Monday, March 9, 2015

Connor's Zero Carb Diet Journey Day 44

I had a pretty normal day at work. Nothing much to report there. Other than the rituals of my co-workers eating their breakfast. I notice that it is almost always high carb loaded. Mostly in the form of hot or cold cereal. Or they have something sweet like a cinnamon bun or other pastry. Once in awhile someone buys breakfast tacos from the ladies that clean the office. They sell them as they go by the offices to clean. Frankly I would not trust to eat them myself if I was still eating that type of thing. I am very conscious of eating in clean places, at least to my knowledge. The reason I mention this is not to put them down. They are always complaining about their weight. I suggest to them to cut down their carbs a little but they don't take me seriously. Although one of them told me that she lost a lot of weight years ago on weight watchers. She describe eating mostly meat and high fiber vegetables. I encouraged her to go back to that way of eating. She just shrugged her shoulders and kept eating her hot cereal. I thought it was my obligation to tell her because I think she is a good person and I want to see her gain better health. No movement of the scale today. I cut back a little on the boneless beef ribs only because I was really full before I would finish them and I wanted to see if I was overeating. I still felt satisfied with the amounts I ate. So I am not sure if I will cut down tomorrow or not. 

Morning fast: water and coffee

1st meal: 10 oz boneless beef ribs and water

2nd meal: 10 oz boneless beef ribs ice tea and water

Start weight:
260 lbs

Current weight:
252.5 lbs


  1. No worries Connor. Eat what feels right. At this stage eating more is no big deal. You might not lose weight, but you understand that in this phase for "you" the important thing is to steer yourself in the right direction. You have the rest of your life to lose weight. If you feel comfortable with a little less then go for it. If it gives you just the slightest cravings for carbs then you make the adjustment that fits you. Battle On!!!

    (ZC)er One Size Does Not Fit ALL



  2. Thanks Dave. I am not worried at all about my weight. I will adjust my intake of food to match my hunger.



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