Monday, April 6, 2015

Connor's Zero Carb Diet Journey Day 72

The brisket came out really good. It had all kinds of flavor. I cooked it according to Dave's recipe and you can't beat it by a mile. As I mentioned yesterday I finished cooking it just before I went to sleep. I let it cool overnight. In the morning it was still a little warm. I got up a little early to cut up the brisket. Again I used Dave's suggestion of chopping it up and placing it all in a large sealed container. I put the container in the refrigerator so that I could bag it up after work. The rest of the day at work was uneventful. I got home and took out a lot of small baggies and began to spoon the chopped brisket into the bags. I ended up with 19 bags of brisket. I forgot to mention that this brisket was a full fat one. After it was cooked it had a lot of melted fat and broth. I did not waste anything. It all went into the container and then into the baggies. I was able to fit nine bags into two large freezer bags each. I had one extra one to take tomorrow for my first meal at work. No movement on the scale today. So far things are looking really good concerning my zero carb diet. Thanks for your support and sharing my experience with the zero carb diet.

Morning fast: water and coffee

1st meal: 12 oz brisket and water

2nd meal: 12 oz brisket, ice tea and water

Start weight:
260 lbs

Current weight:
249.5. lbs

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