Monday, March 30, 2015

Connor's Zero Carb Diet Journey Day 65

I ended up staying home today. I kept waking up last night every few minuets. I would look at the clock and see that only few minuets past by. That really sucked. I don't know what prompted that, but I did not want to go to work with that frame of mind. This has happened to me in the past every now and then. The last time I went to work with little to no sleep was miserable. My head thumped all day and I just could not wait to go home. So today I decided to let my manager know that I needed the day off. It was no be deal as long as my work is up to date and it was for the most part. Since I was at home I decided to eat another wonderful first meal of steak and eggs. That was almost worth staying home from work. I rested for awhile and finally got up around 9 am to make that fantastic first meal. Then I thought why not get some work done outside? It was really tempting to just stay inside and be really lazy like I do most Saturdays when I do not have anything really planned, but I got myself up and did some much needed yard work. I can never get enough time to get things done. I tell myself that when I get home I will do a little work outside in the yard, which sounds good in the morning. Then by the time I get home it's like maybe tomorrow I will do it. That reminds me of when I would say to myself I will start this diet tomorrow. So today I will drown myself in carbs. How crazy is that? I was just killing myself softly I suppose. I actually cut some grass, picked up a ton of several tons of leaves that still needing tending to and washed my vehicle. If that was not enough I swept and mopped the whole house and for the topper I washed and dried three loads of clothes. I worked really hard today. Maybe I should have just went to work. I was not that hungry around the time I ate my second meal. I ended up eating one of those amazing grilled burgers with some cheddar cheese. Delicious can't describe the taste. I mean it was really good. The good news is that I had some movement on the scale in my favor. I dropped another .5 pounds. Yeah for me. I am really tired and need to hit the hay. I should not have waited so late to post, but I ended up watching some news and then the final episode of the talking dead. Then I spent some time folding clothes too. Thanks for all your support and stopping by.

Morning fast: none

1st meal: four easy over eggs and 8 oz grilled roast, coffee and water

2nd meal: 1- 12 oz grilled cheddar cheese burger, ice tea and water

Start weight:
260 lbs

Current weight:
250. lbs


  1. just a question you're on day 65 and only lost 10 lbs? or am I missing something? Just questioning thanks. I just happened across your blog!

  2. I've got this one Connor.

    To answer your question Marie: YES. You are indeed missing something. Connor is on a mission to convert from a SAD lifestyle to a Zero Carb Lifestyle. Any weight he loses at this time is pure bonus. Please do not mix up eating Zero Carb as a crash diet to lose quick weight. Connor is both getting healthy and losing weight. If you look a couple or so posts back he posted his latest Lipid Panel. It is quite impressive.

    Some folks take even longer than Connor to lose this amount of weight. Some lose a lot more. Some don't lose at all. Marie this is my original blog to record my journey through Zero Carb in which I will continue to practice for life. At his request I let Connor Journal his personal Journey through Zero Carb.

    Zero Carb is a Life Style change that will make you as healthy as you can be and if weight loss is your concern chances are that you will get to the right size designed for your particular body. It will happen with patience and time. You will feel immediate results in the way you feel and like Connor your lab results from your doctor will show positive results. Take care Marie and don't hesitate to ask any other questions. I am happy to answer anything you may have questions about and the co-owner of this blog, Denis is our resident expert. At this time Connor is too inexperienced to answer most questions and I have asked him not to do so until he gains more knowledge and experience.



  3. oops. that's a very unhappy question to make . Not everything is related to weight loss,Connor is taking control over an addiction,and thats is absolutely more important than how many pounds he can lose in x time. I wish I could stay strong during 65 days as he is. Those 10 pounds are just a bonus, because, from what I understand he is not hungry or battling with cravings. He is just happy eating his food and feeling great. I hope Connor you dont get discouraged with that comment Cheers



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