Sunday, March 29, 2015

Connor's Zero Carb Diet Journey Day 64

I had an unexpected visitor today. One of my old friends was in town and called me wanting to visit me. I was very happy and delighted to meet up with her. I've known her since we were kids and we where very close friends all through school. She ended up moving out of state, but comes now and again to visit family. I invited her to eat at my place. I just grilled a ton of food and thought she would enjoy it. She came over just in time for my second meal of the day. The really funny thing is that while she knew of my past efforts at zero carb and as well as my past failures, she did not question as to why the meal did not include anything else but meat. We just got caught up in conversation about anything under the sun. That was a good time. Now for the first meal of the day. That grilled roast turned into steaks were so good. I ate it with easy over eggs. I just cubed up the beef, put it in a bowl then laid the eggs on top. I then cut up the eggs and let the yolk run all over the beef. It was so good. I wish I could eat like that everyday. Isn't that what everyone says about a great meal? To top off my day I had another large package of ground beef and I made a huge meatloaf out of it. It was real simple. I just used onion and garlic powder, season salt and two large eggs. I mixed it up in a bowl and cook it in a Pyrex baking dish. I tasted it before I cut it up and stored it. It was really great. Now I have a nice little variety for the next week or so. Preparation is the key to success on this way of eating. Even just boiling a nice stash of eggs helps. I always want to have meat ready to eat on demand. I think everyone can benefit from that. I am getting close to reporting a positive movement on the scale. It is just not there yet. With all the great food at my house recently I did not even think of carbs in anyway. Another day down and a lifetime to go. I getting there. One day I will be there. I just known I am going to make it. Thanks for all your support.

Morning fast: water

1st meal: four easy over eggs and 8 oz grilled roast, coffee and water

2nd meal: 1- 12 oz grilled burger, several pork ribs, ice tea and water

Start weight:
260 lbs

Current weight:
250.5 lbs

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