Tuesday, June 9, 2015


I do not have a lot of details about Connor's sleeping habits (and health conditions ect.), but one thing that could nicely explain Connor’s sleeping pattern is called the “Delayed sleep-phase disorder”.  It is much more common then we may think and, sadly, even more under-diagnosed.

To make it simple, it is a dysregulation of the circadian rhythm of one person, compared to the general population. Which means the timing of sleep and the period of alertness are different form the other people.

Normally, these folks need to go to bed late to fall asleep (usually from 2 to 4 hours later then the general population) and would naturally sleep late in the morning to compensate. But because of the reality of having to get up to work in the morning, they develop insomnia as they cannot respect their particular sleeping pattern.

Consequences? Because they have to wake up early in the morning, when they come home after work (AND if they have the possibility, meaning living alone or/and no kids or/and a comprehensive spouse…) they usually tend to go straight to bed to get the extra hours of sleep they need. Then they wake up sometime in the evening and manage to fall asleep only very late in the night.

At the end of the day, they still get all the sleep hours they need but in two parts, usually 4-5 hours early in the morning and 4-5 hours late in the day. Trying to follow the regular sleep pattern of the general population is useless, as it does not respect their particular rhythm.

Some treatments are available but they tend to fail on the long run. The best thing is to go along with one’s sleeping pattern by adjusting the rest periods with one’s working schedule.

To summarize all this, I wouldn’t be to concern with Connor’s sleeping pattern. The only real problem is to integrate it in a normal social life. But already doing a Zero Carb diet, I am sure Connor has learn to deal with “social pressure to be in the norms”…!!!



  1. Thanks for the post. I hope to see Connor posting again soon.

  2. Cutting caffeine completely might also reduce time to fall asleep. I always notice even a morning coffee's affect on me at bedtime...

  3. Hi Connor can you post another picture from 2015? Are you still following the Zero carb every day? I started only ten days ago. Your story is inspirational. I am going to do this 30 days and if my energy is good and my health is good I want to do this for life! Thanks for the blog.

  4. Is anybody there? I've only recently discovered zc and this blog, and I've caught up with everything from the beginning only to find no one's posting any more... Or have I missed something?



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