Thursday, March 12, 2015

Connor's Zero Carb Diet Journey Day 47

I can't believe that I did not title my last post. I realized it and updated the post with a post title. I guess I had too many things on my mind last night. I am really excited about my doctor’s visit tomorrow. No offense to any doctors out there, but I have been to some really good doctors with great interests with my health and then I have been to some that made me feel like a number. The doctor tomorrow will be someone that I have never seen before. So I will report my experience with him tomorrow. What is it with offices and doughnuts? I understand the correlation with cops and doughnuts. Today my boss brings these things to my office and again I say thank you, but I am on a diet. I have told him in the recent past that I am on an all protein diet and he just said OK with a little smile. I don't expect him to remember or care. Still it would be nice not to have these things waved under my nose. I am not there yet as far as not being tempted. That is just the truth. I want to be strong and think that there is no way I would stumble. Right now I just don't know day to day if I would actually give in to a moment of weakness. To change the subject, I just have enough boneless beef ribs for tomorrow. I will cook up a big batch of burgers and maybe some sausage on Saturday. Dave has told me that it is OK to eat sausage that does not have fillers. I am sure it has been mentioned on this blog that many of the small Texas sausage manufacturers make great sausage that is nothing like the national brands. They are made in small country towns and are really delicious. They are made in natural casings to boot. A real popular brand is chappell hill sausage made at Chappell Hill Texas which is not all that far away from here about 50 miles away. That would be a fun day trip. I believe they have a big annual festival over there. Their meat market has a variety of other meats as I have seen on their website. I had a move on the scale today. I dropped a half a pound. I usually report pounds lost and gained in .5 pounds. It is just easier that way for me. Thanks Dave and Monica for the extra support. Thanks everyone for visiting and reading. 

Morning fast: water and coffee

1st meal: 10 oz boneless beef ribs and water

2nd meal: 10 oz boneless beef ribs ice tea and water

Start weight:
260 lbs

Current weight:
251.5 lbs

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