Monday, February 23, 2015

Connor's Zero Carb Diet Journey Day 30

I guess I can mark today as 1 solid month on zero carb. I feel really good right now. I had no cravings for carbs and I feel rested. I had no major events at work today. Funny thing happened at home after work. I started to prepare my outdoor grill to cook a bunch of burgers. So I started my gas grill on high in order to clean it off and kill anything on it since the last time I used it. After I lit it up I went inside. As I mentioned yesterday the weather around here is getting bad. It is cold and wet. The temperature is dropping a lot. It is in the high 30's. I was determined to use my outdoor grill because I can cook a whole bunch at one time and I like the taste. After a few minutes I went to check it and start to brush it off only to find out I ran out of propane. I was really disappointed. First I would not get that great taste of an outdoor grill and second I had to cook many mini batches on my indoor mini grill. It can cook up to 4 large burgers at a time. It took me hours to cook the 6 1/2 pounds of ground beef. Also it there is a lot more clean up when cooking indoors. I also cooked my second meal of the day on the indoor grill. It came out good, but I was also planning to use the outdoor grill for that too. One good thing came of all this is that my house smells of grilled burgers. That should knock out any temptation of wanting to cheat with carbs. Another day down without incident. This time around things are looking up. I am just taking my time adjusting and appreciating this new lifestyle. My body feels good, really good. I even feel a sense of calm. I don't know if it is the diet or knowing that I have a positive direction in my life to finally get myself in really good health. Although I had no movement on the scale, I have noticed that my tight clothes are starting to loosen up a little. Thanks everyone for your support.

Morning fast: water

1st meal: 8 oz of beef ribs, water water and coffee

2nd meal:  14 oz rib eye steak and water

Start weight:
260 lbs

Current weight:
252.5 lbs


  1. If your clothes are beginning to feel loose, it means you are burning much more fat then you think. The reason the scale is not showing it is you are probably building some muscle at the same time (even with no exercise). This was demonstrated with many studies. If you had done a "fat/lean mass measurement test" before beginning your month of Zero Carb, this would have shown up nicely.


    1. Thanks Denis, I remember reading some journals in the past about the same effect on others doing zero carb. This really encourages me.



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