Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Connor's Zero Carb Diet Journey Day 53

What I thought was going to be another mundane day at work turned out to be a struggle for sanity. I know that sounds a little dramatic. Today started like any other workday. My manager asked me and another coworker to pick up some things for an employee appreciation lunch that he was sponsoring for my group. I usually do not make the run to pick things up for these types of events. The person I was going with always makes the runs with another guy who was not at work today. So I got volunteered by my boss. I really did not think anything of it until we made our final stop at Domino's pizza. Apparently my boss had already placed the order for 25 large pizzas and we went to pick them up after a stop at Kroger to pick up some plates, napkins, drinks and a few other items which was what I thought to be the extent of our trip. So we stopped at Domino's and pick up the pizzas. It still did not occur to me what was about to hit me like a hammer within a few minuets. Keep in mind we are in a company vehicle, a Ford Escape to be exact. So we put the pizzas in the back seat, because the cargo area had the other things we picked up earlier at Kroger. Within seconds the vehicle began to have an overwhelming powerful smell of pizza. Every breath I took was like eating a slice of pizza. The ride back to the office took around 20 minuets. All sorts of ideas went racing through my mind. I guess I was trying to justify idea of eating pizza. To be honest the smell of pizza was pleasant to me and I could imagine myself indulging in a few slices. When it sunk into me that I was willing to throw it all away for a simple moment of gratification, it sicken me. I have worked really hard to make it this far and am ashamed to admit of even entertaining the thought of committing such an act. Of course I had originally thought I would just scrap off the toppings of an all meat pizza. Somehow that would make it OK. As we unloaded the vehicle back at the office I came to my sense. During the informal luncheon I slipped out for awhile to reflect about the event. I was ashamed and proud of myself at the same time. Ashamed because I had several moments of weakness and proud because I did not follow through with it. Still the whole event was unsettling. No movement on the scale. I appreciate everyone's support.

Morning fast: water and coffee

1st meal: 14 oz of grilled burgers and water

2nd meal: 14 oz of grilled burgers, 6 oz sausage and water

Start weight:
260 lbs

Current weight:

251 lbs


  1. Connor, this was actually a great experience. Life is going to present all kinds of these challenges for you and you succeeded. Just like lifting weights causes stress to muscles and then they get stronger. If we never expose ourselves to stress we won't get stronger. You are doing awesome and I bet you are feeling a huge sense of accomplishment. Reading about your thoughts and challenges is so inspiring and helpful for me and everyone else reading your blog. Everyday you build more momentum. Awesome job!!


    1. Monica a million thanks for your thoughtful comments of support. I try everyday to be strong. I try to take this journey day by day. That really helps me out with any stress. At least for the most part. When unexpected things pop up I just try to do my best. I have to succeed this time around. I refuse to fail. This is for life.



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