Thursday, May 7, 2015

Connor's Zero Carb Diet Journey Days 102

Yesterday we had a small meeting at work in the late morning. We had the usual doughnuts, juice, coffee among other things. I drank a couple of cups of coffee. Most of the time these things don't bother me much if the smell is not too noticeable like pizza or those kinds of things. For some reason I kept looking at the assorted carb treats provided to us. It bothered me. I really don't know why. It really bothered me a lot. I can't pin it down. I don't know if it bothered me that I could not eat any of it or that the only thing there for me was coffee or that it was there in the first place. I was really disappointed in myself for feeling that way. Lately I just don't care if there is food around me that I can't eat, so why was I making a big deal about it? I stood strong and just drank my coffee and participated in the meeting. I kept these things to myself. I don't want to be labeled the freak or anything like that. I made it through the day and felt better when I got home to the enviromnt that I can control. Home has become a safe haven for me. No movement on the scale to report, but maybe later today. I will report tonight today's (5/7/2015) events and I will be caught up with daily posting and I will try to keep it up on a same day posting. Thanks for sharing my zero carb journey with me and all the support you have given.

Morning fast: coffee and water

1st meal: 2 burgers, 1 Italian sausage links and water

2nd meal: 4 eggs, 6 strips of bacon, 4 oz pan sausage and water

Start weight:
260 lbs

Current weight:
248. lbs

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