Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Connor's Zero Carb Diet Journey Day 3

Today was a little rough. Not on the eating part. It was the physical part. Later yesterday after I posted I began to feel nauseous. I think I can contribute that to the amount of fat I ate at my second meal. If that was not bad enough I had diarrhea most of the night. This resulted in very little sleep. I did not mention yesterday that I did not get much sleep because of the excitement of everything going on with starting this diet. After I got home today I made some chicken salad from some left over chicken. It was a combination of light and dark meat and mayo. It was plain and good. I grew up eating chicken salad and really enjoy it. The only real thing missing was the green onions. I would had put some in, but I was all out. After I ate I laid down and fell asleep. I just got up before posting right now. I am glad that I did not sleep until the morning and skipped posting here. This journal is very important to me. I am approaching zero carb in a different light and a different understanding thanks to the advice of Dave and all the reading I have been doing. I will probably stay up for a couple of hours  and prepare for tomorrows meals as much as I can, then catch up on some much needed sleep that I have missed the last two nights. Besides feeling tired everything seems alright. I was so tired today at work I did not have time to crave carbs. Just joking. I noticed a nice drop in weight. I am sure that that came from having the runs all night. That's it for now.

Morning fast: water and black coffee

1st meal: about 14 ounces of medium well pot roast

2nd meal: 16 ounces of homemade chicken salad

Start weight:
260 lbs

Current weight:
259 lbs


  1. The runs probably caused by consuming more fat than usual. That's what happens to me, although my guts are now adapted to a pretty good amount of fat.

  2. You have all my support and attention Connor.

    Maybe we should stop focusing on loosing weight and accept that "Zero Carb with no weight loss" and even "Zero Carb with extra weight" is also an option for excellent health.

    Carbohydrates are poisonnous EVEN IF THEY ARE AVAILABLE EVERYWHERE WITH THE APPROBATION OF OUR AUTHORITIES. And we have a lot of pression to eat them, even from the smartest people in our society, because THEY simply do not want to stop eating them as they are so addictive; and so, they will invent anything to support their say.

    Our body was designed to eat animal products, to metabolize animal products, to survive on animal products.

    I would like to find the good words to motivate you, to support you, to help you in the difficult moments you are going through.

    They only "strong thing" I can find, even if I hate saying it and find it very pretentious, is that "WE ARE THE CHOSEN". Having had the chance to dicover Zero Carb, having had enough brain to try to think "out of the box" and having had the courage to give it a try, make us THE CHOSEN.

    I personnaly do not do Zero Carb to reach 100 years old. I do not do Zero Carb to look sexier or prettier (in fact, I do look better with extra weight...). I do Zero Carb to feel well HERE AND NOW. Zero Carb is the speedy way to well-being and health recovery. Maybe LC or VLCD or HFLC diets can be other good options but Zero Carb is certainly the best and fastest way to get out of the hell it seems you have reach. And reaching "the bottom" is often the only way to realize YOU HAVE NO OTHER OPTION.

    Relax. Stop thinking about carbs. Live your life the way you were intend to live it.

    In harmony.


  3. Connor, it looks like you have a few good souls backing you up. You know that you have my support and the others have been really supportive of you. Don't be afraid of reaching out if needed. As you well know these first few weeks can be hell in some cases as your body adjusts to the Zero Carb Lifestyle. Keep in the Fight!!!



  4. Thanks Teri, Denis and Dave. I agree Teri, I should know better than that. Denis thank you so much for your offer of support. I will email you with any special questions that I may have concerning issues or concerns. Also I know that losing weight is automatic for following this way of eating. I like your idea of us being chosen. It takes a lot to go down this path and believe me I want it real bad. Dave as always thank you for your super enthusiasm. You help more people than you really know.



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