Friday, January 30, 2015

Connor's Zero Carb Diet Journey Day 6

I can't believe it's been 6 days without a cheat. I can't remember the last time I went 6 straight days without eating intentional carbs. Some foods will have trace amounts of carbs and that does not bother me. I really want to thank Denis, Teri and Tom for their great advice. If my weight goes up or down at this point it is no big concern. I know in the big picture my body will naturally adjust to it's proper size. I just need to finally get rid of the carbs and condition it to a healthy state. I look at it as if my body is beat up and it is in the healing process. It will take awhile for the process to shift in a positive way. In the meantime I will not get discouraged if I do not see weight loss. Believe me I have a whole different attitude than that of the past. You could say that my views about zero carb have matured. This is not a race and I will get there when my body is in the right condition to get me there.

I like my eating patterns right now. My morning fast is not really all that new. I really don't like eating in the early morning. If I am hungry in the morning I will eat. I really don't know if black coffee is really affecting my addiction to carbs. I might think of lowering my consumption of it, but I don't think that I will ever really consider giving it up totally. I know that I will not give up iced tea. I do drink it plain without anything added to it. I will consider not weighing myself. To tell you the truth it does not discourage me at all. In fact seeing that I am somewhat stable is really good. I have been gaining weight at a rate that has made me really concerned. My main concern is breaking down and giving in to an impulse to satisfy an unexpected carb craving. I did not have any cravings today. I am also considering just eating beef in one form or another during the work week and eating other proteins on the weekends such as chicken, seafood, pork, eggs and so on. I have decided that while technically dairy is somewhat accepted with the zero carb way of eating, I will stay away from it except in the form of butter. I do enjoy a bulletproof coffee every now and then. These things I limit to eating on the weekends and see from there. I think this is good start. At this point going strict water and beef might push me too hard. No change on the scale at this point. That's it for now.

Morning fast: water, ice tea and black coffee

1st meal:14 ounces of medium well pot roast

2nd meal:14 ounces of medium well pot roast

Start weight:
260 lbs

Current weight:
259 lbs


  1. Tom, I'm not sure what you mean by High caffeine I don't drink pots of coffee a day or pitches of Iced Tea. For me a cup of coffee is 6 ozs not those mega mugs and only one and it's not everyday. I can go weeks without it. I drink for the flavor not the rush.

    Also Tom to be frank with you my main focus right now is eliminating carbs in foods. I am not going to go beyond that at this point in my life. It is really not up to debate or consideration at this time. Believe me I do appreciate you bringing that aspect of addiction to light, but it is not within my main focus at this time.

    1. Sorry Connor, but Tom is a SPAMMER and is banned from posting comments here. We don't nasty little people like him to stand on his soap box to give him some type of platform for his views. I guess no one listens to him and he has to find little blogs like this one to stir things up.



  2. Hi Connor, six days down indeed!!! I like your attitude towards your Zero Carb (ZC) Journey. Repair that body of yours and everything will fall into place. I am living proof of that my friend. Remember the key to success is preparation. I hope some of those tips I discussed with you during our coaching sessions have played a positive role in your quest for good if not Great Health. As far as posting your weight daily? It is totally up to you. It never bothered me during my weight loss side of my Journey. If it does not bother you....well then post it. If it bothers you at all, well don't post it. Pretty simple.

    Remember if you need help just ask. We are here to support you. Keep posting and don't hold back. You can always email me for things you feel that you don't want to be in public. No worries!! Battle On!!!





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