Tuesday, December 1, 2015

12/1/2015 - For Whom the Carb Tolls........Not ME!

Greetings Family, Friends and all those are visiting,

I have to say that I had a most wonderful time at the Gun Show in Dallas last Saturday. I went with two of my dearest friends. Actually another dear friend was supposed to come along too, but he was not able to make it. Boy was it cold and a little wet.

So what did Dave eat? We all met at my house and jumped into my friends 4-door truck at 7 AM and started down the road. None of us ate breakfast that morning. So about three quarters of the way we stopped at a What-A-Burger (a Texas Tradition). OK, so what's on the menu for Dave? Biscuits... Gravy .....Hash browns ........ Pancakes...Breakfast tacos........ the list just goes on and on and on ....jeez!!! So, I had Biscuits with extra Gravy ........... NOT!!!

Thankfully this place has a full menu from start to finish, so I ordered three (3) large beef hamburger patties with cheese, OH YEAH!!! They even put it in a nice container and supplied a fork and knife. Now that's customer service in a fast food joint!

We got to the gun show around 10:30 AM. Boy oh boy was it fun. Prices have come down a bit and I was tempted to make some purchases, but I just window shopped. So, around 1:00 PM the boys were getting a little hungry. We were not going out to eat, so the options were a small snack area they set up with all the carb filled delights you could imagine. So, I put my little head to work and came up with a plan.

THE PLAN: OK, so I always visit a booth set up by Don's Smokehouse. They sell all kinds of Jerky, Smoked Sausage, Cheese and my favorite Summer Sausage. Since the guys really only wanted a snack and a drink, I went to Don's booth and told them I wanted to buy a couple of sticks of Jalapeno Cheese Summer Sausage and if they would be kind enough to cut up one of the sticks. Since they serve samples they had the tools to cut it up and even provide some small plates and plastic forks. Their products are all natural with no fillers just pure DELIGHT!!! I gotta tellya the boys were in pure heaven with the summer sausage. The YUM factor was through the roof!!! 

OK, now on the way home again the boys got a little hungry. At this point I was good for a little some some too. So, another Texas tradition is a super nice truck stop called Buc-ee's. They have the cleanest restrooms in the WEST......hahaha!!! This place is huge beyond belief. They have a meat counter, jerky, fudge, and a fast food joint that makes all the usual suspects. So, what is a Zero Carber to eat in such a place??? Well, I already had beef burgers earlier that day........so I ordered two (2) sliced beef brisked sandwiches minus the buns and sauce. It was actually pretty good. 

Have a wonderful Zero Carb day my Family and Friends. Battles are won daily, yet the War still rages on. Live Long, Stay Strong and Always Battle On!!!

(ZC)er Road Warrior




  1. It is nice to see you posting again. I love gun shows as well. You and your friends did well on the road. I am like you when it comes to traveling, I make zc happen. There is always a way to stick to the way of eating we have chosen if you put a little effort into it.

    1. Sara thank you for your kind comments.........gun shows are the best!!! There is never a reason to cheat..........I rather go hungry for awhile then eat carbage. Battle On!!!

  2. Hey Dave you write like you were never gone. Please don't disappear again. Sounds like you guys had a great time. I don't know anything about gun shows.

    1. Thanks Sandy........I never left in HEART anyway! I will try not to have a big absence again. Like I wrote Sara.......gun shows are the best. Battle On!!!

  3. I came across your blog and have been reading your journal from the beginning and I am enjoying your way of writing. You have an amazing transformation. Thanks for sharing. I will continue to read and email you if I have any questions. Greg

    1. Howdy Greg........nice to have here reading the blog. There is a wealth of information with my Journey thru Zero Carb in my personal journal. So ups and downs, but mostly UPs. Please do email me if you have any specific questions you don't want to ask in the public area.



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