Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Connor's Zero Carb Diet Journey Day 67

I can't imagine what happened to my last post. I actually wrote it last night and thought I went through all the motions to post it. Luckily I checked it this morning and discovered it was still in draft mode. I then logged back in and published it. That was really strange. Thank goodness for an uneventful day at work today. No food monsters were lucking around. I think it really took me until today to fully recover from that extra work I did in and out the house on Monday. I have been lethargic for so long that my body is just tuned into being lazy. Monday was a real wake up call for me. One aspect is that I am capable of doing a lot of work. I mean I busted my butt Monday with little rest in-between activities. I guess I can attribute that to my new lifestyle. I even surprised myself on how much work I did at a decent pace. Later on I did have some burn out and needed rest, but I would not have had the energy to even start and finish all the work I did that day. Maybe this is the start of something good. Another thing that was a little funny is that I felt a little more tired today than yesterday. I took a nap after work today. I know that I am trying to break that mode, but I am not totally there yet. It is not on a daily basis as in the past. I think I need to get myself engaged in some type of activities when I get home. If I start to watch TV I get sleepy right away and then it's too late and I fall asleep. That''s what happened today. I started to watch a little news and before I knew it I am waking up to write this post before it's way too late. I had a repeat of my meals from yesterday. I ran out of grilled burgers so tomorrow will be meatloaf. I still have enough pork ribs for at least one or two meals. All that cooking and it's almost time to start again. I might make one of those giant beef briskets Dave is always talking about. Those things are huge and will last me a long, long time. The more I thing of it the more I like the idea. I will keep an eye out for a beef brisket and cook it this Saturday. At least that is the plan. No movement on the scale today. I am feeling really good about this new lifestyle and the approach that I am taking with it. I just want to heal and live a healthy life. I don't want anymore struggles when it comes to food. My body is reacting really good at this time. My stomach feels fine and no more bouts with the runs so far. This is not fast fix. I look at this time as my time to heal. Thanks for stopping by to read and share my journey. I appreciate all the support I have recieved these past 2 months. 

Morning fast: water and coffee

1st meal: 1- 12 oz grilled burger and water

2nd meal: about 1 lb of pork ribs, ice tea and water

Start weight:
260 lbs

Current weight:
250. lbs

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