Friday, June 5, 2015

Connor's Zero Carb Diet Journey Day 116

Today I did it again, I fell asleep after getting home from work. I did arrive home a little later than usual today. First I got a haircut near where I live. That took a little while to do. Then immediately after my haircut I went shopping for some meat to grill for tomorrow. The place where I get my haircut is next to an HEB store. So I went over there and shopped for some meat. I ended up buying 2 packages of leg quarters that are pre-seasoned with an Adobo mix, 2 packages of boneless beef ribs and 2 packages of burgers. I am thinking of cooking at least 1 package of each tomorrow on the outdoor grill. Now back to what I was writing about concerning falling asleep shortly after I got home today. I forgot to mention that I went to get gas before heading back to my side of town for my haircut. My commute to work takes about an hour in the evening. It is much faster in the morning. While at the gas station I felt a little hungry. So I bought a bag of pork cracklings. They were really good and loaded with fat. I had almost finished the single serving bag just before I got to the hair cutting place. Then of course I went shopping, then home. After I arrived at home I put up my meat, then changed cloths to something more comfortable. I laid down and rested a bit and before I knew it I was asleep. Normally I would have eaten something, but the cracklings were really filling. This was about 6 PM. I then woke up around 9:30 PM. I was not really hungry, but I decided to eat my last burger. I ended up putting a little mayo on top for good measure. No movement on the scale today. I want to give a special shout out to Denis for responding so quickly to look into my sleep question. Thanks for stopping by to share my zero carb journey with me and all your support.

Morning fast: coffee and water

1st meal: 2 burgers coffee and water

2nd meal: 1 burger topped with mayo, pork cracklings and water

Start weight:
260 lbs

Current weight: 
246.5 lbs


  1. I love reading your blog for inspiration. My Sundays usually consist of cooking for several days. My meal for the next few days will be skirt steak, chicken thighs, lamb and beef burgers.

  2. Whats going on with Connor? I miss the updates!



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