Tuesday, December 15, 2015

12/15/2015 - Blast from the Past - DAY 1

Greetings all, 

First of all: I want to say that it is good to be HOME! Some of you may remember me others may be thinking WTF or Where’s The Fruit? Hahaha!!! 

Second of all: I have been fortunate enough to have an archived journal of my journey through Zero Carb that I want to share with you that dates back to June of 2010. I promise to only post the good stuff and to leave out things that don’t generate a positive vibe. Without any further ado here is my original introduction on “ZIOH”:

Original Star date: 6/29/2010 

Everyone, I am pleased to join this community. I have been reading Journals, and other discussion topics. I have LC and VLC on and off for the last six years. Along with that I rode the weight loss & gain roller coaster, and the ride has not been fun. I came across the ZIOH from reading LC forums. After reading the information at this site and reading about the experiences of some of the members I decided it made a lot of sense to start this WOE. Today marks one complete week of ZC and I feel very good. I have lost a lot of water weight. So far my energy levels are good. I actually have "0" cravings at this point. I almost hate to say it's been easy so far. I eat mostly beef in the form or Hamburger or Steak, some Chicken, some Pork, eggs, a little cheese (no soy), I use some salt free seasoning mix, I drink a cup of plain hot Green Tea in the morning instead of my regular coffee and I drink lots of WATER!!

I will upload a Pic very soon. Most of all I am glad to be here and I hope to contribute as much as I take.

I don’t know where I got the “lots of WATER!!” from. Drink when thirsty. Oh and the Green Tea………well let’s just say I do enjoy a nice cupper every once in a while, but I do the coffee thing. Just strait black and about a fourth or less of what I used to drink back in the day. 

So y’all, what do you think? I kinda color coded it:

Blue=Blast from the Past

I may not have an “Observation” all the time unless I see something that should be mentioned and my “Current may not be real long either, but the blast from the past will be all original. 

Have a great day my Family and Friends. Live Long, Stay Strong and Always Battle On!!!

(ZC)er Start the Adventure




  1. This is a really good start. I missed your posting. I like the part of recounting your thoughts as someone new to zc and how you feel about your thoughts now.

    1. I appreciate your kind comments Taylor! Battle On!!!

  2. Great to see ya back dave. Simon Martin@@@

    1. Great to be back Simon, thanks for your support. Battle On!!!



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