Thursday, December 17, 2015

12/17/2015 - Blast from the Past - DAY 3

Greetings all!

OK, here is my next blast of the past. I hope you enjoy it and find something useful. 

Origninal Stardate: 7/1/2010
Yesterday was a big challenge for me. I went out to eat with a good friend. He wanted to go to the Olive Garden. I thought "good lord, that's CARB city USA". I told him "No" because I eat ZC. He was pretty cool about it, so we ended up at a restraint called Fuddruckers that serves mega burgers (I don't know if it's a national chain in the USA) I had a 2/3 bun-less burger with triple cheese and a tall glass of H2O. My friend had the same burger made the regular way with fries and a large coke. He was amazed that I was only eating the meat and kindly asked if I wanted to order another patty. I declined because it was more than enough to satisfy me.

My next big challenge will be July 3 (this Saturday) when I attend a Wedding (the same guy I went to the burger joint with) and reception. He said that they will off two meat selections (Yum, Yum).

I have to say that I was oh so proud of myself that day. Why? Look-it: I was a (ZC)er for a very short time and it would have been easy for me to just think “Oh I can just start again tomorrow”. I am almost certain that most of us have “been there and done that” if not on (ZC) most likely on some other diet. I just saying that for “ME”, “MYSELF” and “I”………….well I was proud that I stood my ground.  Ohhhh I did mention a Wedding and Reception ………….. Jeez I was a bit skeptical………….Oops………that’s a whole other “Blast from the past coming soon to a theater near you. Please check your local listings and look for promotional discount tickets at your local………….Hahaha!!!!  OK I got carried away. No worries, I’m weird like that don’t ya know???

Thank God for burger joints. They have saved me so many times. For me Beef Hamburger patties always hit the spot and you can always add Bacon and Cheese. But stay away from the cheese if you’re trying to lose weight (a word from the wise). Hey I almost forgot your could always add some Mayo. I do sometimes if I feel like I need some extra fat. It’s a personal choice.

Until tomorrow, have a Healthy Day my Family and Friends. Stay True, Stay Strong and Always Battle On!!!

(ZC)er True Through and Through




  1. I see that all the time where people just don't get it when it comes to starting something and not sticking to it because of circumstances that they could have controlled if they tried hard enough. I enjoyed the post. Sara

    1. Right Sara, a true (ZC)er can make it happen, I rather be hungry rather than ruin my progress. Battle On!!!

  2. Wonderful site and information. I am new to zero carb and this place helped me to get a good grasp on the concepts you write about. Do you have any suggestions of other sites? Don H

    1. Don H thanks for your comment. I am really happy that I could play a small role with your decision. Welcome aboard and Battle On!!!



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