Monday, January 26, 2015

Connor's Zero Carb Diet Journey Day 2

Today was a pretty good day. I managed to make it without cheating. I weighed myself to find out that I gained 2 pounds. That did not discourage me and I will continue to weigh myself every morning for measurement of my weight. As long as I eat the right way the weight will come off. I ended up fasting in the morning drinking water and some black coffee. I work very early in the morning and did not feel hunger until around 11am. I made some pot roast last night and had it for my first meal. I was surprised how long it held my hunger. I had some errands to do after work and did not get home until around 5:30 pm. I cooked some ground beef in a pan. I just crumbled it. I added two slices of bacon. I put the meat into a bowl leaving the drippings and juice in the pan and added butter. I fried two eggs easy over and then dumped the whole thing on top of the meat. In retrospect I could have eaten a little less for my second meal. At least I could have skipped the eggs. The ground beef was about a pound more or less. I told a lady friend at work what I was doing and she was very supportive. She knows that I have been trying zero carb on and off. I think I overate a little tonight in fear that I may have some carb cravings. Now that I have eaten the meat, eggs and fat drippings, I feel really full with no desire to eat anything more at all. Dave once told me not to be afraid to overeat in the beginning of zero carb and that things would balance out. I have been down this road before and know the drill and have been successful for a decent amount of time. I do understand what I need to do. The problem is following through with it. Today was a good day and I will take it at that and wait for tomorrow. Thanks again for the support.  That's it for now.

Morning fast: water and black coffee

1st meal: about 14 ounces of medium well pot roast

2nd meal: 1 lb of crumble ground beef, 2 bacon strips and two eggs

Start weight:
260 lbs

Current weight:
262 lbs


  1. Good deal Connor, just eat and don't worry about weight loss at this time. You need a couple of weeks of solid Zero Carbing to let your body adjust. Of course it differs from person to person.


  2. I gained the first month, but my body shrunk. Praying for your success.

  3. Thanks Dave and Lana B for the support. Lana thanks for sharing and your prayers.

  4. As Dave did, I'm going to suggest that you not weigh every day. Seeing that number not move can be powerfully negative. If you feel you must weigh then I would think MAYBE once a week would be plenty. Remember...the scale lies!



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