost a lot of water weight. So far my energy levels are good. I actually have "0" cravings at this point. I almost hate to say it's been easy so far. I eat mostly beef in the form or Hamburger or Steak, some Chicken, some Pork, eggs, a little cheese (no soy), I use some salt free seasoning mix, I drink a cup of plain hot Green Tea in the morning instead of my regular coffee and I drink lots of WATER!!

I will upload a Pic very soon. Most of all I am glad to be here and I hope to contribute as much as I take.

I don’t know where I got the “lots of WATER!!” from. Drink when thirsty. Oh and the Green Tea………well let’s just say I do enjoy a nice cupper every once in a while, but I do the coffee thing. Just strait black and about a fourth or less of what I used to drink back in the day. 

So y’all, what do you think? I kinda color coded it:

Blue=Blast from the Past

I may not have an “Observation” all the time unless I see something that should be mentioned and my “Current may not be real long either, but the blast from the past will be all original. 

Have a great day my Family and Friends. Live Long, Stay Strong and Always Battle On!!!

(ZC)er Start the Adventure



Monday, December 14, 2015

12/14/2015 - Does Life get better than THIS!!!

Greetings Family and Friends,

First of all let me say how good it is to be back in the Blog saddle again. Here today gone tomorrow........ I hope not. 

Look-It: I can only define what is in the NOW!

I started to writ this post yesterday and only got about three lines out. I had to literally change the date in the post title!

I ended up putting Christmas decorations that were a little past due. So I thought I would hop to it and get it done. That meant many trips to the attic. Hey I am just talking about the inside of the house. I set up all the decorations, tree, fireplace, candles, art niches, main table setting decorations and so on. My Dear Wife (DW) has the honor of decorating the tree. It's a tradition.

Now for some good news: (at least to me) I made and oh so good if not great Fatty Beef Brisket on the "Q"! I ended up using a combination of Pecan and Cherry wood. Wow the combo presents a really GREAT flavor. After it I cooked it and let it cool down, I sliced it up. I like to package 8 oz packets of delight in baggies then I freeze it. They come out l really great later on when heated later on for a Great Meal!!!

Today I finished off some Chicken salad I made over the weekend. Man another all time great to eat when I need a little change from regular meat meals. I like to put lots of mayo so it comes out really creamy. I sometimes use plain pork skins to scoop it up or just serve a bowl of it and GET IT ON! 

OK: back to business - Tomorrow I will start the "Blast from the Past" from it's beginning. It's the best way to follow it without jumping back from where I left off. I put a lot of thought into it and decided to go this route.

I have been living the Zero Carb Lifestyle since June of 2010. I got my start at the Late Great Zeroing In On Health Forum better known as ZIOH. I really learned a lot there, but for the most part got it, for the most part, from the start and just went with it through thick and thin. I had my ups and downs, but at the end of the day I succeed in not just losing weight, which is just a side effect, I gained I whole new outlook on eating.

Zero Carb saved my Physical Life! My labs have been the best in my entire life: year after year after year after year!!! I was once given low dose high blood pressure medicine, borderline diabetic and really depressed about my weight. All that gone via Zero Carb. I love my life and I will never ever go back. Yes you heard that here my good people. just does not matter. 

At the end of the day I RULE!!!! Hahaha!!!! 

Have a great day my Family and Friends. Keep the Faith and Always Battle On!!!

(ZC)er I believe I can FLY



Saturday, December 12, 2015

New INFO coming up soon

Hi all!!!

Nice to be "on the road" again.

I really was missing writting and posting for all of us. It was always nice to contribute to general knowledge especially in an exciting field like the ZERO CARD way of eating.

We came a long way and now, after so many years, we can say: "WE WERE ON THE GOOD TRACK!!!!!".

A new INFO post will come up soon: "VITAMIN D AND THE ZERO CARB DIET".

Don't miss it!!!


Friday, December 11, 2015

21/11/2015 - Things to Come ......... Things to Go ........ or NOT

Greetings Family, Friends and all others that ventured this way,

What's all the cryptic talk in the post title? I can always count on Cyber Mom to keep me in line......hahaha!!!

Cryptic talk indeed!!! Well I never.........

