Sunday, March 8, 2015

Connor's Zero Carb Diet Journey Day 43

I ended up baking the one of the packages of chicken legs. These were huge family size packages. I got a little lazy. I say that because I intended to grill them out on the outside grill. Then I thought of pan frying them in oil. Then I thought that was too much work so I seasoned them with season salt and a little extra onion and garlic powder. I then cooked them on 350 in the oven for an hour on a metal sheet. They came out really juicy and full of flavor. I mean they were really good. I intended to eat only 4 because they were huge. Then I ate another then another. At that point I was full. Not stuffed. Just really satisfied. I got ahead of myself because I ate the chicken not too long ago. For my first meal I had another great egg, bacon and pan sausage mix. I like to break up the cooked bacon and sausage into large bits and then pour the sunny side eggs on top. I then chop up the eggs to let the yolks run over the meat with a little of the pan grease. I take my time and eat slow and savor the flavor of everything mixed together. I know this is not for everyone. I just really enjoy it very much. That's why I eat it really slow. That along with a cup of coffee makes my day for that first meal. So I ended up eating 2 great meals that were very zero carb friendly. I had some movement on the scale. Only this time it went up a little. I am not worried about it in the least. I will keep doing what I do and things will only get better. Lots of great comments today. @tomaste, Cat and Dave a special thank you for your comments and support. 

Morning fast: water

1st meal: 3 eggs. 6 strips of bacon 6 oz of pan sausage, coffee and water

2nd meal: 6 large baked chicken legs, ice tea and water

Start weight:
260 lbs

Current weight:
252.5 lbs


  1. Connor those Chicken Legs sound like a winner to me! No worries on the weight. I surprised that it does not fluctuate more often. Just stay the path and Zero Carb will do the rest. Battle On!!!

    (ZC)er Time after TIME



    1. Thanks Dave! I am not worried about my weight at this time at all. I am in it for the long run and will keep positive.



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