Wednesday, November 25, 2015

11/25/2015 - The Zero Carb Diet? SAVED BY ZERO

Greetings friends, family and everyone else that ventured this way,

The Zero Carb Diet..............NOT. What the heck is he talking about anyway???? Who said that? Is that you Cyber Mom? Just when I thought Bob was keeping you inline........jeez!!!

To be or not to be...........NOT TO BE! What's with the riddles? 

Riddles indeed!!! 

OK Look It: Yes, I have been guilty of calling this Way of Eating (WOE) a zero carb diet.......why? Why not? I think I just confused myself..........imagine that??? Hahaha (scary)!!!!!

To the point Dave! To the point indeed!!! 

OK enough fooling around and double talk. I have used the word DIET to try to connect with folks. Yes, I know diet can mean many things thank you very much. YET, for the most part we all know that the majority of folks think of the word "DIET" as a temporary FIX to lose WEIGHT. Right??? ........Anyone????.......Yes, that means you and me. At least for the most part.

My point..........OK: Folks this is a way of LIFE forever and ever and so on. Believe it or not. No quick fix here. Only Life, Liberty and a Pursuit of HAPPINESS. 

Coming to a Theater near you: Dave's Zero Carb Thanksgiving Adventure. Rated G for General Audiences. 

OK, I needed to stretch my Feet on this Wayward Blog. Until tomorrow, have a great Zero Card Day! Fight the Good Figth and Always Battle On!!!

(ZC)er Saved by Zero



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