Monday, December 14, 2015

12/14/2015 - Does Life get better than THIS!!!

Greetings Family and Friends,

First of all let me say how good it is to be back in the Blog saddle again. Here today gone tomorrow........ I hope not. 

Look-It: I can only define what is in the NOW!

I started to writ this post yesterday and only got about three lines out. I had to literally change the date in the post title!

I ended up putting Christmas decorations that were a little past due. So I thought I would hop to it and get it done. That meant many trips to the attic. Hey I am just talking about the inside of the house. I set up all the decorations, tree, fireplace, candles, art niches, main table setting decorations and so on. My Dear Wife (DW) has the honor of decorating the tree. It's a tradition.

Now for some good news: (at least to me) I made and oh so good if not great Fatty Beef Brisket on the "Q"! I ended up using a combination of Pecan and Cherry wood. Wow the combo presents a really GREAT flavor. After it I cooked it and let it cool down, I sliced it up. I like to package 8 oz packets of delight in baggies then I freeze it. They come out l really great later on when heated later on for a Great Meal!!!

Today I finished off some Chicken salad I made over the weekend. Man another all time great to eat when I need a little change from regular meat meals. I like to put lots of mayo so it comes out really creamy. I sometimes use plain pork skins to scoop it up or just serve a bowl of it and GET IT ON! 

OK: back to business - Tomorrow I will start the "Blast from the Past" from it's beginning. It's the best way to follow it without jumping back from where I left off. I put a lot of thought into it and decided to go this route.

I have been living the Zero Carb Lifestyle since June of 2010. I got my start at the Late Great Zeroing In On Health Forum better known as ZIOH. I really learned a lot there, but for the most part got it, for the most part, from the start and just went with it through thick and thin. I had my ups and downs, but at the end of the day I succeed in not just losing weight, which is just a side effect, I gained I whole new outlook on eating.

Zero Carb saved my Physical Life! My labs have been the best in my entire life: year after year after year after year!!! I was once given low dose high blood pressure medicine, borderline diabetic and really depressed about my weight. All that gone via Zero Carb. I love my life and I will never ever go back. Yes you heard that here my good people. just does not matter. 

At the end of the day I RULE!!!! Hahaha!!!! 

Have a great day my Family and Friends. Keep the Faith and Always Battle On!!!

(ZC)er I believe I can FLY




  1. I was wondering where you went. I will be looking for your post today. I agree on why more people out there don't give this a try. zc' foods make me feel great and my energy is real stable. Maryzc

  2. Howdy Maryzc! I am here and I hope for a long, long time! Energy indeed!!! Battle On!!!



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