Saturday, March 28, 2015

Connor's Zero Carb Diet Journey Day 63

I felt like all I did today was eat and cook. I visited my family and we went to one of those fancy brunch type breakfast at the Marriott hotel. There was tons of all kinds of food. Most of which I could not eat. Yet they had a decent selection for someone eating the zero carb lifestyle. It was great. I ordered an all meat omelet with ham and bacon on the side. It was buffet style so I ate as much as I wanted. I did not need to over do it. I felt real satisfied with my big plate of food and did not go for seconds except for coffee. We then went to a park to walk around and let the kids in our family play. It was a great day to be out and around. I was with several family members which had kids that ranged from 3 yrs old to teens. It was a lot of fun. We stayed later than I anticipated. I got home a little late because I stopped at the store to pick up a few items. I am glad I did, because I picked up a medium size beef chuck roast that was marked down half price. It ended up being the catch of the day. It was really fatty almost like a well marbled rib eye steak. I butterflied it into two large thick steaks. At first thought I was thinking it would be tough. I got the coals running just when my friend showed up. I felt bad because I wanted the food to be almost ready when he got here. This guy is really cool and was just happy to be there talking away as I cooked. So I ended up using some cherry wood to add some smoke flavor to the food. The coal said all natural wood, but I did not really look hard at the bag to see what kind of wood. I was running to far behind to pay much attention. I cooked these huge grilled burgers, then I put a whole slab of pork ribs on the grill. Most grills have what is called a warming rack that sits above the main grill. I put the two inch thick homemade steaks there to cook. So when all the food was done we dug into a meat feast. I did not eat the ribs or homemade steaks. I stuck to 2 giant grilled burgers and added some cheddar cheese slices I found marked down. My friend was raving about the food. He told me the homemade steaks aka roast was just as good as any rib eye he ever ate. Of course I had to cut a piece off and taste it. I could not believe how tender it was. I did cook it rare and it was so delicious that I was disappointed that I did not eat 1 burger and a price of homemade steak. That's OK because I will be having homemade steak and eggs tomorrow for my first meal of the day. I will also have pork ribs for my second meal of the day. I plan on making some meatballs or meatloaf with another package of ground beef tomorrow. No movement on the scale. No trouble with being around tons of carbs at the hotel. It was just a great day. To tell you the truth I just got finished cleaning up the kitchen and started to write this post. I am really tired and I thought of just writing the post in the early morning. I then thought I would like to sleep in a litte to rest up from my full day. I am glad that I did not wait. Sometimes I will have to post a double post in one day. This time I was able to get it out. Thanks for coming by and all of your support. 

Morning fast: water

1st meal: meat omelet, bacon, ham, coffee and water

2nd meal: 2- 12 oz grilled cheddar cheese burgers, ice tea and water

Start weight:
260 lbs

Current weight:
250.5 lbs

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