Saturday, February 14, 2015

Connor's Zero Carb Diet Journey Day 21

Today marks three weeks on the zero card way of eating. I am so excited that I have went so long with only minor issues. It was a really nice day outside, but I decided to stay in for the most part and rest. I have recently posted that I live a sedentary lifestyle. It's true I don't exercise much at all. I have tried things here and there in the past and recent past, but it never adds up to much. Right now the most important thing to me concerning health is maintaining a zero carb diet. If I have plans to exercise in the future it is way off in the distance. I am taking this one step at a time day by day. I don't want to jeopardize the progress I have made so far. Besides the few bouts with the runs a few incidents with cravings things are good. I really feel real good. I guess it could be described as relaxed. I am not worrying about what I am going to shove in my moth the next minuet or anything like that. I just eat my meals and move on. It takes some burden off my back. I not an expert on zero carb or anything like that. I know the basics and understand the concept and have seen great results. I am just focusing on the eating part and I am not going to get caught up the trace carb thing that some people get into when they go on this diet. I have read where they look at trace carbs in spices and other things. I guess they forget that those small things don't really make a lot of difference for most people. It's not like eating a bag of chips or a bowl of pasta. I think if you want spices on foods then eat them. I am taking baby steps. If one day I think of cutting back or eliminating them I will. That is so minor compared to getting on board full time with this lifestyle change. I do admire those who can eat just plain meat. I am not there yet or I don't know if I need to ever get there. All I know is that I need to stay on this path and become successful for the long run. No change on the scale and nothing else to report. I want to thank again Teri and Dave for coming by and giving me support. 

Morning fast: water

1st meal: 3 eggs, 5 strips of bacon, 4 oz pan sausage, coffee and water

2nd meal: 1 1/2 pounds of rotisserie chicken salad and water

Start weight:
260 lbs

Current weight:
253.5 lbs

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