Friday, March 27, 2015

Connor's Zero Carb Diet Journey Day 62

An end of a too long work week. I sound like a typical employee. I can't help it. I am in need of a long vacation. That won't happen soon. Everything went well at work. No doughnut offerings. Actually that is not exactly true. I was given a box of 2 dozen doughnuts. Believe it or not. I helped out a customer this morning that would have been turned away without my intervention. He was so grateful that he returned with the doughnuts. I just couldn't throw them away. I dropped them off at the employee break room and they were gone quicker than quick. I don't feel guilty about it. I did not even bother to open the box. I try to practice see no evil. I am getting strong, but I am not there yet and I will not tempt fate. Now to talk about some good food. I have two packages of ground beef that I plan on grilling on the out side grill. I also plan to grill a full slab of pork ribs. I will use coal again and might mix some of that cherry wood with some apple wood and see what flavor I get. I am using some hardwood coal that I believe is oak. I will check for sure and post it with the results of the grilling. I just know its going to be good. I am still on a high with my labs. I was so scared that it would not be as good as they were. Tomorrow is going to be a nice day for me. I get to visit family in the morning for my first meal of the day. We are going to a restaurant. I am not sure where, but breakfast is my most easiest meal to eat out. Eggs, bacon, ham, sausage, pork chops, steak and that is just on the top of my head. I will have a ton of food to chose from. Then later tomorrow my good friend will stop by for my second meal of the day. That will be grilled burgers and pork ribs. How much better can it be for someone living the zero carb lifestyle. The weather is supposed to be great to boot. No movement on the scale today. I am feeling good and secure at this point with my choice of zero carb. I am feeling the energy coming back. Before I started this lifestyle my energy was low. I was tired all the time and did not want to do anything but watch TV. Now my energy is creeping back. I am doing my chores around the house. I am excited about cooking again and I am planning some projects outside. That is all positive in my view. Thanks everyone for your support and stopping by to read my journey through zero carb.

Morning fast: coffee and water

1st meal: 10 oz of boneless beef ribs, and water

2nd meal: 1/2 whole chicken/chicken salad, ice tea and water

Start weight:
260 lbs

Current weight:

250.5 lbs

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