Well maybe I should not say never........right???

Never what? There he goes again! Jeez can a Zero Carber (ZC)er have a little fun with words around here???

Now that I have your attention or lost it and you are now gone....... I will get to the laughing please I am very sensitive don't ya know? 

Yes, I have blabbed in the past about changes and challenges which some were done and some were not.

I have struggled for sometime to make this little blog a DOT.COM. Yet, I have resisted the urge to do so. WHY? I dunno!!! Maybe I am scared of the obligation.........hey just being honest! 

OK: Things to Come - I started a "Blast from the Past" series awhile back and stopped it in order not to conflict with Connor's posts. So since he is MIA I will continue that series. I will just pick it up from where I stopped.........I guess unless there is a popular demand to start from the beginning. It will mean double posts for the most part, but it has been quite awhile since I started that series.

"Blast from the Past" consisted of re-posting my "Original ZIOH Journal" entry and reflecting on the content and making some observations with the eyes of now a Zero Carb vet. Things like what was I doing right or wrong or indifferent...... I guess. I will try to start it this weekend. I don't know at this time if it will be daily......semi-daily or weekly so I will reveal it on that post. 

Look-It: I gotta really think hard about it so that I stay on track with the "Blast in the Past" series. I don't want to keep folks waiting and wondering for the next post. I want to deliver it on a timely manner. I feel that a weekly post would be too long of a time in-between, so I am leaning to a daily or semi-daily post. We will see this weekend.  

OK: Things to GO - Well I sorta did some of that already. I changed the old look of the blog to give it a cleaner look. What else needs to go. Maybe I will revamp the "Recipe Tab" and add more recipes and make it look nicer. It is a little below standards. I will look into making it more functional and better organized. 

OK: Or NOT........ I don't know why I wrote that......really. My, my what is a (ZC)er to do??? 

Once again I have confused myself......... be nice!!!

Have a wonder day my Zero Carb Family and Friends. Keep in the Fight and Do whats Right!!! Always, Always Battle On!!!

(ZC)er Risen from the ASHES



Thursday, December 3, 2015

12/3/2015 - Walk the LINE or NOT

Greetings Family, Friends,

Well, here we are again.......again you say? Again indeed!!! What was that all about??? Here we go again.....good gravy (oops) I meant good grief!!! Was that you again Cyber Mom? Where's Bob when I need him??? Hahaha!!!

So, what's the moral of the title of this Journal Entry "Walk the LINE or NOT"?  Hmmm............what can it be all about? Well my good people of course it is about Zero Carb don't ya know? HA! I get emails asking me advice on how to eat or handle eating at parties or out with friends and such. 

My simple answer: WALK THE LINE OR NOT!

Look-It: There is no such thing as cheat days, cheat situations or cheat anything. You either "Walk the LINE or NOT", that simple ...... that simple indeed!!! 

Love me, hate me or whatever............ that is my stance. If you use your noodle (oops) I meant brain, you can figure your way out of every situation concerning this Way of Eating (WOE). Yes, you can. Been there, done that and will do it again and again and again. You have to have a a "Will of Steel" and most of all you must plan. Most failures on the Zero Carb Lifestyle (ZCL) is related to poor planning.

Zero Carb eating has to be one of the easiest, simple ways of eating. All you have to do is eat. Nothing special about that... right? That is unless when we make it hard by making bad choices. So if you decide to live this lifestyle and reap the rewards of good if not GREAT HEALTH more power to you: JUST WALK THE LINE.

Dang that sounded like one of your old sermons Dave! Cyber Mom are you making fun of me again??? Hahaha!!! 

As for me: I WALK THE LINE!!!

Have a great Zero Carb Day my Family and Friends. Walk the LINE with Me. The choice is yours......... it always has been. Keep On Keeping On and Always Battle On!!!

(ZC)er Can you hear me NOW



Tuesday, December 1, 2015

12/1/2015 - For Whom the Carb Tolls........Not ME!

Greetings Family, Friends and all those are visiting,

I have to say that I had a most wonderful time at the Gun Show in Dallas last Saturday. I went with two of my dearest friends. Actually another dear friend was supposed to come along too, but he was not able to make it. Boy was it cold and a little wet.

