Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Connor's Zero Carb Diet Journey Day 73

Yesterday I had a little setback. I had a bout with the runs a little after I ate my second meal of the day. I did not really cramp much at all. I think it was my large ingestion of fat. Most of the meat I have been eating lately has been grilled. We all know that some of the fat for the most part on grilled meats drip away. The two meals I had yesterday had lots of great tasting fat. After my second trip to the restroom I laid down and fell asleep. I woke up last night just before midnight to go again to the restroom. It was almost gone at that point, but I was in no mood to fire up the laptop and write the post. I actually ended up waking up a little late this morning. I feel much better right now. I will continue eating the same meals as I did yesterday. My body will adjust to the fat intake. I just hope I don't have a repeat of yesterday. Work was uneventful for the most part. No movement on the scale yesterday. Thank you for stopping by and sharing my zero carb experience with me. 

Morning fast: water and coffee

1st meal: 12 oz brisket and water

2nd meal: 12 oz brisket, ice tea and water

Start weight:
260 lbs

Current weight:

249.5. lbs

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