Saturday, May 2, 2015

Connor's Zero Carb Diet Journey Days 96-98

I will condense these last few posts into 1 because not too much happened and I am lazy. I last posted for Wednesday last Thursday. For Thursday, Friday and Today went really smooth. Thursday and Friday work went well. I finished the last of my brisket, chicken thighs and grilled sausage. Tomorrow I will cook burgers, Italian sausage and a whole chicken on the outdoor grill. I will use the grilled chicken breast from the whole chicken to make chicken salad. At work almost everyone has been talking about diets and exercise. I guess some have gained weight during the winter and now realize that summer will be here soon and they want to get into shape for that type of clothing. I really don't care too much about the season. I just want to continue with eating zero carb and get healthy. I want to make another brisket, but I am not sure if I will cook all the fat it came with again. I got the runs more than I wanted. I attribute it to the large amount of fat I ate when I had brisket. Other times I did not experience much of the runs. I don't mind eating the large amount of fat, but I do not want to have the runs all the time. It makes it hard for me at work. I am just being honest. I could trim some of it off and make tallow out of it to cook eggs I guess. I don't want to waste it. I just want to give my stomach among other things a break. The food I will list on this post will be for only today. Speaking of that I had a friend drop by this morning and treated me out for breakfast or what I call my first meal of the day. It turned out to be my only meal of the day. We had breakfast at a Luby's Cafeteria. Some of their locations offer a weekend breakfast buffet. They serve you like a regular cafeteria, but the waitress brings you anything you want after your first trip. I had a really big meal. I ate two plates of food. I had scrambled eggs mixed with all kinds of breakfast meats, bacon, some type of what they call sausage steaks, and pan sausage. The sausage steak is a real coarse ground pork with some really great seasonings. It looks like they might bake or broil them. Then they add a little cheese and some crumbled bacon on top. It has it's own flavor that is hard to describe. It does not taste like the pan sausage at all. I had 2 rounds of this stuff. It was really good at a great price of 5.99. It used to be 4.99 but it went up not too long ago. I also had coffee and water. After eating 2 plates of food, I did not feel stuffed and could have went another round, but I didn't. My friend is not eating zero carb and had the Belgian waffles, chicken fried steak with gravy, hash browns along with other things. He told me he was stuffed. He was amazed at the amount I ate with no complaints. It was a very nice day out and later on I took a long walk just enjoying the outdoors and the great weather. No movement on the scale today. I want to give out a special shout out to Denis and Monica fro their comments of support. I want to thank everyone that comes by to share my zero carb journey with me. 

Morning fast: None

Only meal: Mixed meat scrambled eggs (lots), 10 slices of bacon, 6 sausage steaks, 6 oz of pan sausage, water and coffee. 

Start weight:
260 lbs

Current weight:
248. lbs

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