So what did Dave eat? We all met at my house and jumped into my friends 4-door truck at 7 AM and started down the road. None of us ate breakfast that morning. So about three quarters of the way we stopped at a What-A-Burger (a Texas Tradition). OK, so what's on the menu for Dave? Biscuits... Gravy .....Hash browns ........ Pancakes...Breakfast tacos........ the list just goes on and on and on ....jeez!!! So, I had Biscuits with extra Gravy ........... NOT!!!

Thankfully this place has a full menu from start to finish, so I ordered three (3) large beef hamburger patties with cheese, OH YEAH!!! They even put it in a nice container and supplied a fork and knife. Now that's customer service in a fast food joint!

We got to the gun show around 10:30 AM. Boy oh boy was it fun. Prices have come down a bit and I was tempted to make some purchases, but I just window shopped. So, around 1:00 PM the boys were getting a little hungry. We were not going out to eat, so the options were a small snack area they set up with all the carb filled delights you could imagine. So, I put my little head to work and came up with a plan.

THE PLAN: OK, so I always visit a booth set up by Don's Smokehouse. They sell all kinds of Jerky, Smoked Sausage, Cheese and my favorite Summer Sausage. Since the guys really only wanted a snack and a drink, I went to Don's booth and told them I wanted to buy a couple of sticks of Jalapeno Cheese Summer Sausage and if they would be kind enough to cut up one of the sticks. Since they serve samples they had the tools to cut it up and even provide some small plates and plastic forks. Their products are all natural with no fillers just pure DELIGHT!!! I gotta tellya the boys were in pure heaven with the summer sausage. The YUM factor was through the roof!!! 

OK, now on the way home again the boys got a little hungry. At this point I was good for a little some some too. So, another Texas tradition is a super nice truck stop called Buc-ee's. They have the cleanest restrooms in the WEST......hahaha!!! This place is huge beyond belief. They have a meat counter, jerky, fudge, and a fast food joint that makes all the usual suspects. So, what is a Zero Carber to eat in such a place??? Well, I already had beef burgers earlier that I ordered two (2) sliced beef brisked sandwiches minus the buns and sauce. It was actually pretty good. 

Have a wonderful Zero Carb day my Family and Friends. Battles are won daily, yet the War still rages on. Live Long, Stay Strong and Always Battle On!!!

(ZC)er Road Warrior



Friday, November 27, 2015

11/27/2015 - Dave's Zero Carb Thanksgiving Adventure

Greetings Friends and Family,

I hope all had a wonderful Thanksgiving for those who celebrate it. I had a great time with family and friends. I ended up going to a relative's home this year for the celebration. It was nice not to be the main cook as I have been in the past. I don't mind pitching in with the clean up, but when folks come to my home for the celebration my loved one and I are the ones who end up cleaning up with no offers to help. OK, enough with the drama hahaha!!!

Any seasoned Zero Carber can tell you that sometimes it can be challenging not just eating out with friends and family, but holidays can be especially difficult for those new to this Way of Eating (WOE). It is so tempting to say "Oh well it's the holiday, I can teat myself today"........jeez what a giant killer!

Giant Killer indeed!!! Some folks don't understand that cheating on this way of eating can be the "Path of No RETURN". As any experienced ZCer can tell you carbs can be very addictive. 

Anyhow I had a real nice time yesterday visiting withe family and friends and meeting new people. I ended up taking a 14 pound smoked Turkey all carved up and ready to eat. To tell you the truth I enjoy roasted Turkey much more especially if I made it. OK, I am not shy to boast about my cooking hahaha!!! Mines comes out moist and delish with the tons of herb butter I slather under and above the skin. I just love the dark meat. 

So when folks I don't know observe me eating a plate full of meat the question is always "why just meat?" then I go into my Zero Carb rant....... then they look at me like I am crazy and shrug their shoulders and later complain how their gut is hurting with all those carbs expanding and expanding and expanding............

I just eat and smile because I am full, yet not hurting at all. That is the beauty of this way of eating. You eat until you are full and stop. No aching guts, just satisfaction of eating a great tasty meal. 

I had a good if not Great time making new friends and discussing my way of eating curious folks. They almost always call it a low carb diet and I try to explain the difference and some get it and some just don't. 

