Friday, March 6, 2015

Connor's Zero Carb Diet Journey Day 41

Those boneless beef ribs are really good. I cut down the amount I ate for my second meal because they were so filling. I am looking forward to eating something different over the weekend. I stopped at Kroger on my way home looking for mark downs. I came across a couple of packages of chicken drumsticks for 69 cents a pound marked down from 1.49 a pound. I am thinking about either grilling them or putting them in the rotisserie. I have not made my mind up. I might make booth and use one for chicken salad and the other as back up food that I can freeze. I got invited to go out to eat for lunch at work to a Chinese buffet. One of the guys there invites me once in awhile and in the past I would go even if I brought lunch. I would not eat the lunch I brought and just go with him. I told him thank you, but I had an early lunch. Deep inside I wanted to say yes. I know that is not good. I have not lost that craving for that kind of food. At least not all the time. Chinese buffets have a lot of meat. The problem is that they are always for the most part in some type of sauce that has starch thickeners. Or starch and sugar. I have been to a few that offer some things I can eat such as plain boiled shrimp or steamed snow crab. Some even have grilled meats. Although I am worried that the grilled meats might have been marinaded in some sort of starch or sugar. So if I can't depend on boiled shrimp, I just stay away from them. I really do hate having the feeling that I wanted to really go. I am glad that I was strong to say no. Yet knowing that I could have had a moment of weakness like in the past makes me a little uneasy. That's why this time around I am just focusing in getting my body and mind in the right place. The weight will come off. I have not doubt about that at all. I know I am talking in circles. As I write I keep thinking what if I caved in. It gives me a strange feeling inside. Almost as if I did cheat. I don't like that feeling especially since I know that I did the right thing. I think I dwelt on that enough. I am looking forward to a nice bacon, egg and pan sausage meal tomorrow. I had planned on giving bacon and sausage a break for awhile,but I found a stash of both hidden away in the freezer in my refrigerator in the garage. So I put them out to defrost. I am not going to deprive myself of everything zero carb. I did really good not caving in at lunch time and I feel like this is a little reward. I don't think I am wrong. Am I? No movement on the scale today. Thanks again everyone for your support and nice comments.

Morning fast: water and coffee

1st meal: 16 oz boneless beef ribs and water

2nd meal: 10 oz boneless beef ribs and water

Start weight:
260 lbs

Current weight:
252 lbs


  1. I come back to your blog every day to see how you've been doing Connor. Good job on avoiding the Chinese Buffet. I think you are 100% right about ONLY focusing on eating zero carb and not worrying about losing weight or restricting food types within zero carb. Whatever you need to do to stay on the zero carb course. You will lose weight eventually. But the focus needs to be now that you eat as much zero carb now as you want, to help prevent any deviations from zero carb. Each day, you body will become a better fat burner, until one day, you won't crave carbs anymore, because you body feels that it is getting all the nutrition it needs from what you are providing it. That fat adaptation period is a long one (at least it has been for me).

    1. I really appreciate your comments and support. It really helps out to read comments like yours. I don't know how long you been on zero carb, but I wish you continued success. There are not many of us out there and we needed each other for support and guidance. Thank you.

  2. Connor your are right on track. I agree 100% with the commentator above. Eat, eat and eat again. Sounds crazy to those who think you can't eat all you want and lose weight. Yes you can!!! On Zero Carb you will naturally adjust to what is right for your body. IT JUST HAPPENS! Hey I did not make the rules, NATURE DID! And what a good if not Great job it did INDEED!!! Keep in the Fight, Do what's Right and Always Battle On!!!

    (ZC)er For those who DARE



    1. Dave like you I agree with the first comment. I can't thank you and Denis enough for this blog. It really helps out a lot. Thanks for your continuing support.



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