Monday, March 23, 2015

Connor's Zero Carb Diet Journey Day 58

The good news is that the almost .5 pounds that I gained disappeared. Work was a little hectic today. We had 3 call offs and one employee was on vacation making us really short. I ended up wearing many hats today. I guess I really earned my paycheck. As the day wore on things settle down a bit. I took my beef  back ribs to work. Now this is something that I would not usually take to work because it is really greasy and I tend to make a mess eating them. In my morning preparation at home before I left to work I deboned the meat. It was a little time consuming. The end results were great. Although we were busy I got to eat my first meal of the day without any interruptions. Nothing else to mention about my day at work. Another good thing was the weather outside was really nice so I was able to grill my boneless beef ribs on the outdoor grill. I almost forgot to mention that on the way home I stopped by a Kroger to pick up some bottled water and found a keeper in the marked down section of the meat market. I found one whole chicken regular price 1.16 a pound for .58 cents a pound. I was really happy to see that considering that I planned to use the outdoor grill today. I wanted to eat all beef during the work week. I am just going to have to make a little exception with this find. I did not want to freeze it because it was fresh. When I go home I took out the beef that I had in the refrigerator and laid out the meat on a big cutting board to let it get to room temperature. I then washed the chicken and cut in in half lengthwise. I seasoned it with garlic and onion powder. Then with a little salt and pepper. I also put it on a cutting board to bring it to room temperature. To be honest I ended up taking a little nap while waiting. I am trying to break that cycle because I want a good night sleep. If I take a nap after work I tend to stay up way too late. After a couple of hours I got up to check on the boneless beef ribs and the chicken halves. They were still a little cool. That's OK I don't need them to get all the way down in order to cook them. I know that the boneless beef ribs will cook rather fast because I want them a little rare. The chicken halves on the other hand need to be cooked all the way. Just about everyone knows that a chicken does not cook evenly. The white meat cooks much faster than the dark meat. So I used an indirect heat method to cook it at a lower temperature. I had a little cherry wood so I used a little to give it some extra flavor. The aroma was killing me it smelled so good. I ended up eating some fresh boneless beef ribs for my second meal of the day. When the chicken was done it looked a little like smoked chicken. The skin a real nice color to it. I wrapped the chicken halves in aluminum foil and let it rest for awhile. When it cooled down I used the same foil by cutting it in half and wrapped each chicken half in its own envelope. I then placed them in the refrigerator along with the boneless beef ribs in which I stored in a large freezer bag. Right now I have not decided if I will take chicken or beef to work tomorrow for my first meal of the day. As mentioned I had a small movement on the scale in the bonus area. I am feeling really good about my zero carb journey at this point. I feel that I am getting stronger everyday. I know some people out there may adapt to this way of eating much faster than I am. Please remember that I have failed twice because my approach to it was solely to a degree was to lose weight. This time around losing weight is a bonus, but my main goal to adjust to this way of eating for life. I like losing weight of course. It is not my main goal right now. It will come at the right time. I just want to focus on my health. Speaking about health I will post my lab results tomorrow. They came in and I want to share them with you. I really appreciate all of you that come by to read and show some support.

Morning fast: coffee and water

1st meal: 14 oz of beef back ribs and water

2nd meal: 10 oz of boneless beef ribs, ice tea and water

Start weight:
260 lbs

Current weight:

250.5 lbs


  1. The chicken sounds fabulous! Glad to see you are still just focusing on remaining 100% ZC. The weight loss will happen. I am impressed that you are able to keep the big picture in focus!

    1. Heidi thank you very much. I am really focused this time around. I am going to make it a lifetime change for the good. Thanks again your the best!



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