Tomorrow I am on my way to a gun show with friends in Dallas.....hmm I wonder what I will be eating.............ya never know until you get there......

Have a Great Zero Carb Day, Live Long, Stay Strong and Always Battle On!!!

(ZC)er The One, The Only



Wednesday, November 25, 2015

11/25/2015 - The Zero Carb Diet? SAVED BY ZERO

Greetings friends, family and everyone else that ventured this way,

The Zero Carb Diet..............NOT. What the heck is he talking about anyway???? Who said that? Is that you Cyber Mom? Just when I thought Bob was keeping you inline........jeez!!!

To be or not to be...........NOT TO BE! What's with the riddles? 

Riddles indeed!!! 

OK Look It: Yes, I have been guilty of calling this Way of Eating (WOE) a zero carb diet.......why? Why not? I think I just confused myself..........imagine that??? Hahaha (scary)!!!!!

To the point Dave! To the point indeed!!! 

OK enough fooling around and double talk. I have used the word DIET to try to connect with folks. Yes, I know diet can mean many things thank you very much. YET, for the most part we all know that the majority of folks think of the word "DIET" as a temporary FIX to lose WEIGHT. Right??? ........Anyone????.......Yes, that means you and me. At least for the most part.

My point..........OK: Folks this is a way of LIFE forever and ever and so on. Believe it or not. No quick fix here. Only Life, Liberty and a Pursuit of HAPPINESS. 

Coming to a Theater near you: Dave's Zero Carb Thanksgiving Adventure. Rated G for General Audiences. 

OK, I needed to stretch my Feet on this Wayward Blog. Until tomorrow, have a great Zero Card Day! Fight the Good Figth and Always Battle On!!!

(ZC)er Saved by Zero



Tuesday, November 24, 2015

11/24/2015 - I once was Lost, but now am Found

Greetings Friends and Family,

What happened here? This place looks abandoned........looks can be deceiving. Yes, they can.  

I thought I would give the place a little face-lift.......sorta, kinda. There are a lot of questions that I need to answer and some information I want to share....but, not too much.

Some personal things must stay personal.......nothing to do with this way of eating. 

OK: I will post a Thanksgiving post chocked full of wisdom, experience and all that jazz. 

It's good to be back here, it's good to see that readership has been strong for an unadvertised blog and for as long as people come here this blog will stand. I can always count on my dear friend and co-contributor Denis.

So in less than two (2) days I will post again. Til then: Stay Strong, Live Long and Always Battle On!!!

(ZC)er The Best is yet to Come



Tuesday, June 9, 2015


I do not have a lot of details about Connor's sleeping habits (and health conditions ect.), but one thing that could nicely explain Connor’s sleeping pattern is called the “Delayed sleep-phase disorder”.  It is much more common then we may think and, sadly, even more under-diagnosed.

To make it simple, it is a dysregulation of the circadian rhythm of one person, compared to the general population. Which means the timing of sleep and the period of alertness are different form the other people.

Normally, these folks need to go to bed late to fall asleep (usually from 2 to 4 hours later then the general population) and would naturally sleep late in the morning to compensate. But because of the reality of having to get up to work in the morning, they develop insomnia as they cannot respect their particular sleeping pattern.

Consequences? Because they have to wake up early in the morning, when they come home after work (AND if they have the possibility, meaning living alone or/and no kids or/and a comprehensive spouse…) they usually tend to go straight to bed to get the extra hours of sleep they need. Then they wake up sometime in the evening and manage to fall asleep only very late in the night.

At the end of the day, they still get all the sleep hours they need but in two parts, usually 4-5 hours early in the morning and 4-5 hours late in the day. Trying to follow the regular sleep pattern of the general population is useless, as it does not respect their particular rhythm.

Some treatments are available but they tend to fail on the long run. The best thing is to go along with one’s sleeping pattern by adjusting the rest periods with one’s working schedule.

To summarize all this, I wouldn’t be to concern with Connor’s sleeping pattern. The only real problem is to integrate it in a normal social life. But already doing a Zero Carb diet, I am sure Connor has learn to deal with “social pressure to be in the norms”…!!!


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