Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Connor's Zero Carb Diet Journey Day 114

Today was a pretty good day. I feel totally recovered from my Thai fish indecent. I had to do a little shopping after work today. I decided to eat something other than burgers again for my second meal of the day. I was not feeling like eating eggs either. So while at the store I looked at the frozen chicken wings. The fully cooked ones that have flavors already infused had several carbs listed. Each serving had between 4-6 carbs. I believe the carb count was for about six wing segments. I may not sound like a lot, but I rather not play with fire. Instead I bought a bag of frozen plain raw chicken wing segments. I got home and turned on the oven to 400 degrees and put 13 wing segments on a cookie sheet that was lined with parchment paper. I have found that the parchment paper helps from the wings sticking and it makes for easy clean up. I cooked the wings segments in the oven for 45 minuets. I forgot to mention that I sprinkled some salt and pepper on the wing segments. I wanted to add some flavor like the wing restaurant, so I decided to go with a garlic butter sauce. It was really easy. I just melted a half stick of butter and crushed a large clove of garlic into it. i let it sit awhile until the chicken wing segments where cooked. Then I tossed the wings in the butter garlic sauce. It was really good and filling. No movement on the scale today. I am feeling really great at this point on zero carb. It is just becoming a routine for me. I still take it day by day. Thanks for stopping by to share my zero carb journey with me. 

 Morning fast: coffee and water

1st meal: 2 burgers coffee and water

2nd meal:  13 chicken wings garlic butter sauce and water

Start weight:
260 lbs

Current weight: 
246.5 lbs


  1. WOW, Connor.........114 days! I'm impressed. You're just cruising right along. As I said in a previous comment my ZC experience hasn't been a straight line. I keep coming back to this blog for encouragement and I have now made it 6 days ZC. It's amazing how these little voices in my head try to derail me. Plus I don't have a lot of weight to lose so I haven't taken this as seriously as I should and I'm so tired this week as I adjust. I just keep telling myself that the health benefits with ZC go WAY beyond fat loss.

    Keep the faith and stay strong.

    1. Hi Monica and thanks for you comments of support. Dave and Denis can probably describe in detail all the benefits a zero carb lifestyle can provide. I know for myself I feel much better in my joints, especially in my knees. I try to take it day by day in order to not get side tracked by those little voices. So far so good for me. I wish you continued success with your 6 day journey with zero carb.



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